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User interface mockups are important!

I think it should be very clear what we want in each key page of the system. When I say "key page", I mean important and complex pages, like the "my account" page, which is for the user to manage his contents, layout, profile and other stuff, or the "my organization" page, where the user can change the organizations contents, products, and so on. Or also the "admin" page, the backend of the environment administrator, and also the "meta-admin" page, for the whole system administrator, and so on.

How will it be organized? what menu items, what submenus, and what kind of menus? In Joomla, we talk about different kinds of menus. In this case, al we have is a single menu with everything put together, and none has a submenu. Could you guys draw a proposal fo the menu-tree (or menu-trees) for the "my account" page?

The same yelds to the "my organization(s)" page: We should also draw the menu-tree(s). One thing I can say already is the following: If the user is part of more than one organizations, he should first land on a page to select to which organization he wants to go. But if he is part of only one organization, he should land directly to the "my organization" page of the organizations he is part of.

That's one thing I'm really woried about: I see things coming in noosfero, but never see how they are proposed to be. This makes me loose the perspective of the developpment, an overall vision of the system.

That was the reason I insisted so much for the layout developpement. I would like to have screenshots of every story (or at least a set of key stories), so that we can imagine where this goes to. I suggested that several times. Just show in images how each story would look like. This is very very very important to see if we are talking the same language! This gives life to the user stories!

Not having that makes me not having any clue of what you mean with the actual "my account" page, for example…

DanielTygel - ?? ?? 2007

We agree completely with you. I'm unassigning this item from a specific release because it's not something delimited, but more a "How to do things The Right Way TM".

-- AntonioTerceiro - 12 Nov 2007


  • algumas pessoas não sabem o que é o login, após o preenchimento. Devemos ter um campo login que auto-preenche uma string com o endereço em baixo.
  • Placeholder é massa, mas pra poucos compos, tipo "tela de login". Depois de preencher alguns já não se sabe o porque dos valores colocados antes.
  • O placeholder não pode ter a mesma cor do valor posto!
  • "Eu aceito os termos de uso" deve ter a mesma importância de todos os campos

Mockups must be on related ActionItens and then automatically listed here.

-- AurelioAHeckert - 30 Nov 2011

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