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Noosfero, version 0.28.5

Bufixes version release. Shortlog of this version:

Aurelio A. Heckert (2):
      Padronize Gallery::to_html() and makes rss happy
      AI1851: correct the <pre> overflow inside Articles

Daniela Soares Feitosa (4):
      Enhanced list of tagged articles
      Allowing suggestion of html articles
      Removed default title of profile search block
      Added message on title of scrap link

Joenio Costa (4):
      Enabling tiny mce editor for Events
      Setting a fixed width to activity, network and wall boxes
      Changing scrap button to a single link
      Script to create some sample articles

Keilla Menezes (1):
      Fixed width of selection on environment design

# Title Priority Tags Assigned To Who Cares Status
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1810,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Browse people page is weird 5 foradoeixo JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1851,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Article contents is overflowing layout again 5 asl AurelioAHeckert Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1854,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Profile image is over scrap button 5 colivre JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1855,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Background-image is repeated on content with some tag 0 colivre DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1866,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Width of selection in edit article block is still large 10 foradoeixo, colivre KeillaMenezes Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1867,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Error when try to subscribe a rss feed inner tag 10 unifreire, ipf, asl, colivre, dilmanarede AurelioAHeckert Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1868,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% It is missing TinyMce editor on event edition 0 asl JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1870,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Links are causing overlap in the activities box 10 dilmanarede JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1887,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% User cannot suggest an article with html format 0 asl DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem1889,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Cannot remove title of profile search block 5 asl DanielaFeitosa Done
Total: R2:C0..R-1:C0: 1

MilestoneForm edit

Version 0.28.5
Release 18 Feb 2011
Status Done
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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