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# Title Priority Scheduled for Who Cares Status
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2435,ActionItem,#)}% Reestruturar a vitrine de produtos de empreendimento solidário 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2592,ActionItem,#)}% rake can't download solr due to mirror version changed 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2600,ActionItem,#)}% Doesn't check for Nill on enterprises catalog 0 0.44.0 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2603,ActionItem,#)}% Forwarding to CMS url after delete post or forum 0 0.44.0 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2629,ActionItem,#)}% Add class to forum-post columns a td element 0 0.44.0 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2643,ActionItem,#)}% Changing contact page message and tip for mailling enterprise administrators 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2644,ActionItem,#)}% [[ActionItem2644][]] 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2653,ActionItem,#)}% Add state field to shopping cart plugin 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2654,ActionItem,#)}% Shopping Cart Plugin, fixed delivery address 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2655,ActionItem,#)}% Shopping Cart Plugin - Fieldset for Payment and Costumer data 0 N/A Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2657,ActionItem,#)}% LinkListBlock doesn't update profile variable immediately after profile changes 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2666,ActionItem,#)}% Hotspot for customize profile_image_link (profile block) 0 0.45.0 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2697,ActionItem,#)}% Texto em inglês no menu da vitrine de produtos 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2702,ActionItem,#)}% Changing field label from 'Address' to 'Internet Address' 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2703,ActionItem,#)}% Add Members and Role Assigment 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2711,ActionItem,#)}% Supplier notification chrash due to blank recipients 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2773,ActionItem,#)}% Add 'Send e-mail to members' option when managing members of enterprises 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2774,ActionItem,#)}% Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2785,ActionItem,#)}% Improve product's price rule and messages 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2787,ActionItem,#)}% Add the plugin embed-etherpadlite in tinymce 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2789,ActionItem,#)}% Change the concept of the articles' short visualization format from 'first paragraph' to 'automatic-abstract' 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2799,ActionItem,#)}% Add observation field to shopping cart plugin 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2807,ActionItem,#)}% Ask only e-mail OR username for password recovery 0   Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2831,ActionItem,#)}% Solr plugin returns results from all environment 0 0.44.5 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2853,ActionItem,#)}% Plugin Sniffer - Finding consumers and suppliers 0 0.48.0 WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2896,ActionItem,#)}% Change location of buy button in show_products 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2921,ActionItem,#)}% Dados Abertos Ligados 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2933,ActionItem,#)}% Index lat/lng on articles 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2953,ActionItem,#)}% Possibilitar que consumidor repita um dos seus pedidos anteriores 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2965,ActionItem,#)}% Add 'product categories' sideblock 0   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2966,ActionItem,#)}% Allow themes to be assigned to specific profile types 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2978,ActionItem,#)}% More items in manage content 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2979,ActionItem,#)}% Order images in galleries by image title (name) 0 0.46.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2980,ActionItem,#)}% Create 'featured products' block for environment 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2982,ActionItem,#)}% Add column last update in the CMS file listings 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2984,ActionItem,#)}% Allow more special characters in profile names urls 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2985,ActionItem,#)}% Don't send message to the profile reported of abuse 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2986,ActionItem,#)}% Change view of community and enterprise members 0   Pending
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2988,ActionItem,#)}% require_auth_to_comment plugin break dom's ready when not logged 0 0.46.1 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2990,ActionItem,#)}% Theme chooser shows directory name, and not the Theme name 0 0.46.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2991,ActionItem,#)}% Replace thickbox with colorbox 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2992,ActionItem,#)}% Redundance of themes when they are set to environment and to profile 0 0.46.1 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2994,ActionItem,#)}% Order themes in themes management alphabetically 0   Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3000,ActionItem,#)}% Infinite scrolling on catalog 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3014,ActionItem,#)}% Use hidden captcha technique against spambots 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3016,ActionItem,#)}% Don't show p tag on ProfileImageBlock if there is no title 0 0.46.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3017,ActionItem,#)}% Support layouts, partials and inline CSS on ActionMailer 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3022,ActionItem,#)}% Infinite scroll image gallery 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3028,ActionItem,#)}% Replace contact_email with noreply_email on environment 0 0.46.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3029,ActionItem,#)}% Allow Access-Control-Allow-Credentials in Access-Control-Allow-Origin 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3040,ActionItem,#)}% Implement super class instance method for objects 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3041,ActionItem,#)}% Rename shopping basket configuration fields 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3050,ActionItem,#)}% Translate layout template strings 0 0.46.