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Feature: Activity History

See your history and be notified about your network activities.
Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1719: The wall link shown on scrap e-mail notification is not correct 0.26.0 Done
#1768: can't leave a scrap on the wall of a company 0.27.1 Done
#1956: Wall messages are not respecting line-brakes 0.30.1 Done
#2055: Community owner couldn't remove scraps on wall 0.36.2 Rejected
#2283: Activities on private communities are listed on user's profile 0.44.2 Done
#2295: Community owner couldn't remove activities and notifications on profile 0.35.2 Done
#2400: Deleting an article crashes the Wall 0.38.1 Done
#2401: Bad contextualization on Wall activities 0.38.2 Done
#2402: Activities Echo 0.38.2 Done
#2403: Activity comment submission has no feedback (Nothing!) 0.38.3 Done
#2404: Friend to friend scrap must not appear on communities N/A Rejected
#2445: Comment without author on activity causes a crash 0.38.3 Done
#2446: New images are not well displyed on the wall 0.38.2 Done
#2503: Wall Crash when the activity user do not exists N/A Working
#2659: Fail on selecting item N/A Pending
#2718: How activity notifications should work on the wall   NeedInfo
#2719: It should be possible to comment on all kinds of scraps and comments.   NeedInfo
#2722: Activity notifications for comments should not be displayed in the same wall that the referenced comment is 0.45.1 Done
#2723: There should be an activity notification about the publication of a content from an external RSS feed   Pending
#2726: The comment hierarchical level is not obvious in the wall's layout. 0.45.1 Done
#2727: Comments on the activity notification of an UploadedFile do not show on the UploadedFile itself and vice-versa N/A Pending
#2729: Thumbnails of some images on the wall have too little resolution.   Pending
#2730: Unnecessary ellipsis ("see more" button) is displayed for images in the wall   Pending
#2732: It should be possible to collapse the list of comments on an activity notification   Pending
#2734: Create a user network interface   Pending
#2784: Comment marked as spam still on the activities wall 0.44.5 Done
#2815: Provide basic federation features   Pending
#2816: Update Activities Wall to a better code design   Pending
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