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Noosfero, version 0.30.0

This release notes presents our new 0.30.0 version.

Below we describe the new features and enhancements added in this release.

Loading buttons through AJAX

The browser cache is important to display pages faster, but on Noosfero it caused a problem on managing profiles. Before this release, if you were visiting an article on your profile and then logged in, the page wasn't reloaded. This way, links and buttons (Edit, Remove, New article…) that must be shown only for allowed users weren't displayed. The users needed to reload the page to view the management buttons and links.

With this new feature the article buttons and control panel link will be loaded by AJAX (AI:1672), allowing users to manage profiles without reloading the pages.

Support for Esperanto

Now Noosfero can be translated to the artificial language used by many thousands of people all over the world. We included Esperanto as available locale (AI:1974). Also, this release includes the translation of the editor used on articles edition, TinyMCE, thanks to Marcus Aurelius Cordenunsi Farias and Thiago Skapata Machado,

Managing your enterprises

An enterprise is a kind of organization that can offer products and services on Noosfero if enabled on environment. In this release we included a better way to manage your enterprises, with quick links on user's menu (AI:1925)

Menu listing the enterprises that can be managed by the logged user.

Before this release, the number of articles and comments was used to define the more active people or communities. Also, the list of more active and more popular people/communities didn't include profiles with no friends or no articles/comments.

With this feature, the more active people are defined by the number of activities the profile has (AI:1885). These activities includes joining communities, making new friendships/articles/comments and publishing articles. And the profiles with no friends or activities are listed with the others.

Multitenancy support

Multitenancy refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations (tenants). Multitenancy is contrasted with a multi-instance architecture where separate software instances (or hardware systems) are set up for different client organizations. With a multitenant architecture, a software application is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration, and each client organization works with a customized virtual application instance.

This release includes multitenancy support (AI:1845), allowing each environment from a single installation to have its own schema on database. Today this feature is available only for PostgreSQL databases.

Small enhancements

We included some small changes to enhance Noosfero. The guru meditation screen from varnish now displays a prettier page (AI:1877) and we changed position of fields on enterprises edition (AI:1931).

Antonio Terceiro (6):
      Don't allow profiles named 'plugin'
      Add route for plugin administration
      Command-line app for managing plugins
      Remove pkg/ directory on `rake clobber`
      Review Debconf templates
      English review

Aurelio A. Heckert (1):
      Create a noosfero configuration file for varnish

Caio SBA (3):
      Loading logged-in stuff through Ajax
      Multitenancy documentation and separation
      Adding tests for MultiTenancy lib

Daniel Cunha (1):
      Adding multitenancy support

Daniela Soares Feitosa (12):
      Changed test to verify all reserved identifiers
      Plugins should be created with lowercase
      Improved how prioritize option of blocks is displayed
      Duplicating article-actions to avoid empty div
      Enhancements on patch for browse lists bug
      Update for the German po file
      Fixed CSS to documents added on articles
      Fixed text on INSTALL.varnish
      Added Esperanto to Noosfero
      Added translation to Esperanto on tinymce
      Esperanto on 500 and 503 pages
      Changed Caio email on Authors file

Joenio Costa (6):
      Removing unused ImageGallery model
      Changing style of "Suggest article" to be equal as "Edit article"
      Logging errors about profile editor
      Always use TinyMCE on edit site info
      Adding YouTube as trusted site for iframe
      Adding links on usermenu to manage enterprises

Rodrigo Souto (1):
      Fixing bug on the browse lists

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Version 0.30.0
Codename Carajá
Release 11 Apr 2011
Status Done
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