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Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart helps the user to order any amount of products from a seller profile.

Currently, the most important features are:
  • Products collection
  • Off-line payment selection
  • Delivery registration
  • Shopping history

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# Status
#2062 Done Report to shopping cart plugin 0.33.0 Plugins
#2099 Done Shopping cart doesn't close after send purchase order 0.33.1 Enterprises, ProductManagement
#2107 Rejected Products disapearing from shopping cart N/A Plugins
#2199 Done Duplicate purchase orders 0.34.1 Enterprises, Plugins
#2200 Done Filter purchase orders by status doesn't works 0.34.1 Plugins
#2271 Done Undefined method when clicking on shopping cart reports 0.35.1 Plugins
#2319 Done Shopping Cart get_price is returning float instead of string 0.36.2  
#2340 Done CSS's images from plugins are not displayed 0.38.0 Plugins
#2360 Done Noosfero caching conflicting with ShoppingCart Plugin 0.39.2 Plugins
#2362 Done Can't see the products list on shopping cart reports when the product was removed 0.38.0 Plugins
#2393 Pending Shopping cart "Request unsuccessful: error"   Enterprises
#2430 Pending Add personalized fields for ShoppingCart checkout    
#2432 Done Order buying items table alphabetically 0.40.0  
#2433 Done Optional Delivery 0.40.0  
#2434 Done Free Shipping 0.40.0  
#2442 Pending Product quantity (basic stock)    
#2469 Pending ShoppingCartPlugin buy error    
#2552 Rejected Shopping Cart crash on checkout 0.39.3  
#2561 Done Bug when a not logged user tries to "checkout" on shopping cart 0.41.2 Plugins
#2591 Done Crash when changing cart quantity 0.41.1  
#2623 Done shopping cart is losing items? 0.41.2 Plugins, UserInterface
#2625 Done Cart should be disabled by default 0.41.2  
#2636 Done Portuguese translation problem of Change text 0.41.2  
#2651 WaitingForReview Put buy page in a popin (shopping_cart)    
#2653 Working Add state field to shopping cart plugin    
#2654 Pending Shopping Cart Plugin, fixed delivery address    
#2655 Rejected Shopping Cart Plugin - Fieldset for Payment and Costumer data N/A  
#2711 Pending Supplier notification chrash due to blank recipients    
#2799 Pending Add observation field to shopping cart plugin    
#2808 Done A NoMethodError occurred in shopping_cart_plugin#buy 0.44.5  
#2893 Done Cannot edit Shopping Cart Delivery Options 0.44.5  
#2902 WaitingForReview Support more payment methods    
#2920 Pending Cannot checkout on shopping cart    
#2953 Working Possibilitar que consumidor repita um dos seus pedidos anteriores   Enterprises
#2955 Pending Custom fields by enterprise for purchase    
#3068 Pending Purchase reports   Plugins
#3110 WaitingForReview Make supplier notification customizable    
#3111 Done Rename enterprise variables to profile 0.47.2  
#3286 WaitingForReview shopping_cart plugin doesn't works in manage_products    
#3288 WaitingForReview cart form doesn't load in shopping cart plugin colorbox    

PluginForm edit

Name Shopping Cart
Name l10n pt:"Carrinho de Compras"
Small Description an easy way to buy
Small Description l10n pt:"uma forma fácil de comprar"
Features Enterprises, InternationalizationAndLocalization, ProductManagement, UserInterface
Status Usable
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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