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#946: system must suggest related groups

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: zen3, GSoCIdea
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Priority: 0 Status: Pending  


Groups admins should regularly (configurable by environment admin and activable/desactivable/customizable by users' configuration) receive messages about their group(s). If they administrate several groups, they should be able to configure if they want one general message or one message per group

This message would be something like :
Subject: about the goup "%{GROUP_NAME}" (or ”about the goups "%{GROUP_NAMES}"'' or ”about your goups” if subject size exceeds a configurable maximal size) Hello %{FIRST_NAME} %{LAST_NAME} (%{LOGIN}),

As administrator of the "%{GROUP_NAME}(S)" group(s), you'll fin some statistics :
  • %{AAA} members
  • %{BBB} published articles (%{CCC} total articles)
  • %{DDD} affiliated groups AI:960
  • affiliated to %{EEE} groups AI:960
  • %{FFF} MB of storage (%{GGG} MB free) AI:996
  • … all other measurable data (please Colivre, make us suggestions!)

If you want to increase the success of your group, affiliate it to other related groups here : %{LINK TO AFFILIATION PAGE} Here are some suggested groups that share tags with your group's ones: %{LINKS TO RELATED TAGS GROUPS} AI:998

Here are some suggested groups that are located near your group: %{LINKS TO RELATED LOCAT GROUPS} AI:999

Here are some suggested groups that some of your members are affiliated to: %{LINKS TO RELATED MEMB GROUPS} AI:997

Links to other groups should lead to a page describing the group and with a button "join the XYZ group to this group".

%{LINKS TO RELATED TAGS GROUPS} is the list of X (configurable by environment admin + user) groups sharing tags with this group (sorted by accuracy A1)

%{LINKS TO RELATED LOCAT GROUPS} is the list of Y (configurable by environment admin + user) groups sharing the same location as the group (sorted by random)

%{LINKS TO RELATED MEMB GROUPS} is the list of Z (configurable by environment admin + user) groups sharing the same members as the group (sorted by accuracy A2)

The accuracy is calculated by a score:
  • A1: number of shared tags (primary key) then random (secondary key)
  • A2: number of shared members (primary key) then random (secondary key)

The group admin should have a way of saying that a group doesn't have interest for his group, so that it's not proposed in the future reminders anymore. AI:1000

-- RaphaelRousseau - 11 Feb 2009

  • create a script that regularly sends a message to groups admins
  • group admins must be able to choose
    • receive one message per group
    • receive one message for all groups
    • not receive the message at all
  • make the message with the group api (implemented in other action items)
  • not use geographical proximity for groups that are not georeferenced
  • make this feature configurable by the environment admin (activate/deactivate and the period)
  • make suggestions to what info should be included in the message

-- MoisesMachado - 26 Mar 2009

take into consideration that the sugestions can return nothing and the message part that refer to this sugestion should not appear and if theres no suggestion the entire part of the message about sugestion should be omitted

-- MoisesMachado - 26 Mar 2009

Marked AI:960 as duplicate of this.

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 26 Feb 2012
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Title system must suggest related groups
ActionItemType FeatureItem
Priority Low
Tags zen3, GSoCIdea
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Status Pending
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