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Noosfero, version 0.37.0

These release notes describes what's new on the latest version of Noosfero, called "Eket"

Allow disabling the need for e-mail confirmation

Before this release, when an user wanted to create a profile on a Noosfero environment he needed to fill in the registration form and then follow the link he received on his e-mail to activate the account. In this release we included a new configuration for the environment, making this procedure optional.

From now on, the environment administrator can choose if new users will need to confirm their e-mails before activating their accounts. Checking the option "Skip e-mail confirmation for new users" on Admin control panel, the users will be already activated after sending the registration form.

Skip e-mail confirmation option

Let all community members edit some articles

On Noosfero, the permissions that an user has on a community are defined by the role the user plays on it. Only the environment administrators can define which permissions each role will have.

This new feature includes the option "Allow all members to edit this article" when creating/editing an article on a community. This way, regardless the role the user is playing he will be able to edit the article.

All members can edit option

Credit for the basket icon

Since Noosfero 0.35.0 we are using a basket icon on buttons related with buying products from enterprises.

The image was created by Nara Oliveira and the art is available on Open ClipArt

Basket imagem


New language for Noosfero: Italian

Noosfero now supports a new language: Italian.

The translation is not ready. To contribute with it, read the topic

German translation

On this release we included updates on German translation. This was possible thanks to the contribution of Josef Spillner. yes

New plugin: StoaPlugin

A plugin that includes features to Stoa, USP's social network.

With this plugin enabled, Noosfero can interact with the already built Moodle authentication system and provide the authentication.

More informartion about Stoa:


  • Refactor logic in the article toolbar
  • Create directory needed in a bootstraped setup
  • Removed needless "Disable CMS" feature
  • Reduce friction to create a new user for testing
  • Small enhancements in quick start script
  • Ignore all cookies except the Noosfero one
  • Updating install acoording to rails 2.3.5


  • Removed "Add translation" from not translatable pages
  • Do not symlink obsolete .mo files


Antonio Terceiro (20):
      Allow translations that miss online documentation
      Create directory needed in a bootstraped setup
      Do not symlink obsolete .mo files
      Remove "Disable CMS" feature
      Refactor logic in the article toolbar
      Reduce friction to create a new user for testing
      Small enhancements in quick start script
      Any community members can edit - backend
      Any community members can edit - UI
      Moving methods to the protected section
      Do not stub `user` everytime
      Any community members can edit - controller
      Fix test: do not pass articles without a profile
      Removing useless test
      Avoid crash with users who are not logged in
      Allow disabling the need for e-mail confirmations
      Do not stop vcl_recv logic
      Rest of the logic required for per-language cache
      Ignore all cookies except the Noosfero one
      Do not trow away existing headers listed in Vary:

Daniela Soares Feitosa (13):
      Added credit for the basket icon
      Small changes on roles creation and edition
      Added new locale: Italiano
      Added tinymce files for "it" locale
      Reviewing INSTALL file
      Removed "Add translation" from not translatable pages
      Fixed send_email plugin tests
      Some enhancements to StoaPlugin
      Updating po files
      Updating pt translations
      Updating noosfero-doc.po files
      Fixed cms and user doc's
      Removed blank line from end of AUTHORS file

Josef Spillner (4):
      - defuzzied and partially completed German translation     - removal of x-bit from po files
      - completion of all not-yet-translated entries     - several formatting and parameter fixes
      - several spelling fixes thanks to POFileSpell
      - punctuation and other consistency checks through POFileCheck

Paulo Meirelles (1):
      updating install acoording to rails 2.3.5

Rodrigo Souto (30):
      [stoa] Fixing plugin routes
      [stoa] Fixing signup css
      [stoa] Signup form extra content hotspot
      [stoa] Allowing attribute error name to be overwritten
      [stoa] Making create_user factory activate the user
      [stoa] Stoa Plugin
      [stoa] Adding fault tolerance to check usp id and minor css fixes
      [stoa] Returning homepage url instead of hash
      [stoa] Validating uniqueness of usp_id
      [stoa] Confirmation through cpf and birth_date
      [stoa] Fixing hotspot syntax
      [stoa] Filtering leading zeroes from usp_id and cpf
      Fixing images that overflow content box
      [stoa] Signup Complement
      Improving environment enable/disable plugins methods
      [stoa] Blocking access to invite friends if user doesn't have usp id
      [stoa] Allowing invited users to register without usp id
      [stoa] Check if the invitation code was already used
      [stoa] Making invitation works only once
      Typo with the word "Bemvindo"
      [stoa] Hotfix in the image url while bug is not solved
      [stoa] Adding a balloon to encourage usp_id fill on signup
      Merge branch 'stoa-invitation' into stoa-profile-info
      Fixing ApproveArticle rejection message
      Adding hostpot for extra content on profile basic info
      [stoa] Adding usp fields to profile basic info
      [stoa] Validating usp fields on profile basic info
      [stoa] Removing required from usp_id and fixing typo
      Merging stoa features (basic, signup and invitation)
      Fixing tests after stoa merge

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Version 0.37.0
Codename Eket
Release 5 Jun 2012
Status Done
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noosfero-0.37.0.tar.gzgz noosfero-0.37.0.tar.gz manage 16 MB 05 Jun 2012 - 19:26 DanielaFeitosa sha1sum: 71a9bc1b8a6ae6707f666605b67e05b1db68abbd
noosfero-apache_0.37.0_all.debdeb noosfero-apache_0.37.0_all.deb manage 5 K 06 Jun 2012 - 05:34 DanielaFeitosa sha1sum: 6f5daaf19995574a1a450fe9d98a69aa4e28708c
noosfero_0.37.0_all.debdeb noosfero_0.37.0_all.deb manage 16 MB 06 Jun 2012 - 05:32 DanielaFeitosa sha1sum: 848220e0bb1fda2970a9d27357d010fb4416f59a
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