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Noosfero, version 0.34.1

Release schedule

DONE 22/11/2011 Development start
DONE 02/12/2011 Final version of bugfixes
DONE 06/12/2011 Bugfixes release


Daniela Soares Feitosa (4):
      Change text "Created at" on organization's page
      Fixing broken tests
      Changed text of profile info block
      Added new developers to AUTHORS file

Joenio Costa (3):
      Disable submit button of shopping cart form to avoid users click more then once
      Equal comparison operator to postgresql is '=' not '=='
      Documenting cucumber's dependencies and updading HACKING doc

João da Silva (1):
      Fixes misspelled in Portuguese translation of "New discussion topic"

Larissa Reis (1):
      Fixes rake makemo error during install in Ubuntu

Leandro Nunes dos Santos (2):
      ActionItem2145: changing profile's page
      ActionItem2131: Hidding sensible information of person and community profile's

Rodrigo Souto (1):
      Fixing report abuse for organizations

# Title Priority Tags Assigned To Who Cares StatusSorted descending
Total: R2:C0..R-1:C0: 1
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2023,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Media panel buttons out of standard format 5     Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2039,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Cms must list uploded files with it's defined title instead of the filename 0 ecosol LeandroNunes Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2072,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Privat Communinty Profile Activities are being Displayed 5   LeandroNunes Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2139,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Can't accept abuse complaint tasks 10   Nobody Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2146,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Rake task to debian package building doesn't work 0 colivre JoenioCosta Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2104,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Impossible to accept report abuse task about communities 10 asl, colivre RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2106,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% rake makemo won't work on ubuntu 10.10 0   LarissaReis Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2122,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Can't connect to chat 0 ecosol, colivre, dilmanarede JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2131,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Address of private profiles are public 10 colivre LeandroNunes Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2145,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Change text "Created at" to "Profile created at" in profile's page 10 ecosol LeandroNunes Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2199,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Duplicate purchase orders 0 redemoinho JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2200,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Filter purchase orders by status doesn't works 0 colivre, redemoinho JoenioCosta Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2202,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Misspelled button: "Novo tópido de discussão" 5 ecosol, EasyToSolve   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2203,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% rspec and rspec-rails missing 0 colivre JoenioCosta Done

MilestoneForm edit

Version 0.34.1
Codename Culinas-pano
Release 6 Dec 2011
Status Done
Topic attachments
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
noosfero-0.34.1.tar.gzgz noosfero-0.34.1.tar.gz manage 16 MB 07 Dec 2011 - 03:26 DanielaFeitosa SHA1: 589725556f1860ac3acf046ea0cd1feae76aa156
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