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Feature: Environment Admin

A Noosfero environment is a independent and configurable social network. The administrator of an environment may define fields and that mandatory flag, may enable/disable plugins, personalize the visual identity, and more…
Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1004: "manage templates" does not work N/A Rejected
#1011: extra optional fields for person 0.47.0 Done
#1013: multiple templates per environment N/A Pending
#107: Category management 0.3.0 NoFeedback
#108: Crash when choosing to add a new subcategory 0.3.0 Pending
#1173: removing useless code 0.19.0 Done
#1218: Admin should change number of news boxes on portal 0.20.0 Done
#1220: Admin should change number of news in boxes 0.20.0 Done
#1270: Allow admin of environment to configure the limit of nickname N/A Pending
#1377: Environment admin can delete a user   Pending
#1393: Manage qualifiers and certificators N/A Pending
#1966: Environment admin creates new role but can't use it in anywhere 0.30.1 Done
#2004: Facilitade the blocking of unwanted profiles by admin N/A Pending
#2103: To accept an abuse complaint bout a content do not hide/del this one   Pending
#2217: Download csv and xml file with all environment users is taking too long 0.41.2 Done
#2378: Multiples Templates 0.39.0 Done
#2447: Environment Languages 0.39.0 Done
#2524: Message from Admin Control Panel should have filters to specific users   Pending
#2525: Admin deletes accounts not activated in a defined period of time   Pending
#2592: rake can't download solr due to mirror version changed   Pending
#2675: Allow environment admins to include trusted sites for iframes 0.44.0 Done
#2765: add default_language field N/A Pending
#2897: Allow the admin users to change the environment theme on the admin panel. 0.47.0 Done
#2998: Add environment option to configure redirection after signup 0.47.0 Done
#3021: Ban an user in Manage Users   Done
#3036: Moderate users registration N/A WaitingForReview
#3061: Set the availability of core blocks (set block as available or unavailable)   Pending
#3069: Replace {portal} by portal community on link list block of environment 0.48.0 Done
#3199: redirection_after_signup N/A Pending
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