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Noosfero, version 0.41.1


Aurelio A. Heckert (1):
      Organize gallery itens on search result page

Daniel Cunha (1):
      Removing index_articles_on_name

Daniela Soares Feitosa (5):
      Allowing search form to use goggle_cse plugin
      Removed outdated code
      Leaving hosts on links src when added on tinymce
      Fixed syntax error on javascript
      Keeping form after removing a field on CustomFormPlugin

Leandro Nunes dos Santos (1):
      do not process strftime strings in updatepo command

Rodrigo Souto (8):
      [spaminator] Moving spaminator lot to noosfero default log file
      Fixing Microdata variable name class on shopping cart
      Sorting catalog categories by name
      Removing nil values from products' highlighted attribute
      Replacing f in the migration by (0>1)
      Fixing translation typo
      Adding the cart namespace to a style selector of the cart plugin
      Fixing article author test

# Title Priority Tags Assigned To Who Cares Status
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2553,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% CSS bug when listing gallery images on tag page 10 asl, colivre AurelioAHeckert Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2555,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% TinyMce converts url to local url even while sending emails 10   DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2560,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Search form from application-ng cannot use google search plugin 0 colivre DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2563,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Cannot run spaminator due to lack of permission 0 asl, colivre RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2591,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Crash when changing cart quantity 0 redemoinho RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2596,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Comment button is not displayed for not logged users when plugin is enabled 0 asl, stoa DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2597,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% updatepo doesn't works 10 serpro   Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2599,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Enterprise catalog sort problem 10 redemoinho RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2601,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% When tries to remove one field the form is destroyed 0 blogoosfero DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2606,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Catalog categories should be sorted alphabetically 0 redemoinho RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2558,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% View page performance issues 10 asl RodrigoSouto Rejected
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2580,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Spaminator not running 10   RodrigoSouto Rejected
Total: R2:C0..R-1:C0: 1

MilestoneForm edit

Version 0.41.1
Codename Galibis
Release 8 Mar 2013
Status Done
Topic attachments
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
noosfero-0.41.1.tar.gzgz noosfero-0.41.1.tar.gz manage 18 MB 08 Mar 2013 - 18:05 RodrigoSouto 4cdb548b93dc09a08d8e6896f5f4573c65e355e6
noosfero-apache_0.41.1_all.debdeb noosfero-apache_0.41.1_all.deb manage 5 K 08 Mar 2013 - 18:19 RodrigoSouto 7341dbfedbd0b2302cee0ff4f750c7f5e378569d
noosfero_0.41.1_all.debdeb noosfero_0.41.1_all.deb manage 33 MB 08 Mar 2013 - 18:18 RodrigoSouto 3731dcc034cf1d15c2aecb995da918d4832bd4d1
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