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Feature: User Tasks

You, the system, some one… may ask an user to do something in the system.
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Action item Version Status
#2104: Impossible to accept report abuse task about communities 0.33.2 Done
#2139: Can't accept abuse complaint tasks 0.33.2 Rejected
#2281: Community's admin needs to choose a role when accepting a member or it won't work 0.36.3 Done
#2355: translation missing: pt-br, activerecord, errors, messages, record_invalid N/A Pending
#2451: Cannot access control panel when a reported user is removed 0.42.1 Done
#2482: Tarefa pendente para mesma pessoa   Pending
#2490: Performing a SuggestArticle task with slug conflict runs a wired error   Pending
#2491: Allow SuggestArticle to suggest tags   Pending
#2492: The SuggestArticle accepting interface must force the folder selection   Pending
#2493: The lead of SuggestArticle task open and closes crazily when there are more then one   Pending
#2504: Crash when try to accept an article from a 'removed' user N/A Pending
#2523: Cannot approve articles 0.39.1 Done
#2528: Approving article crashs due to nil author 0.39.2 Rejected
#2690: E-mails should be normalized to lowercase   Pending
#2999: Profile roles selection is escaped on /myprofile/X/tasks for new community members   Pending
#3104: Automatic fill of name and email of article suggestion   WaitingForReview
#3215: Remove a friend isn't work properly   Done
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