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Noosfero, version 0.29.0

This release notes presents our new 0.29.0 version.

This release has been partially supported by Associação Software Below we describe the new features and enhancements added in this release.

Images with zoom

Sometimes users need to resize images to fit their articles. With this new feature, even if an image was resized the visitors will be able to see the original image (AI:1801).

When the visitor passes the mouse over a resized image, a link to zoom the image will be displayed on the top of the image.

A link to zoom the image will be displayed when the user passes the mouse over an image.

After clicking on the "Zoom in" link, the visitor will see the original image. To go back to the article the visitor can click on the close button.

Full image after clicking on Zoom in

Profiles with images have priority on blocks

When a person/community don't upload an image to its profile, a default image is displayed. Because of this, a lot of default images where displayed on blocks that list profiles in an environment with many profiles without image.

The blocks displayed the profiles that didn't uploaded an image

With this feature, the owner of the block can configure whether he wants to prioritize profiles with images on their blocks (AI:1800). On Edit sideboxes the users can edit the block and check the option Prioritize profiles with image

Option to check if the user wants to display the profiles with images first

After checking the option, the profiles that uploaded an image have priority over others profiles

Enhancements on managing of products

We added 2 features to improve management of products:
  • Qualifiers and certifiers are now ordered by name (AI:1880): Now it's easier to select the qualifier and certifier on edition of your product
  • Units are created on database (AI:1859): The product units were hardcoded on Noosfero. With this feature, each environment can choose the available units.

Web interface to change environment's name

With this new interface, an environment administrator don't need to use the console to change the environment's name. He just need to visit the Administration page and click on Edit site info to change the environment name (AI:1860)

Full list of changes in this release

Antonio Terceiro (1):
      Allow admin to change environment name

Aurelio A. Heckert (1):
      Correct gallery images overflow

Caio SBA (2):
      Turning article images zoomable
      Showing zoom link only on mouse over and some minor changes

Daniela Soares Feitosa (8):
      Changed search options names
      Added message on INSTALL file
      Fixed test and added gallery big icon
      Replacing include by join on profile_list method
      Removing extra label for environment_name field
      Aligning zoom text and image on the left side
      Added new icons as link list block options
      Added xss_terminate to title of uploaded_file

Joenio Costa (5):
      Documenting how to create admin user using console
      Removing duplicated code from Task models
      Units of measurement are in the database now
      Sorting qualifiers and certifiers by name
      Change certifiers description type to 'text'

Keilla Menezes (1):
      Re-write gallery page

Rodrigo Souto (1):
      ProfileListBlock option to prioritize profiles with image

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Version 0.29.0
Release 28 Feb 2011
Status Done
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