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Infrastructure Solutions

This document intends to present a number of articles comparing solutions used internally for Noosfero:



Could you please explain this "Formats" section? We're very interested in that, since it has to do with webservices and building up our ontologies. The RDF, for example: what classes will be used? What ontologies? FOAF is one ontology, which is also expressed in RDF. It's not a format!

This kind of things must be discussed in the community, specially around the webservices API issues.

-- DanielTygel - 14 Jul 2012

This page is a Braulio's initiative to list current used and possible to use solutions for Noosfero features. Be on this list do not means that should to be used.

I tried to discuss about webservices API some times, but you know, that was talking with the wind.

-- AurelioAHeckert - 17 Jul 2012

Your post is so interesting thiet bi hdmi khong day and informative. I got a lot of useful and significant information. Thank you so much.

-- TonyViet - 16 Oct 2015

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