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How to install Noosfero

Attention: This page documents how to install Noosfero for production usage. If you want to setup a development environment, please follow the instructions in the HACKING file and in the "GettingStartedWithNoosferoDevelopment" page.

Step 1: configure your domain

Make sure your domain name points to your server. For example, if your Noosfero will run for, make sure that points to the IP address of your server.

Domain configuration is out of scope for Noosfero documentation. If you need help with this, please talk to your systems administrator or your internet service provider.

Step 2: install Noosfero

Recommended option: follow the instructions to install with the Debian package. This is absolutely the recommended method for production setups, and requires using a Debian stable server.

If you choose to use the recommended method, skip to Step 3: configure Noosfero after the package installation is finished.

If for some reason you want to try other operating system, or other methods of installation, do it knowing that they may require advanced systems administration skills. Your options are:

Step 3: configure Noosfero

Create an administrator account.

Make initial environment configuration.

  • Visit your Noosfero site
  • Log in with the administrative account you just created.
  • Click the "Administration" link in the top bar, and then click "Environment settings"
    • Make sure you configure at least the items "Site name" and "Contact e-mail".

Make other customizations: explore the different options under "Administration".

Step 4: Configure your server to send email

Configure your server to properly send outgoing email using the email address you configured as "Contact e-mail" on step 3 above as Sender address. Follow the instruction in the official documentation.

Note that several noosfero features depend on a working email system. Before you configure your server to properly handle outgoing email, Noosfero may not work so well.

Step 5: extra configurations

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