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Description of the bug Visiting http://localhost:3000/myprofile/my enterprise/profile_members/add_members we can add persons to enterprise but if you serach by th...
Description of the bug Steps to reproduce 1 step 1 1 step 2 1 step 3 Testing environment .DanielaFeitosa 04 Aug 2010 * article_content_over_bloc...
If an administrator removes one of the folders used as news source for the homepage, Noosfero crashes. .AntonioTerceiro 06 Aug 2010
Description of the bug When you try to create an RSS feed Noosfero crashes. Steps to reproduce 1 CMS 1 New article 1 Rss feed Testing environment .Ro...
Description of the bug If you try to create an article through tinymce and add an embed video, the video is stripped. Steps to reproduce 1 New visual article ...
.AntonioTerceiro 09 Aug 2010 commit 64e4639c introduced a @page.posts call that loads all posts of a blog and interates over them. Main.AntonioTerceiro 09 Au...
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