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Feature: Content management

Noosfero has a strong CMS and other simple/direct/contextualized ways to create, upload, edit, and delete content.
Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1135: comment moderation N/A Working
#1182: Implement upload quota per environment and community N/A Rejected
#1318: Move files to other directories N/A Rejected
#1358: Add more features to slideshow block 0.22.0 NoFeedback
#1385: Adding author on article visualization N/A Working
#1407: New article creation 0.23.0 Done
#1420: Double comment 0.25.1 Done
#1424: After creation of a folder from cms, the user is redirected to a wrong page 0.25.1 Done
#1446: Enable gecko spellcheker in TinyMCE N/A Pending
#1447: Crash when slideshow block tries to render a folder 0.23.1 Done
#145: Index text inside text document files (pdf, odt, doc, etc) N/A Pending
#1451: When copying articles, the slug should also be copied 0.22.3 Done
#1452: Unpublished articles must not be counted on profile 0.23.1 Done
#1455: When body of a post is nil, the blog cannot be displayed 0.23.1 Done
#1459: Published events are not listed on publisher agenda N/A Pending
#1460: Add article block on environment context 0.24.0 Done
#1466: Deny unauthenticated users to make comments with email existing in Noosfero N/A Pending
#1475: Add visible link to blog RSS feeds 0.23.0 Done
#1476: Article tags with < breaks layout 0.23.2 Done
#1479: Must not be able to publish events for now 0.26.0 Done
#1510: Replace "Article" by "Page" on CMS 0.34.0 Rejected
#1511: Show thumbnail while editing images N/A Pending
#1512: Use Share instead of AddThis N/A Pending
#1514: Allow communities to publish (articles/pages/content) in portal community N/A Rejected
#1515: Alternative blog formats 0.24.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1523: Create a Trash in the CMS N/A Pending
#1524: Display the folder name while removing 0.35.1 Done
#1526: ArticleBlock crashes with UploadedFile articles 0.23.4 NoFeedback
#1528: Some blog posts are not displayed on Chrome 0.23.4 Rejected
#1530: Cannot set home_page if profile is not valid 0.23.4 NoFeedback
#1533: Videos from tv softwarelivre are not working 0.23.4 NoFeedback
#1540: Some HTML that should not be escaped are escaped. 0.23.4 NoFeedback
#1541: Errors when inserting HTML code into articles 0.23.4 Rejected
#1544: Display complete filename as 'alt' in directory listing N/A Pending
#1545: Article block displays "Previous.. Next" above the image. 0.24.2 Done
#1551: Improve visualization of the environment tags N/A Pending
#1557: Invisible posts are paginated 0.26.0 Done
#1558: Crash while trying to visit profile's contents tagged without any tag 0.24.1 Done
#1563: Videos from iteia are not displayed 0.24.2 Rejected
#1564: Create a highlighted block 0.25.0 Done
#1566: More explanatory error message for duplicated article name 0.24.2 Done
#1589: List of tags disappeared from editing articles 0.25.0 Done
#1600: Embeds from not works 0.25.1 Done
#1607: When article's content is large, it overflows blocks 0.25.2 Done
#1609: include comment title and body in notification e-mails 0.26.0 Done
#1617: Fix for #1557 introduced brutal performance problem 0.25.2 Done
#1631: Environment can set the trusted sites for iframe content 0.44.0 Done
#1636: Optional User Formating for Directories N/A Pending
#1637: Spammers are adding comments on articles 0.33.0 Rejected
#1650: Crash when trying to put an RssFeed inside an ArticleBlock 0.26.0 Done
#1653: Improve visualization of uploaded files (images, text, compressed files, …) as profile homepage N/A Pending
#1656: Fix width of select field when configuring an article to article_block 0.28.3 Done
#1662: Duplicated AddThis button 0.26.0 Done
#1663: Show only highlighted news on the homepage 0.26.0 Done
#1669: Make published article point back to original article while editing 0.26.0 Done
#1670: Problem on visualization of blog post 0.26.0 Done
#1671: When publishing articles, the tags should also be copied N/A Pending
#1683: Folder files should be listed ordered by Last Update 0.26.0 Done
#1686: Article comments with long URLs of words overflow content area 0.27.1 Done
#1689: Add pagination when displaying folder 0.26.0 Done
#1690: Private articles are counted on pagination N/A Rejected
#1697: Add a link on homepage to see all highlighted news N/A Pending
#1701: Crash when user tries to search articles with an unexistent tag 0.26.0 Done
#1715: In image upload the screen must be blocked while generating thumbs N/A Pending
#1722: Portal news are not updated N/A Rejected
#1724: License selector to the articles and uploaded files   Done
#1725: Hashtags on content   Pending
#1727: Add links on hashtags   Rejected
#1728: Trending topics   Pending
#1732: A not logged user can ask to publish an article 0.27.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1733: An administrator must be allowed to edit an article before approvement 0.27.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1741: User must be able to change the folder of an article 0.39.0 Done
