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Feature: Layout and Themes

Docs for designers and other theme hackers:
You get this file within your Noosfero installation root directory.
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Action item Version Status
#1236: Missing icons when categorize on IE browser 0.23.1 NoFeedback
#1398: Add structure to new theme 0.22.1 NoFeedback
#1406: Link Problem on green & blue design themes 0.23.0 Done
#1419: Replace the Box name "Picture" to "Profile Image" 0.22.2 Done
#1428: Link list block icons are not displayed on Safari and Chrome 0.23.3 Done
#1432: newly saved profiles get an explicit value for the 'theme' attribute 0.22.3 Done
#1443: Add a "loading" image when uploading files   Pending
#1468: Enhancements to default theme and initial setup of Noosfero N/A Pending
#1481: Fonts are displayed with different sizes on different browsers 0.23.1 Done
#1484: The forms on cms are over the blocks on the right collumn 0.23.2 Done
#1495: Select overflows lightbox 0.23.2 Done
#1496: Large images overflows the main block 0.23.2 Done
#1508: Layout is broken on pages that don't have boxes 0.23.3 Done
#1517: Size of titles on tinymce are different from the size after saving 0.23.3 Done
#1521: Fix width of the boxes in rightbar and leftbar templates 0.23.3 Done
#1522: Back to folder button is over the tags 0.23.3 Done
#1529: New 'scarletred' Noosfero theme 0.26.0 Done
#1547: empty profile description being shown 0.24.1 Done
#1548: On webkit browsers borders are not rounded 0.24.1 Done
#1551: Improve visualization of the environment tags N/A Pending
#1579: Create a new theme for N/A Rejected
#1592: Theme is not a setting of environment 0.25.1 Done
#1596: Width of sideboxes in leftbar and rightbar templates is broken again! 0.26.0 Done
#1601: Lot of warnings about colorpicker javascript 0.26.0 Done
#1623: Name's templates are not translated N/A Pending
#1624: Show description of templates in user interface N/A Pending
#1625: Button to blog breaks when blog has a big title 0.26.0 Done
#1627: Allow themes to override the default icons for prople, communities, enterprises and map markers 0.26.0 Done
#1634: Layout Bug on may be in all themes based on default. N/A Rejected
#1636: Optional User Formating for Directories N/A Pending
#1644: Wrong references to images in base theme 0.26.0 Done
#1676: Images on headline have fixed width and height 0.26.0 Done
#1680: better defaults 0.26.0 Done
#1688: Favicon is not being displayed on slideshow 0.26.0 Done
#1692: Allow styling for logged in users 0.26.0 Done
#1693: javascript method to register user_data load listeners   Pending
#1696: unify code for generating speech bubbles   Done
#1709: the highlighted-news-item´s post-title must be on the H2 and not on the link   Pending
#1713: Enhance layout of profile on left and rightbar template N/A Rejected
#1726: Enhance visualization of tags   Pending
#1744: Submenu appears under highlights block 0.26.0 Done
#1746: Layout of search result is broken 0.26.0 Done
#1753: onResize body event removes body classes 0.26.0 Done
#1754: Z-Index conflict between profile balloon and navigation submenu in Internet Explorer 0.26.0 Done
#1755: Layout bugs in default theme 0.26.0 Done
#1756: Improve navigation submenu in default theme 0.26.0 Done
#1757: Buttons appear over title in profile events page 0.26.0 Done
#1759: Highlights block is still broken 0.26.1 Done
#1764: Layout of unifreire search results is weird 0.27.2 Rejected
#1767: Enterprise box of results search on foradoeixo is on wrong place 0.27.2 Rejected
#1777: Balloon is in a wrong position 0.28.1 Done
#1795: Profile balloon is far from the profile image   Pending
#1804: Layout of search result is broken again 0.28.1 Done
#1807: Remove CSS ie6 hacks to allow LESS compiler to work 0.28.0 Done
#1851: Article contents is overflowing layout again 0.28.5 Done
#1854: Profile image is over scrap button 0.28.5 Done
