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Noosfero Dev in a Docker

Create the container:
$ docker create -it -p 3000:3000 -v /path/to/noosfero-src:/src/noosfero --name dev debian:jessie

Run it:
$ docker start dev; docker attach dev

Install base packages:
# apt update && apt -fy install sudo vim wget postgresql
…then add the noosfero repo to the source list, and remember to add the signing key. (Only that! Not the noosfero package!)

Complete Noosfero install:
# apt update
# cd /src/noosfero
# ./script/quick-start


I want to develop Themes and Plugins in a separated repo

Nice. You are right. And as you know you need to symlink your external code inside the proper directory. The volume binding done on the docker create above will not help you. You could organize your noosfero related repo folders in a parent folder than bind it to docker's /src

$ tree -L 1 /path/to/my/projects
 ├── noosfero
 ├── my-plugin
 └── some-theme
$ docker create -it -p 3000:3000 -v /path/to/my/projects/:/src/ --name dev debian:jessie

Now you will find noosfero, my-plugin, some-theme and anything you decide to create in the future inside your host's /path/to/my/projects accessible inside docker's /src, then your symlinks inside /src/noosfero/public/designs/themes/ and /src/noosfero/plugins/ will work properly.


Clear your mess: $ docker system prune

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