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3051,ActionItem,#)}% Associate EnterpriseActivation with Task's target 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3052,ActionItem,#)}% Change to Manage Products/Services (as in catalog) 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3055,ActionItem,#)}% Use https for addthis 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3067,ActionItem,#)}% Prefix missing partials on manage_products 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3076,ActionItem,#)}% Script to selective export data 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3081,ActionItem,#)}% Fix use of tinymce on enterprise homepage 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3082,ActionItem,#)}% Disable cache of EnterpriseHomepage due to products changes 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3085,ActionItem,#)}% Use I18n fallbacks and default_locale as in FastGettext 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3088,ActionItem,#)}% Allow more space to category selection interface 0 0.47.1 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3092,ActionItem,#)}% Remove CSS from core table in menu sideblock 0 0.46.3 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3093,ActionItem,#)}% Tags cloud should ignore case and accents of tags 0   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3095,ActionItem,#)}% By default, don't render layout for ajax requests 0 0.47.1 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3098,ActionItem,#)}% Use instance_eval instead on on plugins' dispatch 0 0.47.1 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3101,ActionItem,#)}% Change name to identify other types of profiles 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3103,ActionItem,#)}% Allow search to set local variable for plugins' classes 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3109,ActionItem,#)}% Support passenger on production 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3110,ActionItem,#)}% Make supplier notification customizable 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3111,ActionItem,#)}% Rename enterprise variables to profile 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3114,ActionItem,#)}% Support Unicorn server 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3116,ActionItem,#)}% Fix two problems in AI2928 (new categorization of articles and profiles) 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3119,ActionItem,#)}% Download if FilePresenter::Generic is used 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3123,ActionItem,#)}% Support plugins' profiles on view_for_profile_actions 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3127,ActionItem,#)}% Speed up tasks fetch 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3129,ActionItem,#)}% Remove disabled enterprise message 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3134,ActionItem,#)}% Only show public enterprises/communities to manage 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3139,ActionItem,#)}% Register last login date 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3140,ActionItem,#)}% Only use profile's custom domains for the profiles and the account controllers 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3145,ActionItem,#)}% Fix duplicate author folder creation and duplicate save of work assignments 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3146,ActionItem,#)}% Only show address for disabled enterprises and allow title change 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3149,ActionItem,#)}% Search category with an autocomplete 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3150,ActionItem,#)}% Set current profile and user_data on javascript 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3156,ActionItem,#)}% Allow environment admin to add an introduction or help text to the sign up form 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3157,ActionItem,#)}% Fix search of STI subclasses 0 0.47.2 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3168,ActionItem,#)}% Improve validation of submissions/answers 0 0.47.4 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3169,ActionItem,#)}% Support textarea and tinymce on text fields 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3178,ActionItem,#)}% Images looses centralization with add_zoom_to_images 0 0.47.4 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3184,ActionItem,#)}% Ensure hidden before fadeIn() 0 0.47.4 Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3186,ActionItem,#)}% Fix 400 bad request of varnish with nginx and apache 2.4 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3192,ActionItem,#)}% Community members block title is show members count instead of 'Members' 0   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3195,ActionItem,#)}% Speed up domains fetch 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3196,ActionItem,#)}% Speed up articles fetch 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3197,ActionItem,#)}% Speed up role assignments fetch 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3208,ActionItem,#)}% Only create activation task manually 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3214,ActionItem,#)}% Add hotspot to add additional article's toolbar actions 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3216,ActionItem,#)}% Do insensitive national regions search 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3217,ActionItem,#)}% Expire LocationBlock cache on profile's location change 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3270,ActionItem,#)}% Fix product solr indexation 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3277,ActionItem,#)}% Fix crash on article view SQL query 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3282,ActionItem,#)}% Plugin to make noosfero responsive 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3291,ActionItem,#)}% Upgrade acts_as_solr_reloaded to rails3 0   Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3293,ActionItem,#)}% Upgrade solr plugin to rails3 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3295,ActionItem,#)}% load tasks from plugins as in noosfero-rails2 0   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3299,ActionItem,#)}% Fix support of custom layout in themes 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3300,ActionItem,#)}% In rails3, plugins' paths are being appended 0   WaitingForReview
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3301,ActionItem,#)}% Impossible do add qualifiers in rails3 0   Working
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem3303,ActionItem,#)}% Fix external feed parse with empty content 0   Done
109 occurrences %CALC{$COUNTITEMS(R2:C$COLUMN(0)..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN(0))}%

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