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A plugin that allow an organizaiton to have sub-organizations.

Download it: Sub-organizations Video

# Status
#2499 Done related-oganizations block for SubOrganizationsPlugin 0.47.0 SocialNetwork
#2699 Done Escaped html on suborganization plugin 0.43.1 UserInterface
#2819 Rejected Recognize a sub-oganization in the profile info/image block 0.46.0 UserInterface
#2825 Done List mother organizations as subscribed community for persons in sub-orgs 0.47.0 SocialNetwork
#2839 Pending List sub_organizations as sub-list of parent organization N/A Plugins
#2866 Done Display full mode for SubOrganizationsPlugin relationship page 0.47.0 UserInterface
#2929 Pending Bugs concerning email notification of SubOrganizationsPlugin   Email, Plugins, Usability
#3296 Done Bug of alignment on ul elements 0.47.5 LayoutAndThemes

PluginForm edit

Name Sub-Organizations
Name l10n pt: 'Sub-Organizações'
Small Description Allows organizations to be member of other organizations
Small Description l10n pt: 'Possibilita que organizações sejam membros de outras'
Features SocialNetwork
Status Usable
Topic revision: r1 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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