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#975: give more visibility to the image gallery feature

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: zen3, EasyToSolve
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currently a image gallery is created by creating a folder and choosing it's type as "image gallery". To give image gallery more visibility, we propose:

  • add a more visibke way of creating image galleries
  • add a block that lists at most N random images in the profile (default N = 4 ?) , with a link to the corresponding image gallery (only images in image galleries must be listed). This way users can advertise their image galleries easily. ActionItem976

Probably the CMS must be entirely redesigned and handle image galleries as first class citizens …

-- AntonioTerceiro - 18 Mar 2009

  • add a button to create a gallery in the cms passing a parameter
  • remove the select of type folder
  • add a hidden field for the type based on the paramenter
  • change the button "Edit folder" on folder public view to "Edit gallery" when gallery

-- MoisesMachado - 26 Mar 2009

Somewhat improved by AI:1770. Maybe some few things are left to implement this.
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Title give more visibility to the image gallery feature
ActionItemType FeatureItem
Priority Low
Tags zen3, EasyToSolve
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Status NoFeedback
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