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Item ScheduledFor Feature Tags Status
#1001: crash in friends listing in zen3 0.17.0     Done
#1004: "manage templates" does not work N/A EnvironmentAdmin   Rejected
#1005: template application is not copying header/footer 0.18.5     NoFeedback
#1006: avoid popup when pasting 0.17.0     NoFeedback
#1014: crash when accessing uploaded file under SSL 0.18.5     Rejected
#1015: cannot change image 0.16.1     NoFeedback
#1021: Redirect to "Page not exists" when person from another environment exit community 0.18.5   colivre NoFeedback
#1022: image resizing breaks images used for layouts 0.17.0   zen3 NoFeedback
#1023: Quebrando link e thumbnail na listagem de imagens N/A   zen3 Rejected
#1024: crash while saving header/footer 0.19.3     NoFeedback
#1026: tag listing must respect current environment 0.17.0     Done
#1027: Crash when unassociate community member 0.17.0   colivre Done
#1033: weird crashes, gettext-related 0.19.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre NoFeedback
#1034: access denied page should not use blocks of the current profile 0.18.5     NoFeedback
#1035: Order comments by date 0.16.1   unifreire NoFeedback
#1038: problem with blog pagination and cache 0.16.1   ecosol NoFeedback
#1053: crash with weird requests without a domain 0.17.1     Done
#1056: Cache from recent documents from environment is not expiring 0.18.0     Done
#1057: Big images in gallery does not work 0.18.0     Done
#1058: ícone de contato e excluir fora dos limites em gerenciar amigos       Rejected
#1059: conteúdo do artigo não é atualizado após edição       Rejected
#106: Permissions and roles all messed up! 0.3.0     Done
#1060: Make plural work on block title 0.18.1     Done
#1061: Comments from images are not removed 0.18.0     Done
#1062: when there is access denied, users should not be invited to join 0.18.0     NoFeedback
#1063: whem blog is removed external feed is left floating around 0.18.0     Done
#1064: Tag list cache never updates in profile info page       Rejected
#1065: tagged articles form other environments being listed 0.18.0     Done
#1066: icon names untranslated in link list block edit screen 0.18.1     Done
#1068: After post a comment language change     MustAskOtherCustomers Rejected
#1070: Slideshow does not work on IE 0.18.1     Done
#1071: Published uploaded files do not appear 0.18.1     Done
#1072: Cache is not expiring in all processes 0.19.0     NoFeedback
#1074: Float images in blog posts may enter in the next post area 0.18.1   colivre Done
#1075: CMS control butons are hidden in MSIE 0.18.1   colivre Done
#1076: Must create display version of Images from the old version 0.18.1   ecosol Done
#1077: Wierd message when try disclose my rss       Pending
#1078: Profile image block is not displaying title 0.18.1     Done
#1079: Publicize this bugtracker at installation N/A   colivre Pending
#108: Crash when choosing to add a new subcategory 0.3.0 EnvironmentAdmin   Pending
#1080: No ACL check when deleting a community item. 0.18.1   colivre Done
#1082: When approving an article, highlight checbox is not working 0.18.1     Done
#1083: Must not have button publish on organizations 0.18.1     Done
#1084: Folders should not be added in an article block 0.18.1     Done
#1085: The RSS box must shows the newer at the top of the list       Rejected
#1086: Organization website is a relative link on profile when it has not http 0.18.1     Done
#1087: Segurança da informação nos comentários de usuários offline N/A Messages asl Pending
#1088: post de blog nao publicado está sendo publicado N/A     Rejected
#1090: Melhor suporte para permissões de artigos e comentários N/A   zen3 Pending
#1092: names of the authors does not appear in the community articles       Pending
#1093: friends duplicated icons       Rejected
#1094: email protection       Rejected
#1097: When profile has region location in footer is not correct 0.18.3   ecosol Done
#1098: When viewing an enterprise all "tabs" are blue 0.18.3   ecosol Done
#1099: Duplicação na adição de amigos causa tela branca 0.37.0   ecosol, MustAskOtherCustomers Rejected
#1101: Marcação Textile não é convertida para HTML nas comunidades 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1103: squid doesn't like POST generated by the 'join' button in groups       Pending
#1104: Nuvem de tags não apresentada na página do perfil     MustAskOtherCustomers Rejected
#1105: Uploaded files cannot be added in blogs as posts 0.18.3   colivre NoFeedback
