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Decision Making

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This plugin is self contained. You can download it:
zip decision_making-v1.1.tgz (8,7K)

Unpack inside noosfero/plugin/ and than run:
script/noosfero-plugins enable decision_making

This plugin is related to LiquidDemocracyPlugin. In a time the two ideas will be one.

This plugin implements the Schulze method to select the best choice in the public vote.

Steps for Collective Decision Making

First we must to create a Issue page. That works like a Forum, and we must open the Content Manager at the Control Panel.
Decision Making Plugin - step 01

In the selected folder (the root is a nice choice), create a New content.
Decision Making Plugin - step 02

Select the Issue type.
Decision Making Plugin - step 03

Describe the issue as you do with an article.
Decision Making Plugin - step 04

That is created at state "Open for proposals" where users can create proposals to be debated. To create a new proposal, click on the "New proposal" button.
Decision Making Plugin - step 05

Describe the proposal as you do with an article.
Decision Making Plugin - step 06

The created proposal looks like an article with some issue related data. You can go back to the issue page by clicking on the back button, or in the issue name.
Decision Making Plugin - step 07

Well, all proposals was created or the time for proposals was ended, so, close it.
Decision Making Plugin - step 08

At the edit mode you can select the next state "Time for Debate".
Decision Making Plugin - step 09

The table of proposals has links to each one. Click to participate on the debate.
Decision Making Plugin - step 10

Well, comment it like any article, and back.
Decision Making Plugin - step 11

Change the state to "Open for voting" and add your votes, as a ordered list of preferences.
Decision Making Plugin - step 12

Then change the state to "Decision made" and see the result. The table will be ordered by the result.
Decision Making Plugin - step 13
The admin can see who had voted on the issue proposals, but not the vote itself. But the vote can be viewed by the server admin, as any other personal data.

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PluginForm edit

Name Decision Making
Name l10n pt: "Decisão Coletiva"
Small Description A democratic process to discuss, propose solutions, and vote on collective issues
Small Description l10n pt: "Um processo democrático para debater, propor soluções e votar questões coletivas"
Features Enterprises
Status Development
Topic revision: r5 - 18 Jan 2014, AurelioAHeckert

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