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Important notice

The Debian packages are developed for, and tested on, Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy (Debian 7). In special, Noosfero currently requires Rails version 3.2, which is the version shipped with Debian Squeeze.

If you try to install this package on other systems, even with Rails 3.2, it may work or may not work.

If you have any questions, ask on one of the mailing lists or on IRC (Freenode: #noosfero for English, #noosfero-br for Portuguese).



Installation instructions are provided there.

Build your won package with your won patches

Just run rake noosfero:deb

All related rake tasks:
  • rake noosfero:deb   —   Build Debian packages (shorcut)
  • rake noosfero:debian:test   —   Test Debian package
  • rake noosfero:debian_packages   —   Build Debian packages
  • rake noosfero:upload_packages[target]   —   Uploads the packages to the repository
  • rake package   —   Generate source tarball

To know other package build automation tasks see run rake -T | grep package
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