#1855: Background-image is repeated on content with some tag 0.28.5 Done
#1890: Some images are distorted 0.28.6 Done
#1896: Icons on search results of articles are repeated 0.28.6 Done
#1905: Slideshow block is displaying the description behind the image N/A Pending
#1911: Suggest article button breaks title of blog 0.29.2 Done
#1923: Add pagination to comments   Pending
#1925: Provide links to go to control panel of user's enterprises 0.30.0 Done
#1930: Search results are misaligned 0.29.4 Done
#1936: Add margin between description and logo in my groups 0.29.4 Done
#1943: Pending tasks is in wrong position on cirandas theme 0.29.4 Done
#1949: Blog description textarea is overlapping sidebar on Chrome 0.30.1 Done
#1963: Layout bug on events box of general search 0.30.2 Done
#1965: Environment name in addthis box is over box's title 0.30.1 Done
#1979: Adding new sidebox template '2leftbars' 0.31.0 Done
#1982: Allow themes to define addthis icon 0.31.0 Done
#1985: Admin must be able to add a raw html block 0.31.0 Done
#1986: More flexibility to themes   Pending
#1988: Add class to body if page is a profile homepage 0.31.0 Done
#1997: Split author name and date on blog posts 0.31.0 Done
#2124: Gravatar default image must be theme configurable 0.34.0 Done
#2132: Colorbox images missing in production environment 0.35.1 Done
#2134: Add i18n support to themes N/A Pending
#2144: Search files in article editing   Pending
#2207: Disable slider effect in menu and balloons 0.35.0 Done
#2211: File in themes directory 0.35.1 Rejected
#2222: Better style for code elements (pre, code) 0.35.0 Done
#2252: Themes must be configurable N/A Working
#2269: Themes page crashes when finds a non theme entity 0.35.1 Done
#2272: Products on catalog is misaligned 0.35.1 Done
#2317: no chat bubble on Chromium (and other webkit browsers?) N/A Pending
#2381: Allow Blog in a ArticleBlock 0.42.0 Done
#2390: Template Hierachy in Themes   Pending
#2449: Update de links ao mudar url da comunidade   Pending
#2453: Big images are distorted when it's on an article 0.38.2 Done
#2458: Allowing adding blocks at area 1 through interface 0.39.0 Done
#2461: Big images on portal news overflows the content on the right 0.38.3 Done
#2506: Beautify comments N/A WaitingForReview
#2511: Bug on visualization of communities of a profile 0.39.1 Done
#2553: CSS bug when listing gallery images on tag page 0.41.1 Done
#2641: "Go back to" buttom is preventing to see tag list   Pending
#2642: Ensure to display the social features of the viewing profile for logged-in users   Pending
#2677: Template without any bars (only content) 0.44.0 Done
#2738: Container Block for main area   Done
#2743: "Terms of use" checkbox on webkit is different from firefox 0.44.2 Done
#2751: Preview on Edit sideblocks   Pending
#2764: Install, Enable and Disable Themes   Pending
#2771: Edit header and footer in place   Pending
#2772: Edit profile Avatar in place   Working
#2810: Box Organizer fix style and clickabe area 0.46.0 Done
#2847: Template leftfooter with 3 boxes 0.46.0 Done
#2897: Allow the admin users to change the environment theme on the admin panel. 0.47.0 Done
#2990: Theme chooser shows directory name, and not the Theme name 0.46.2 Done
#2992: Redundance of themes when they are set to environment and to profile 0.46.1 Done
#2994: Order themes in themes management alphabetically   Rejected
#3019: Add new meta tags on themes or envs   Pending
#3020: Responsive layout infra   WaitingForReview
#3026: Group sideboxes to allow some responsive page changes   WaitingForReview
#3027: Trigger a event on page end to allow uglyless hacks on themes   WaitingForReview
#3131: Loading header image 0.47.3 Done
#3248: Access Denied for themes created by users   WaitingForReview
#3251: Feature Edit Header/Footer not working   Working
#3282: Plugin to make noosfero responsive   Working
#3296: Bug of alignment on ul elements 0.47.5 Done
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