This version improves release 0.1.0 with new features, better infrastructure and better understading of where we want to go. We hope that you navigate through the application and report everything that you find wrong as a bug. Assign it to version 0.3.0 so we can work on them for the next release.

Management of users roles.

We implemented tha management of roles. A role identifies a set of permissions that can be assigned to users. For example, an enterprise can have a "enterprise members" role, with permission to post content under the enterprise profile.

We implemented the creation of profiles, as well as assigning them to actual users.

Implementation of new layout concept.

The new layout concept with a top bar listing categories and subcategories was implemented. The idea is that the user can select a given category ...


And then enter that category as an aggregator of everyting related to it (this aggregator is not implemented yet, though).


Integrated WYSIWYG editor.

Now every text box is managed by a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which means that user can use formatting while writing their articles and other information.

Next version will improve editor style, but it already works for basic tasks ( like writing text smile ).


Editing of person and enterprise information

We advanced with the possibilities of editing information related to profiles, be their of people or organizations. Check it out!

Foundation work

Again we did a lot of infrastructural work that unfortunately we can't show in the user interface yet. frown We hope to have more thinks to show in the next release more.

Release Totals


Requirements to be implemented

Requirement Assigned to Progress

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Bugs that need work

Bug Assigned to Progress
#57: non-ASCII characters are ignored in page slug  
#59: Top page of cms should not have change on slug AntonioTerceiro
#60: versions do not work on the cms AntonioTerceiro
#66: Clicking in AntonioTerceiro
#68: must follow glossary of terms: s/virtual community/environment/ AntonioTerceiro
#69: do not offer Tracker.RecentDocumentsBlock to environment layout  
Total: -average-percentage- 100%

Enhancements to be done

Enhancement Assigned to Progress

Total: -average-percentage- -1%

Documents to be written

Document Assigned to Progress

Total: -average-percentage- -1%

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Version 0.2.0
Codename Zulu
Release 28 Sep 2007
Status Done
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noosfero-topbar-selected.pngpng noosfero-topbar-selected.png manage 5.6 K 27 Sep 2007 - 21:50 AntonioTerceiro  
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