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Description of the bug Spaminator sometimes stops to work and we have no way to know it. Therefore we need it to create a logfile with all it's steps so that we c...
Description of the bug Spaminator is not running on production. I discovered that it's related with the fork on the ScanJob. .RodrigoSouto 17 Jan 2013
Description of the bug When admin runs spaminator, the plugin tries to create a log file but Noosfero doesn't have permission to create or write files in the plug...
Description of the bug Spaminator not working due to permissions to the log file. Steps to reproduce 1 step 1 1 step 2 1 step 3 Testing environment ….
User Story As admin, I want edit the spam configuration, So that I can have spam customized options. Conditions * Plugin Spaminator enable; * Only admin us...
Description of the bug The cell displays "#{report.spammers_by_no_network} / #{report.processed_people}" but the title says 'People who signed up more than one mo...
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These release notes describes what's new on the latest version of Noosfero, called "Ewondo". Several interesting new features and enhancements were included durin...
Release Notes This release is a big milestone for the Noosfero community. For this release we went through all the trouble that is upgrade to a new major version ...
Network description A big social network site by and for the brazilian FOSS community.
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