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The long-term objective is to make Noosfero users independent of other statistical tools, like Google Analytics and AWStats, providing information related to its social logic.

Env Admin features

Features visible only for environment administrators.

More filter power and full time range enabled for env admins on Env Statistics page and some additional data/features like:
  • Enter page and exit page
  • CSV download

Admins also can see any Profile Statistics page.

Public Env features

Features visible for all public

Env Statistics page

A page to display public data about the site visitors and users. This page may allow filtering, but the filter time range must be limited for guests and normal users. Only admins can view long past statistics.

Data to display:
  • Total of env visitors by day, by week, by month
  • Total of env published content by period
  • Total of env activities by period
  • Total of persons by day, by week, by month
  • Total of communities by day, by week, by month
  • Total of enterprises by day, by week, by month
  • N more viewed pages in selected time range
  • N more viewed persons in selected time range
  • N more viewed communities in selected time range
  • N more viewed enterprises in selected time range
All "Total of" data is displayed by period X in a period Y (X≤Y). "Period X" can only be: "day", "week", or "month".

Env Statistics block

Display the same Env Statistics page data, but, in a fixed range. The admin must can select what data must be displayed.

This block must link to Env Statistics page.

Profile features

Features restricted to the profile owner(s)

Profile Statistics page

Data to display:
  • Graphs of visitors, publishing, activities by period X in a period Y (X≤Y)
  • Graph of some pages visualization by period X in a period Y (X≤Y)
  • Sortable table of pages with name, editions, comments, visualizations in a period
  • Enter page and exit page
The data can be downloaded as CSV.

# Status
#2851 Done Make a plugin with statistics block 0.47.0 Plugins
#3045 Done DEPRECATED: Remove EnvironmentStatisticsBlock from core 0.48.0 Plugins

PluginForm edit

Name Statistics
Name l10n pt: 'Estatística'
Small Description A internal web analitics for webmasters
Small Description l10n pt: 'Um analisador da web interno, para administradores de sites'
Features ContentManagement, EnvironmentAdmin, Infrastructure
Status Proposal
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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