#1107: Spreaded article is loseing formatation       Rejected
#1108: Cache of reference article is not expiring       Pending
#1109: Reference article not render content as expected       Rejected
#111: Implementar funções para melhor navegabilidade na Barra principal 0.3.0     Done
#1110: Color of pending tasks box on control panel in Tracker.SoftwareLivre theme is weird       Pending
#1111: Crash when approving an article on root folder 0.18.2     NoFeedback
#1113: In control panel, there is "Manage my groups" N/A     Rejected
#1114: Feeds should be ordered in decrescent order In FeedBlock 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1117: Mensagem de erro aparece ao aprovar artigo       Pending
#1118: Create a better page for not found (404)       Pending
#1119: If I am community admin dont ask for approve published article       Pending
#112: Ferret does not work correctly in production mode 0.4.0 FullTextSearch   Done
#1120: Implement log rotation in rails N/A Infrastructure colivre Rejected
#1121: Application error when unlogged user access account/logout 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1122: Birth date is disabled but is showed in profile 0.18.3   unifreire NoFeedback
#1123: Duplicate roles in manage members 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1124: Blog description not update after change       Pending
#1128: fix categories menu cache 0.18.4   ecosol NoFeedback
#1136: crash when clicking at themes N/A     Rejected
#1137: contact form has no captcha 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1138: Image of "System maintainance" is not displayed 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1139: images broken when editing article 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1143: "new theme" button displayed even with user themes disabled 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1144: It is not showing errors when profile image is bigger than max size 0.18.3     NoFeedback
#1145: Why cannot update profile when email not filled 0.18.5     NoFeedback
#1146: crash after saving recent documents block 0.18.4     NoFeedback
#1147: translations problems on upload profile image 0.18.5     NoFeedback
#1148: Cannot add admin of environment on cirandas       Pending
#1149: wrong reference in stylesheet 0.18.4     NoFeedback
#1150: Profile image block is displaying sistema-fbes_person_template 0.18.4     NoFeedback
#1151: Beta image is not in the same place when person and enterprise 0.18.4     NoFeedback
#1152: Links in WYSIWYG keep changing & to &amp in each edition 0.18.4     NoFeedback
#1153: Crash when limit of recent block is not defined N/A     Rejected
#1157: Integrar Galeria de Fotos com API do Flickr       Pending
#1160: Cant register new community 0.18.5   ecosol NoFeedback
#1162: I not want be a friend of myself 0.18.5   ipf NoFeedback
#1164: crash when user with custom domain visits another user. N/A     Pending
#1166: Wrong links in user menu when from other environment       Pending
#1169: crash in countries_helper 0.18.5     Done
#117: controller folders are not named after the corresponding routes 0.4.0     100
#1170: little bug when I use "add this" feature on facebook 0.19.3   zen3 NoFeedback
#1171: allow create profile starting with number 0.18.5     NoFeedback
#1175: Investigate how spammers are entering Noosfero N/A AntiSpam   Rejected
#1176: (again) Links in WYSIWYG keep changing & to &amp in each edition 0.19.3   ecosol NoFeedback
#1177: Communities and Enterprises in English (not translated) 0.19.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization ecosol NoFeedback
#1180: When reference_article is deleted, approve_article must display message 0.19.0     Done
#1181: 9 years old people cant register 0.19.3   zen3 NoFeedback
#1183: cannot save profile, noosfero says "image is invalid" 0.19.0     NoFeedback
#1184: Broken link to person from another environment in manage friends N/A   colivre Rejected
#1185: blog displaying unpublished article publicly 0.19.3     NoFeedback
#1186: Links to the profiles do not use the default domain 0.19.1   ipf Rejected
#1187: Link to environment home not consider default domain 0.18.6   ipf Rejected
#1188: don't add "http://" to empty url's (not) typed by the user 0.19.0     Done
#1189: Publish in folder 0.19.2   ipf Done
#1190: released tarball does not have error page templates 0.19.1     Done
#1193: users can't register in 0.19.0 0.19.1     Done
