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#981: more performance improvements

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peformace improvements:

  • change Environment#settings to use real database columns instead of serialized hash
  • cache the list of communities page
  • reorder the before_filters in the controllers even using prepend_before_filter in some places to catch the most common redirects as early as possible ex the not found

use the logs of the production to find the most resource intensive controllers and action

a copy of Raph's email with intresting links to look:

Hi (ladies &) gentlemen

Théo told me recently that you may be working on performance issues.

Could you make a quicky report about it, please?

I was wondering if you had specific tools or methods for profiling where did the delay come from.

Did you try (one of) the following? - FiveRuns TuneUp - - Railsbench - - Rails performance tip - using YSlow

About RoR tuning & profiling, I already read this: - A Look at Common Performance Problems in Rails - Garbage Collection is Why Ruby on Rails is Slow: Patches to Improve Performance 5x; Memory Profiling - Top 10 Ruby on Rails performance tips - Making Rails Go Vroom - - - -

Do you have current usage statistics of the platform?

If not you can install a tool like Piwik ( ) but I suppose you already have Cacti ( ) or equivalent tools already running to monitor the platform…

Thanks in advance for the news,


-- MoisesMachado - 20 Mar 2009

Vicente thinks that can remove blocks from control panel and from "Info and settings" and some others pages

-- DanielaFeitosa - 06 Apr 2009
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Title more performance improvements
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