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Comment Classification

This plugin creates the structure for classifying the comments. The initial idea of this plugin is to support the management of public consulting, but it can be used in different contexts.

For now, three kind of classification will be available:
  • Label: when creating a comment, the user identify the kind of it by choosing the label of the comment. Example: "Suggestion", "Disagreement"...
  • Status: users with permission can include a Status for a comment. Example: "Viable", "Unviable"
  • Support: the users will be able to "Support" a comment. Similar to like on other networks

# Status
#2802 Pending Users should be able to support the status added by other users   ContentManagement, UserInterface
#2803 Pending Generate report of an article with its comments   ContentManagement
#2806 Pending Export comments of articles   ContentManagement
#3056 Done Missing js on comment_classification plugin 0.47.0  

PluginForm edit

Name Comment Classification
Name l10n pt: 'Classificação de Comentário'
Small Description This plugin creates the structure for classifying the comments
Small Description l10n pt: 'Este plugin cria uma estrutura para classificar comentários'
Features ContentManagement, InternationalizationAndLocalization, UserInterface
Status Proposal
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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