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Noosfero, version 0.44.4


Braulio Bhavamitra (8):
      Remove swp files
      Fix infinite loop with context variable
      Remove unused button bar
      Use same column structure for all pages
      Remove input form margin
      Fix contents columns alignment
      Set fields default to private
      Delay slow expire_caches

Daniela Soares Feitosa (2):
      Allowed html5 video and audio tags when sanitizing
      Fix: set value to position on custom forms fields

Junior Silva (3):
      cms: use css instead of short_filename() to articles titles in cms-articles table
      user-profile: Changes on enterprises item
      upload-file: fix work_assignment plugin for don't remove upload file

Rodrigo Souto (59):
      [postgres-tests] Fixing comments on action_tracker_notification
      [postgres-tests] Removing unnecessary dependent => destroy from article_categorization
      [postgres-tests] Removing duplicated test from article
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding database retrieve order assumptions from article tests
      [postgres-tests] Removing unnecessary dependent => destroy from category
      [postgres-tests] Fixing acts_as_filesystem tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing category tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing features products block offset logic
      [postgres-tests] Fixing feed_handler tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing category tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing person tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing profile tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing recent documents block tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing region tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing tasks tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing account tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing enterprise registration tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing profile controller tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing search controller tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing assets menu integration tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing noosfero steps
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding order randomness on organization tests
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding order randomness on task tests
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding order randomness on profile controller tests
      Removing plugin column from db/schema
      [plugins-tests] Commenting obsolete tests on comments_group plugin
      [plugins-tests] Fixing display_content tests
      [plugins-tests] Fixing shopping_cart tests
      Adding install.rb file for plugins
      [plugins-tests] Fixing stoa tests (one test still failing)
      [postgres-tests] Fixing search controller tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing scrap tests
      [postgres-tests] Removing obsolete test from plugin test
      [postgres-tests] Fixing edit_article feature test
      [postgres-tests] Fixing last_admin feature test
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding randomness on cateogory test
      [postgres-tests] Fixing upcoming events test
      [postgres-tests] Fixing scrap tests
      [postgres-tests] Fixing person tests
      [postgres-tests] Making quick-start prepare environment to postgresql by default
      [plugins-tests] Adding install file for solr
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding randomness on person test
      [postgres-tests] Avoiding randomness on user test
      [postgres-tests] Removing obsolete test
      cms_helper_test: remove useless test and link to override
      user_mailer_test: remove randomness from test
      spaminator: load progress_bar only on development
      ldap: create install file
      stoa: use mock instead of fake db on test
      plugins-infra: add infra support to core extensions
      solr: implement install file
      solr: enable solr to run its features tests
      solr: fix attribute name on step definition
      solr: fix scenario on search_enterprises test
      solr: avoiding solr install since there are still tests failing
      search_communities_feature: fix test
      short_filename_feature: fix test
      send_email: fix features tests
      tests: avoid randomness on article test

# Title Priority Tags Assigned To Who Cares Status
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2740,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% html5 tags are being removed from articles created with feed 0 asl DanielaFeitosa, LucasMelo Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2752,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Fix the short-name in content management 0   JuniorSilva Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2768,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Changes on enterprises item in user profile 0 EasyToSolve JuniorSilva Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2770,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% WorkAssignment is removing Upload File link 0   JuniorSilva Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2775,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Crash when adding new fields on forms 0 colivre DanielaFeitosa Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2776,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Plugins install file 0 colivre RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2788,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Set defaults for better privacy in profile fields 0   BraulioBhavamitraBO Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2790,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Fix noosfero tests on postgresql database 10 colivre RodrigoSouto Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2792,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Delay expire_caches 0   BraulioBhavamitraBO Done
%CALC{$SUBSTITUTE(ActionItem2797,.*ActionItem,#,,r)}% Updating solr plugin 0   BraulioBhavamitraBO Done
Total: R2:C0..R-1:C0: 1

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Version 0.44.4
Codename Hausa
Release 7 Oct 2013
Status Done
Topic attachments
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noosfero-0.44.4.tar.gzgz noosfero-0.44.4.tar.gz manage 18 MB 07 Oct 2013 - 16:51 RodrigoSouto effd4997c87d6f294ca835bdab30c7df9a3d6b69
noosfero-apache_0.44.4_all.debdeb noosfero-apache_0.44.4_all.deb manage 6 K 07 Oct 2013 - 17:03 RodrigoSouto 5351eadf0df7ae8bd6b0c66dcbe41d7d1efa28a0
noosfero_0.44.4_all.debdeb noosfero_0.44.4_all.deb manage 17 MB 07 Oct 2013 - 16:44 RodrigoSouto 1e04b1b04abcfb9ff39ef6b4ac7f695039629a21
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