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Feature: Full text search

A full-text search engine allows relevant results come to users without hurting database performance.

Noosfero currently uses Ferret but is in a proccess of migrating to Solr.

Below comes a comparation of possible tools to be used.
  Facets DB independent Community health Plugins for Rails Language
elasticsearch Yes Yes Active tire Java
ferret No Yes Unmaintained acts_as_ferret Ruby
solr Yes Yes Active (released togheter with Lucene) acts_as_solr, acts_as_solr_reloaded, sunspot Java
sphinx No No Active thinking_sphinx C

Rails plugins for Solr
acts_as_solr Unmaintened
acts_as_solr_reloaded See brauliobo's fork

Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1102: Search of a term should return members of enterprise with that term   Pending
#112: Ferret does not work correctly in production mode 0.4.0 Done
#1263: Problem with ferret N/A Rejected
#127: relevance in search results does not seem to make sense 0.7.0 Done
#1536: acts_as_ferret doesn't work with Passenger   Done
#1556: Ferrret is running but crash when trying to search anything 0.25.1 Rejected
#1611: replace ferret with sphinx N/A Pending
#1734: Possibility to search for content inside profiles 0.28.0 Done
#1746: Layout of search result is broken 0.26.0 Done
#1804: Layout of search result is broken again 0.28.1 Done
#1901: New products search N/A Working
#1902: Products search filter N/A Pending
#1919: Search for products inside profile N/A Pending
#1958: Replace ferret with Solr 0.38.0 Done
#213: The Search must find words on article text, description and tags N/A Pending
#2142: Fulltext search with substrings broken   Pending
#2205: Allow to customize look and feel of search results   Pending
#2413: Enterprise status should be "active" and "not active", not "enabled" and "disabled" 0.38.1 Done
#2417: Profile address should not be solr-indexed in searches 0.38.1 Done
#2455: brutal memory leak in search mechanism 0.38.2 Done
#2473: Solr error while updating profile image N/A Pending
#2502: Profile's Search Box is Ugly N/A WaitingForReview
#254: Highlight search terms when presenting search results N/A Pending
#2560: Search form from application-ng cannot use google search plugin 0.41.1 Done
#433: search crashes in production mode 0.10.0 Done
#483: search dont find anything 0.10.1 Done
#547: Cannot find stuff when searching without accented letters N/A Pending
#562: busca por artigos não está funcionando 0.10.2 Done
#854: Clustering for products (and others) map   Pending
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