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With this plugin enabled, the environment administrator can scan the database whenever she/he wants and also can schedule the scanning to run automatically after a period defined by her/him.

After each scanning, the plugin generates a report that can be viewed on administration page.

There are still many rules missing on this plugin to help finding spams and spammers, but these are the rules already implemented:

  • If some plugin (like TypePad Antispam plugin) believes the comment is a spam, it is marked as spam;
  • When a person has more than two comments marked as spam, the person is disabled;
  • When a profile is in the network for more than one month before the scanning, do not have any friends and is member of only one community, the profile is disabled;

# Status
#2538 Done Logger for Spaminator 0.39.2  
#2550 Done Spaminator not running on production 0.39.3  
#2563 Done Cannot run spaminator due to lack of permission 0.41.1 Plugins
#2580 Rejected Spaminator not running 0.41.1  
#3034 Pending Spaminator customized options N/A AntiSpam, Plugins
#3151 Done Message explaining cell on spaminator report is wrong 0.47.2 Messages, UserInterface

PluginForm edit

Name Spaminator
Name l10n
Small Description Plugin that search and destroy spams and spammers.
Small Description l10n pt: "Plugin que procura e destrói spams e spammers."
Features AntiSpam, ContentManagement, SocialNetwork, UserInterface, UserManagement, UserTasks
Status Usable
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