#1194: cant save any categorized thing 0.19.2   ecosol Done
#1195: links to products categories shoud go to products asssets 0.19.2   ecosol Done
#1196: não é possivel aprovar membros 0.19.2   ecosol Done
#1197: Statistics block cache needs to expire when a new profile is created 0.19.2     Done
#1199: my network block says "%{num} comunidades" in pt_br translation 0.19.3 InternationalizationAndLocalization ipf NoFeedback
#1200: Update feed block after reduce limit 0.19.3   colivre NoFeedback
#1201: Error 500 on ASL server 0.20.0     NoFeedback
#1204: crash when editing role without any permissions 0.19.5     NoFeedback
#1205: Some caches are not expiring 0.19.3   colivre NoFeedback
#1206: Compartilhamento de usuários de ambientes distintos N/A     Rejected
#1209: must not offer to create event when agenda is disabled 0.19.4     NoFeedback
#1211: migrate selenium tests to cucumber tests N/A Infrastructure colivre, EasyToSolve Pending
#1213: External Feed was not loaded (more then 48 hours) N/A Blog, RssFeeds colivre Rejected
#1215: cannot get some feeds 0.19.4   colivre NoFeedback
#1216: remove html comments from feed 0.19.4   colivre NoFeedback
#1217: No pending tasks when following link received by e-mail 0.19.4   zen3 NoFeedback
#1219: Impossible to activate user email 0.19.4   zen3 NoFeedback
#1222: javascript error on pages (addbehavior) 0.19.4     NoFeedback
#1224: Should not send invitation to friend if already is a friend 0.19.4   unifreire NoFeedback
#1226: javascript error: "handler is undefined" 0.19.4     NoFeedback
#1228: Should show link to non-image files in article block 0.19.4     NoFeedback
#1229: check for www. in the begining of the url and add http 0.19.4   ecosol NoFeedback
#1230: Crash when profile use own domain 0.19.4     NoFeedback
#1231: Default big image is missing 0.19.4   colivre NoFeedback
#1232: PDF file crash Blog - may be the same for any other file       Pending
#1234: Link 'Not now' in join community popup no work 0.19.5   ipf Rejected
#1235: Users already registered should not receive invite to join in environment 0.19.5   ecosol Rejected
#1236: Missing icons when categorize on IE browser 0.23.1 LayoutAndThemes ecosol NoFeedback
#1237: Profile list block is counting private profiles 0.19.5   ecosol, EasyToSolve NoFeedback
#1238: Noosfero can not count communities 0.19.4   ecosol NoFeedback
#1239: crash while viewing community 0.19.5   zen3 NoFeedback
#1242: Strange Friend Tasks       Pending
#1244: Wrong link to envhome when profile has own domain 0.19.5     Rejected
#1246: can't create new enterprise       Pending
#1247: Some enhancements on join popup 0.19.5   zen3 NoFeedback
#1248: Cant change language 0.19.6 InternationalizationAndLocalization zen3 Done
#1251: Wrong translation 0.20.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization   NoFeedback
#1252: CommunitiesBlock, EnterprisesBlock, FriendsBlock and MembersBlock still counting private profiles 0.19.6     NoFeedback
#1260: Menu 'My communities' display enterprises 0.19.6   ecosol NoFeedback
#1261: When publishing article and target has no email 0.20.1   unifreire, ipf Rejected
#1262: Crash with folders when changing portal community 0.20.0     Done
#1263: Problem with ferret N/A FullTextSearch colivre Rejected
#1266: Homepage doesn't change when admin changes portal community 0.20.0     Done
#1268: Apply inactive template when create new enterprise 0.20.1   ecosol NoFeedback
#127: relevance in search results does not seem to make sense 0.7.0 FullTextSearch   Done
#1271: Missing step buttons on wizard 0.20.0   zen3 Done
#1272: Cannot send contact 0.20.0     Done
#1274: Port not honoured in invitation mails 0.21.3   NeedsDocumentation NoFeedback
#1276: First paragraph of highlighted articles is not being displayed 0.20.0     Done
#1280: Users cannot ask to join a community if already is a member 0.21.0     NoFeedback
#1286: After activation, some enterprises appear with wrong template 0.21.1   ecosol Done
#1287: Crash when list admins of environment 0.21.0   zen3 NoFeedback
#1296: Crash when viewing an article commented by a removed user 0.20.1     NoFeedback
#1297: broken links when not in in home environment N/A   ipf, asl, colivre Rejected
#1299: Big file names breaks directory listing layout 0.23.3   EasyToSolve, NHB Done
#1300: Wrong translation for Environment statistics block 0.21.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#1301: Number of comments is wrong when viewing blog 0.20.1   unifreire, ipf NoFeedback
