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Custom Forms

The basic idea is to provide the infra-structure and interfaces needed to the creation and use of custom forms. There are couple of proposals on how to implement this infra-structure and the interfaces on the following AI's:

This plugin tries to unite the ideas proposed in a single plugin.

# Status
#1739 Done Forms creation 0.39.0 FormsManagement
#2494 Done Can't add admin on environment with CustomFormsPLugin enabled 0.39.0 Plugins
#2593 Done Custom Foms fields order 0.43.1 FormsManagement
#2601 Done When tries to remove one field the form is destroyed 0.41.1 ContentManagement
#2680 Done After cancelling edition of field, the options are displayed 0.43.0 FormsManagement, Plugins
#2681 Done Custom forms are not validating mandatory fields 0.43.0 FormsManagement, Plugins
#2762 Done Fields highlighted as mandatory are actually not 0.44.5 FormsManagement
#2775 Done Crash when adding new fields on forms 0.44.4 Plugins
#2777 Rejected Options from custom forms fields have no defined order   FormsManagement
#2778 Done Include wysiwyg on form description 0.46.0 FormsManagement
#2779 WaitingForReview Form does not display fields errors   FormsManagement
#2780 Done After error with form or fields, the fields disappear 0.47.0 FormsManagement
#2870 Done Cancel button on custom forms submission page leads nowhere 0.45.1  
#2878 Done Value usage in Forms   FormsManagement
#2927 Done CustomFormPlugin improvements 0.47.0  
#2951 Pending Can't join in community with an custom form   FormsManagement
#3130 Done Custom form migration crash due to submission without a form 0.47.1  
#3144 Done Form not destroyed when profile is removed 0.47.3 Plugins
#3168 Done Improve validation of submissions/answers 0.47.4  
#3169 WaitingForReview Support textarea and tinymce on text fields    
#3172 Done Migration breaks with invalid forms 0.47.3  
#3176 Rejected Type unfilled for field    
#3262 WaitingForReview Can't create options and alternatives in custom_form plugin    
#3263 WaitingForReview Reordering of forms submissions is not working 0.48.0 UserInterface

PluginForm edit

Name Custom Forms
Name l10n
Small Description This plugin focus on the creation of custom forms.
Small Description l10n
Status Usable
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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