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Getting started with Noosfero development

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(English is the official language used in the lists)

Getting the source code

There are three ways to get the source code.


On topic MilestoneItems look to Achieved milestones and click on the tarball version wanted.

Directly from the official git repository

This way is useful only for who don't want to be a code contributor, but want the last under development code.

git clone

Well, right, you still can contribute by the old fashion way.

Forking at Gitlab

This is the best way for who want to contribute with Noosfero.

First of all you must to register/login to then visit the and fork Noosfero's repository, by clicking at "Fork repository":

Now you can fork it (locally) in your machine and work on it:

You can use something like this:
git clone<username>/noosfero.git
or this:
git clone<username>/noosfero.git

You will need to receive the updates from the official Noosfero repository, so register the remote repository:
git remote add origin

…Then whenever you want you can get updates from the official Noosfero repository:
git pull origin master

Installation, Running, Developing

After getting the source code, please follow the instructions on the files HACKING and INSTALL. Alternatively, you can read the instructions on-line directly from the source code repository.

If you are a Debian user, simply run script/quick-start at the Noosfero root. This will automagically prepare your environment to Hack and Run.

You will need some users, communities and data to interact while developing, so run script/sample-data and a fake social network will be created.

If you have a GNU/Linux box, but not a Debian Stable, you may want to use Schroot. Do not worry. That is easy and will save your life. wink

Sending patches

Please see PatchGuidelines.

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