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Feature: Internationalization and localization

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Action item Version Status
#1033: weird crashes, gettext-related 0.19.0 NoFeedback
#1177: Communities and Enterprises in English (not translated) 0.19.0 NoFeedback
#1178: compatibility with a pure Debian Lenny system 0.19.0 NoFeedback
#1191: little translation review 0.19.1 Done
#1199: my network block says "%{num} comunidades" in pt_br translation 0.19.3 NoFeedback
#1248: Cant change language 0.19.6 Done
#1251: Wrong translation 0.20.0 NoFeedback
#1300: Wrong translation for Environment statistics block 0.21.0 Done
#1315: Problems with translation again 0.23.0 NoFeedback
#1326: Add context to 'View all' in friends, community and enterprises block 0.21.0 Done
#1384: Pt_BR Localization Bug on community creation 0.21.5 Done
#1695: Private screen profile's show message without translation 0.26.1 Done
#1762: Terminology doesn't work right with ngettext 0.26.1 Done
#1763: Some error messages are not being translated 0.26.1 Done
#1817: Forum posts should not be translatable 0.27.1 Done
#1871: Subject of tasks notification message are coming with %{requestor} 0.28.6 Done
#1973: Names on link list blocks are being translated 0.30.2 Done
#1974: Add support to Esperanto 0.30.0 Done
#1989: Links to previous and next month are not being translated 0.30.2 Done
#2092: Cant change language N/A Rejected
#2151: erro de traducao "aberto"   Done
#2617: Strings on user menu are not translated 0.41.2 Done
#2697: Texto em inglês no menu da vitrine de produtos   Pending
#2821: Javascript L10n solution   Pending
#2885: Translate the world Slug   Pending
#2904: Some error messages is displaying an extra character 0.44.5 Done
#3059: Add and fix translations of some strings 0.46.3 Done
#3113: Allow custom locales for environments N/A Pending
#3153: Variables on activation e-mail sent on spanish is not being replaced   Pending
#3154: Variables on activation e-mail sent on spanish is not being replaced 0.47.2 Done
#3190: On user links, the link to communities is not being translated 0.47.4 Done
#3302: Mudar termos de entrar e sair de comunidade para evitar confusão   WaitingForReview
#476: untranslated label for labelled form fields 0.10.1 Done
#572: error in pt_BR translation 0.10.2 Done
#602: add po file to spanish translation N/A Done
#72: Support localized URL's N/A Done
#767: zen3: add Armenian translation 0.11.5 Done
#830: investigate problems with translation 0.20.0 NoFeedback

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Name Internationalization and localization
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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