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With this plugin enabled, the environment administrator can scan the database whenever she/he wants and also can schedule the scanning to run automatically after a period defined by her/him.

After each scanning, the plugin generates a report that can be viewed on administration page.

There are still many rules missing on this plugin to help finding spams and spammers, but these are the rules already implemented:

  • If some plugin (like TypePad Antispam plugin) believes the comment is a spam, it is marked as spam;
  • When a person has more than two comments marked as spam, the person is disabled;
  • When a profile is in the network for more than one month before the scanning, do not have any friends and is member of only one community, the profile is disabled;

# Status Sorted ascending
#2538 Done Logger for Spaminator 0.39.2  
#2550 Done Spaminator not running on production 0.39.3  
#2563 Done Cannot run spaminator due to lack of permission 0.41.1 Plugins
#2580 Rejected Spaminator not running 0.41.1  
#3151 Done Message explaining cell on spaminator report is wrong 0.47.2 Messages, UserInterface
#3034 Pending Spaminator customized options N/A AntiSpam, Plugins

PluginForm edit

Name Spaminator
Name l10n
Small Description Plugin that search and destroy spams and spammers.
Small Description l10n pt: "Plugin que procura e destrói spams e spammers."
Features AntiSpam, ContentManagement, SocialNetwork, UserInterface, UserManagement, UserTasks
Status Usable
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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