Noosfero, version 0.40.0

These release notes describes what's new on the latest version of Noosfero, called "Fulani". Several interesting new features and enhancements were included during this release cycle, and we are excited in sharing them with you!

Special thanks to Rede Moinho a co-op of solidarity economy that sells organic products which sponsored the following features.

Product Sorted Alphabetically

Now the products when listed to checkout your cart are listed alphabetically instead of in the order they were added. This makes the review of the cart much easier.

alpha-order.png Alphabetical order

Optional Delivery

With this features the enterprises can define all their available deliveries and the prices of each one.

delivery-enterprise.png Delivery options on the enterprise control panel

When the customer proceeds to the checkout, he may choose which delivery option he prefers.

delivery-customer.png Delivery options on checkout

Free Delivery

The enterprises can also define when their delivery becomes free. They can specify a minimum value after which the purchase no longer charges delivery.

free-delivery-enterprise.png Free delivery

Catalog Category Filter

Now the customer can also filter the catalog through the categories. This way he can see what are the Highlighted products of a specific category and so on.
category-catalog.png Category filter


The catalog also has now the Breadcrump links so that the customer can keep track of where he is while browsing in the categories.
breadcrumb.png Breadcrumb

Catalog Sort

Now the catalog is is much more intelligently sorted. Before the alphabetical order, it lists the Highlighted products first and the Unavailable products last.

Highlighted Product

The Highlighted product now has a little star to make it easier to see him. The star icon can also be replaced by the theme that is in use.

Spanish Translation

Thanks to a translation team on Mexico we now have a real Spanish translation. Special thanks to:
  • Luis David Aguilar Carlos
  • Freddy Martín Hernández Facio
  • Pedro Alonzo Ramírez Tovar

That's all folks! o/

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Version 0.40.0
Codename Fulani
Release 19 Jan 2013
Status Done
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