The following table defines the fields for ActionItems.

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Title text 60   action item title  
ActionItemType select 1   Type of action item  
Priority select+values 1 Low=0, Medium=5, High=10    
Tags checkbox 5 %ACTION_ITEM_TAGS%    
Feature checkbox 3 %FEATURES%    
Plugin checkbox 3 %PLUGINS%    
Sites select+values+multi 8      
ResponsibleDevelopers checkbox 3 Main.Developer1, Main.Developer2, Main.Developer3, Nobody who is responsible for this action item  
ScheduledFor radio 1 0.5.0, N/A milestone to which this action item is scheduled for  
AffectsVersion checkbox 1 0.5.0, 0.4.0 versions affected by the issue; used for BugItem's.  
Status select 1 Pending, NeedInfo, Working, WaitingForReview, WaitingForFeedback, NoFeedback, Done, Rejected status of the action item  
Ticket text   SAC:    
who cares text        
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