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Feature: Blog

Noosfero allows you to build a content producer social-network and a blog for all users is a nice way to promote this. The Noosfero's blog is easy to use, ease to publish, configurable and RSS friendlily. The user may also "migrate from" or "mirror" any service with RSS to it's blog. The Noosfero's blog also contains some transversal Noosfero features like "publish to communities", "Tags" and "a nice tree-like comment system".
Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1213: External Feed was not loaded (more then 48 hours) N/A Rejected
#1395: RSS feed does not include the text of published articles 0.22.2 NoFeedback
#1464: Addition of blogroll block N/A Pending
#1470: Enhance blog navegability with preview/next post link   Pending
#1515: Alternative blog formats 0.24.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1549: BlogArchivesBlock counts unpublished posts 0.35.2 Done
#1558: Crash while trying to visit profile's contents tagged without any tag 0.24.1 Done
#1609: include comment title and body in notification e-mails 0.26.0 Done
#1622: Blog posts are not being paginated 0.25.3 Done
#1641: Display button to edit blog 0.26.0 Done
#1643: External blogs updates only once a day 0.26.0 Done
#1670: Problem on visualization of blog post 0.26.0 Done
#1882: Blog archive block trying to load a removed blog 0.28.6 Done
#1892: Noosfero is entering in infinite loop when trying to view some blogs 0.28.6 Done
#1921:   Pendentes
#1941: Blog pagination links aren't update after change community identifier 0.30.2 Done
#1949: Blog description textarea is overlapping sidebar on Chrome 0.30.1 Done
#2144: Search files in article editing   Pending
#2305: Display existing comments even after new comments are disabled 0.36.0 Done
#2309: record origin IP address of comments 0.36.0 Done
#2310: Allow disabling comments from unauthenticated users 0.36.0 Done
#2316: New plugin hotspots for comments 0.36.0 Done
#2329: Error in configuration of external feed ( 0.36.2 Done
#2371: Media panel enhancements 0.38.0 Done
#2449: Update de links ao mudar url da comunidade   Pending
#2603: Forwarding to CMS url after delete post or forum 0.44.0 Done
#2726: The comment hierarchical level is not obvious in the wall's layout. 0.45.1 Done
#2752: Fix the short-name in content management 0.44.4 Done
#2774: Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created   Pending
#2789: Change the concept of the articles' short visualization format from 'first paragraph' to 'automatic-abstract'   WaitingForReview
#2849: Add cover image to Blogs 0.46.0 Done
#3057: Private post's preview being displayed   Pending
#3164: Editar data de publicação   Rejected
#3201: Blog page optimization 0.47.4 Done
#3227: Report abuse doesn't load on Firefox   Pending
#3229: Blog content poor visibility N/A Rejected
#404: Can't see blog of a profile with own domain 0.30.2 Rejected
#869: escolher licença de posts do blog N/A Done
#876: exibir titulo dos posts no bloco de arquivo do blog N/A Pending
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