#1304: Counting error on Noosfero Box Titles       Pending
#1305: Users are redirected to wrong page 0.20.1   zen3, ecosol NoFeedback
#1307: Crash if article has comments without name 0.20.1   zen3, EasyToSolve Rejected
#1308: Add margin or padding in images on TinyMCE N/A   ecosol, EasyToSolve Pending
#1309: Article published with the same name of another already published is ignored 0.20.2   colivre NoFeedback
#1311: Problems with activation of an enterprise 0.20.2   ecosol NoFeedback
#1312: Some words are not translated 0.20.1   ecosol NoFeedback
#1315: Problems with translation again 0.23.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization ecosol NoFeedback
#1321: Crash when view uploaded file article 0.21.1   ecosol, ipf, colivre Done
#1322: Support localization for products price 0.20.2   ecosol NoFeedback
#1323: Link Routing - WEBrick / Mongrel in combination with the use of a special Port N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1325: Order tags alphabetically 0.33.1   EasyToSolve Done
#1326: Add context to 'View all' in friends, community and enterprises block 0.21.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization EasyToSolve Done
#1332: rel attribute is blocked by html white list       Pending
#1337: 'Loading...' from lightbox popup untranslated 0.21.1   ecosol Done
#1338: If the Localization Block has no title it must not have an <h3>     EasyToSolve Rejected
#1339: The Localization Block image is oversized 0.23.3   EasyToSolve, NHB Done
#1341: maps configuration must be environment-dependent 0.21.2     NoFeedback
#1342: Product price should be in Real when edit N/A   ecosol Pending
#1343: Crash when processing community tasks 0.21.1   ipf Done
#1344: Change text of button on list of friends 0.21.1   ipf Done
#1345: User cannot accept friendship request 0.21.3   ipf NoFeedback
#1347: Error when getting a feed RSS with problems 0.21.2   ipf NoFeedback
#1348: Cannot import contacts directly from email 0.21.2     NoFeedback
#1350: Coloring of categories in the menu       Pending
#1351: Should display all images from gallery in slideshow 0.21.3   ipf NoFeedback
#1352: Person should not be displayed on more than one page 0.21.4   ipf Done
#1353: When searching communities on a city/state, the place is not being considered N/A   colivre Pending
#1354: After login, the user was redirected to signup page 0.21.3     NoFeedback
#1355: Login is retirecting to worng pages (or images) N/A     Rejected
#1356: Different fake errors at RSS block       Pending
#1363: Users being redirected to images after login 0.21.3     NoFeedback
#1364: MyNetworkBlock includes not published articles       Pending
#1365: Redirection to wrong location after login N/A   zen3, ecosol Rejected
#1366: Crash acessing "Enterprises" without a domain 0.21.4     NoFeedback
#1368: Feed updater should clear error_message 0.21.4   EasyToSolve, ecosol, foradoeixo Done
#1370: Link to parent folder untranslated in CMS 0.21.4   EasyToSolve, ipf Done
#1371: Javascript being executed in name field of comments 0.21.4     Done
#1372: Loop when trying to login while viewing an image inside a gallery 0.21.4     NoFeedback
#1373: wrong error message when viewing private content (?) 0.21.5     Rejected
#1374: Deny membership request if already requested 0.21.5   ecosol NoFeedback
#1375: After creation of a folder, the user is redirected to a wrong page 0.21.5   ipf NoFeedback
#1382: 'Environment Administrator' option is appearing while changing role 0.22.0     NoFeedback
#1383: Box appears under buttons too N/A   EasyToSolve Rejected
#1384: Pt_BR Localization Bug on community creation 0.21.5 InternationalizationAndLocalization safernet Done
#1386: Translation on private profile information     safernet Pending
#1387: Blog folder without title is a layout problem     EasyToSolve Working
#1389: 'Loading' gif isn't appearing N/A     Rejected
#1395: RSS feed does not include the text of published articles 0.22.2 Blog, RssFeeds colivre NoFeedback
#1396: Cant list content of folders 0.23.1   ecosol NoFeedback
#1397: Crash when view documentation 0.22.1 Documentation ecosol NoFeedback
#1409: Broken links on documentation 0.22.1 Documentation   NoFeedback
#1410: Documentation is not considering themes images 0.22.1 Documentation   NoFeedback
#1411: Crash when invite members using custom message 0.22.2 SocialNetwork   NoFeedback
#1416: The page title of a image view must be the image title 0.25.1   EasyToSolve Done
