Colivre - Free Technologies Cooperative just released version 0.6.0 of Noosfero: the newest 100% free software social web platform! Noosfero is being developed by Colivre under contracts with both Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária - Brazil and Foundation - Switzerland. Noosfero is free software, released under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL), version 3.

With Noosfero 0.6.0, you as a user can:

1. Use an intuitive, accessible, and simply beautiful interface;

Layout Anheteguá

2. Use a navigation menu;

Noosfero Menu.png

3. Place a block that shows information about you in your homepage

no image

4. Manage the disposition of elements in your page's layout

Placeing a Block

5. Create and edit text articles with a visual text editor


6. Provide feeds of your articles to your friends and/or blog aggregators.


7. Create and manage communities;

no image

8. Search users and communities by name and tags;


9. Automatic help;

Follow mouse help

  • To run the a Noosfero Demo Version Click Here.
  • Obs: If you see a new bug, please report it in our Bug Traking System. wink
  • Know issues:
    • there is a problem with extra space in some pages (e.g. the control panel). See for example AI:169.
    • The automatic help feature still has some problems with specific versions of Firefox and/or Internet Explorer. We are chasing these problems down already.
    • The "content-types" menu at the top-right corner is not functional yet.

So, It's important to say that Noosfero is free technology, developed with free work, that is, by a solidarity economy enterprise! Use, spread and collaborate with this free software project! smile

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Requirements to be implemented

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Total: -average-percentage- -1%

Bugs that need work

Bug Assigned to Progress
#62: design editor sucks AntonioTerceiro
#121: edit screen for all types of profile are not integrated/no link to enterprise_editor controller MoisesMachado
#128: filter stopwords out of indexed data and search queries MoisesMachado
#130: help widgets are ugly AurelioAHeckert, AntonioTerceiro
#137: change the user interface for changing language AntonioTerceiro
Total: -average-percentage- 100%

Enhancements to be done

Enhancement Assigned to Progress

Total: -average-percentage- -1%

Documents to be written

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Total: -average-percentage- -1%

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Version 0.6.0
Codename Ganda
Release 15 Feb 2008
Status Done
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Topic revision: r13 - 16 Feb 2008, AntonioTerceiro

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