#1742: schedule publishing of articles N/A Pending
#1751: Back button on events links to profile 0.26.0 Done
#1760: Bug when add an image to a blog 0.29.1 Done
#1765: Bug when replying a scrap on community 0.26.1 Done
#1769: Forum 0.27.0 Done
#1770: Improve interface to facilitate the creation of new content in CMS 0.27.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1771: Implement nested comments 0.28.0 Done
#1774: Show/hide blocks based on current language 0.27.0 WaitingForFeedback
#1775: Clicking on save button on uploaded file edition it downloads the file 0.27.1 Done
#1776: When listing uploaded files, the title must be displayed not the filename 0.27.1 Done
#1784: Add support to Kaltura lib N/A Pending
#1790: Comments filter plugin N/A Pending
#1793: Math captcha plugin uses fixed key and salt for encryption N/A Pending
#1798: Feed reader block is disabled when block is saved and address is not changed 0.27.1 Done
#1799: Folder icon disappear 0.29.0 Done
#1801: All images should be 'clickable' 0.29.0 Done
#1805: Comments from article owner on a community are not highlited   Pending
#1806: Comments from removed users misses the author name   Pending
#1811: Crash when try to do a comment 0.27.1 Done
#1814: Can't access assets events 0.27.2 Rejected
#1817: Forum posts should not be translatable 0.27.1 Done
#1822: Forum crash when last update is from an unauthenticated user 0.28.1 Done
#1826: Join wall with activities 0.38.0 Done
#1828: Gallery navigation without page reload N/A Pending
#1846: Events couldn't be viewed in hy lang 0.28.3 Done
#1857: Admin cannot highlight a suggested article when approving task 0.28.3 Done
#1858: Suggested articles approved are not displayed on homepage 0.28.3 Done
#1864: Published event body comes with some strange text 0.28.4 Rejected
#1865: Event doesn't validated when admin try to approve its publication 0.28.4 Done
#1866: Width of selection in edit article block is still large 0.28.5 Done
#1867: Error when try to subscribe a rss feed inner tag 0.28.5 Done
#1868: It is missing TinyMce editor on event edition 0.28.5 Done
#1869: The abstract of a published event isn't used anywhere 0.29.1 Done
#1873: Filter comments plugin N/A Pending
#1881: Duplicate uploaded file for published articles N/A Pending
#1887: User cannot suggest an article with html format 0.28.5 Done
#1888: Should not display number of comments when comment is disabled 0.29.3 Done
#1889: Cannot remove title of profile search block 0.28.5 Done
#1891: Noosfero is crashing when try to show icon name for uploaded files 0.29.3 Done
#1895: Edition of header/footer is not displaying WYSIWYG 0.28.6 Done
#1913: Use thumbnails in media-listing instead of fullsize images N/A Pending
#1914: Some events are with YAML in its body 0.29.2 Done
#1926: Impossible to approve 2 articles with same name 0.29.4 Done
#1928: Impossible to add uploded images to an tinymce article 0.29.4 Done
#1938: Wrong redirect after set an article as profile homepage 0.29.4 Done
#1961: Blog displays posts from a not chosen language 0.29.5 Done
#1968: Uploaded files added on articles are displaying repeated background 0.30.1 Done
#1972: Offer propper image and description of page when share with Facebook 0.30.2 Done
#1992: Wrong image address editting articles in Firefox 0.30.3 Done
#2008: Crash when viewing an article with invalid source in img tag 0.31.1 Done
#2009: Deny upload of dangerous files 0.31.3 Done
#2021: Publish action is listing communities from others environments 0.31.2 Rejected
#2032: Uploaded files are being renamed when they should not be 0.31.4 Done
#2034: Multiple files upload N/A Rejected
#2044: Macros for TinyMCE articles N/A Rejected
#2051: Add more sites to the trusted site list 0.32.0 Done
#2054: Can't reject a task about an deleted article 0.32.0 Done
#2056: New plugin that allows admins create forms mail 0.32.0 Done
#2059: A better text editor media sidebar 0.32.0 Done
#2063: Plugin to filter URLs from comments to avoid spammers 0.33.0 Rejected
#2069: Better Article List 0.34.0 Done
#2090: Captcha for comments replies 0.34.0 Done
#2094: Refactor all CMS N/A Pending
#2104: Impossible to accept report abuse task about communities 0.33.2 Done
#2121: Don't automatic redirect to article translation 0.34.2 Done
#2128: Moderate comments with urls from guest N/A Pending
#2131: Address of private profiles are public 0.34.1 Done
#2135: Content permissions - Unix like fs permissions N/A Pending
#2138: Can't publish an UploadedFile N/A Pending
#2218: Stop spammers (again) N/A Rejected
#2221: Some published articles lost the original author link N/A Pending
#2222: Better style for code elements (pre, code) 0.35.0 Done
#2237: Make SVG criatable and editable N/A Pending
#2239: Add support to SVG images N/A Pending
#2280: Comment deletion must be Ajax N/A Done
#2305: Display existing comments even after new comments are disabled 0.36.0 Done
#2306: Use TypePad AntiSpam to block comment spams 0.39.0 Done
#2309: record origin IP address of comments 0.36.0 Done
#2310: Allow disabling comments from unauthenticated users 0.36.0 Done
#2316: New plugin hotspots for comments 0.36.0 Done
#2345: let all community members edit some articles 0.37.0 Done
#2367: Allow to use Tags block as environment block 0.42.0 Done
#2368: Email about rejected article is displaying %{article} 0.37.0 Done
#2370: Can't publish on portal community if it doesn't have an admin 0.38.0 Done
#2371: Media panel enhancements 0.38.0 Done
#2375: Subscribe users to be notified about comments on article 0.39.0 Done
#2415: Bug in cancel button of new content 0.38.1 Done
#2476: Fraction tags has bugous link at tag cloud   Pending
#2483: Remover conteúdo desabilitado   Pending
#2486: question marked tags are escaped but still not working   Pending
#2490: Performing a SuggestArticle task with slug conflict runs a wired error   Pending
#2491: Allow SuggestArticle to suggest tags   Pending
#2492: The SuggestArticle accepting interface must force the folder selection   Pending
#2493: The lead of SuggestArticle task open and closes crazily when there are more then one   Pending
#2501: Add "Display Advanced Options" button for articles   Pending
#2504: Crash when try to accept an article from a 'removed' user N/A Pending
#2508: Comments don´t use up all available space when title not inserted   Pending
#2520: Comentário dentro do artigo 0.44.0 Done
#2521: Cannot upload a file out of a folder 0.39.1 Done
#2522: Crash when editing articles with very long titles 0.39.1 Done
#2523: Cannot approve articles 0.39.1 Done
#2546: Adding the possibility to moderate comments 0.42.0 Rejected
#2554: Manage comments in article without reload page 0.42.0 Rejected
#2566: Auto add article link to the profile menu block   Pending
#2567: Auto select the first gallery on image upload box 0.42.0 Done
#2577: Cms Refactoring   Pending
#2601: When tries to remove one field the form is destroyed 0.41.1 Done
#2619: Articles suggested by organization admins should not be moderated   Pending
#2650: Images extrapolating content 0.42.1 Done
#2671: Content block most commented   Pending
#2675: Allow environment admins to include trusted sites for iframes 0.44.0 Done
#2692: Provide export package of articles for users (Personal Backup)   Pending
#2740: html5 tags are being removed from articles created with feed 0.44.4 Done
#2751: Preview on Edit sideblocks   Pending
#2752: Fix the short-name in content management 0.44.4 Done
#2771: Edit header and footer in place   Pending
#2772: Edit profile Avatar in place   Working
#2784: Comment marked as spam still on the activities wall 0.44.5 Done
#2794: Allow ROWSPAN and COLSPAN in noosfero's contents   WaitingForReview
#2795: Link List Blocks Target Options   Done
#2800: Link to send a comment is displayed with comments disabled on an article   Pending
#2802: Users should be able to support the status added by other users   Pending
#2803: Generate report of an article with its comments   Pending
#2804: Add a name to a part of an article   Pending
#2806: Export comments of articles   Pending
#2822: Add visualization for article versioning 0.47.0 Done
#2852: Support viewing restricted to articles and folders 0.46.0 Done
#286: Tags must be case insensitive N/A Done
#2875: Reset of the profile's homepage 0.46.0 Done
#2881: Folder with "permission to edit" options   Pending
#2891: Noosfero frequently crashes when uploading multiple files   Pending
#2914: Allow the MainBlock to be edited by the users 0.46.0 Done
#2946: Crash on profile when comment with reply is marked as spam 0.45.2 Rejected
#2963: Link Categories and ProductCategories to external taxonomies   Pending
#2978: More items in manage content   WaitingForReview
#2982: Add column last update in the CMS file listings   WaitingForReview
#3005: When you add quotes in comments, they are HTML escaped   Rejected
#3006: Add to the list of trusted sites   WaitingForReview
#3035: Clone community   Pending
#3128: Access control fail for uploads   Pending
#3141: Can't mass-assign notification_time for Person. 0.48.0 Done
#3164: Editar data de publicação   Rejected
#3175: Comments are disabled even when user enable comments on an atrticle   Rejected
#3230: Report Abuse Error   Working
#3236: Folder's parents html links is breaking in CMS view   Done
#3239: Makes the concept of Spread broader 0.49.0, N/A WaitingForFeedback
#3271: Edit publish date of an article   NeedInfo
#3290: Crash on forum page when user is not logged in 0.47.5 Done
#479: White list diferentes (no TiniMCE e Servidor) na edição de artigos N/A Pending
#667: Don't show null info about events N/A Pending
#846: Add trackback/pingback features   Pending
#87: Article Alias N/A Rejected
#894: Manage translations of articles 0.27.0 Done
#950: Match the visual appearance of the content with the one of the WYSIWYG editor N/A NoFeedback
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