#1419: Replace the Box name "Picture" to "Profile Image" 0.22.2 LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve Done
#1420: Double comment 0.25.1 ContentManagement EasyToSolve Done
#1421: Content layout - HTML Filter must allow max-width, and related CSS atts   UserInterface EasyToSolve Pending
#1423: Fix translation of documentation 0.22.2 Documentation   NoFeedback
#1424: After creation of a folder from cms, the user is redirected to a wrong page 0.25.1 ContentManagement   Done
#1426: published articles are listed multiple times in the "news" block 0.23.1     Rejected
#1428: Link list block icons are not displayed on Safari and Chrome 0.23.3 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1429: Some fields of enterprise cannot be removed 0.23.1     Done
#143: person_test has 2 tests that fail when run after functional tests 0.5.0     Done
#1430: suddenly expelled from the community N/A SocialNetwork safernet Rejected
#1432: newly saved profiles get an explicit value for the 'theme' attribute 0.22.3 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1437: Xss passing through folder description 0.22.3     Done
#1438: is not showing the author in a 'published' article     ecosol Rejected
#1447: Crash when slideshow block tries to render a folder 0.23.1 ContentManagement ecosol, asl Done
#1451: When copying articles, the slug should also be copied 0.22.3 ContentManagement unifreire Done
#1452: Unpublished articles must not be counted on profile 0.23.1 ContentManagement   Done
#1454: User must not be able to remove herself from a community/enterprise 0.23.1     Done
#1455: When body of a post is nil, the blog cannot be displayed 0.23.1 ContentManagement   Done
#1459: Published events are not listed on publisher agenda N/A Agenda, ContentManagement colivre Pending
#1463: RSS feeds show only headings of configured to show abstracts 0.24.0 RssFeeds NHB Done
#1467: Memory Overflow with RSS Block in synfig community 0.23.1 RssFeeds colivre Rejected
#1473: Before removing a member, the system should ask for confirmation 0.23.1 UserInterface   NoFeedback
#1476: Article tags with < breaks layout 0.23.2 ContentManagement colivre Done
#1477: Fixing translation of documentation 0.23.1 Documentation   Done
#1479: Must not be able to publish events for now 0.26.0 Agenda, ContentManagement colivre Done
#1481: Fonts are displayed with different sizes on different browsers 0.23.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1482: Enterprise registration process broken   Enterprises   WaitingForFeedback
#1483: Community member list is not showing all persons N/A SocialNetwork colivre Pending
#1484: The forms on cms are over the blocks on the right collumn 0.23.2 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1485: Images on slideshow are not being displayed as slideshow 0.23.2 ImageGallery   Done
#149: profile image should be an article N/A     Rejected
#1490: Envite friends to enter in a community is working as invite to environment 0.37.0 SocialNetwork safernet, colivre Rejected
#1491: Fields don't check malformed tags 0.23.3   colivre Done
#1494: Slideshow block causes crash if referenced folder is deleted 0.23.2     Done
#1495: Select overflows lightbox 0.23.2 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1496: Large images overflows the main block 0.23.2 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1497: The accept published article interface missed the proposed article name N/A   colivre, EasyToSolve Pending
#1499: Cannot set 'Display this block' to 'In all pages' after settting it to 'Dont show' 0.23.4 UserInterface   NoFeedback
#1500: ng layout does not include javascript from theme 0.23.2     Done
#1504: RSS created in the folder doesn't works   RssFeeds   Pending
#1505: Article box cache is not erased when the article is updated 0.24.1 Infrastructure, UserInterface colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1506: Portal crashs after remove a portal_folder       Pending
#1508: Layout is broken on pages that don't have boxes 0.23.3 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1509: Fix organization fields 0.24.2 Infrastructure   Done
#1516: A not logged user can unblock an enterprise 0.23.4 Enterprises   Done
#1517: Size of titles on tinymce are different from the size after saving 0.23.3 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1521: Fix width of the boxes in rightbar and leftbar templates 0.23.3 LayoutAndThemes colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1522: Back to folder button is over the tags 0.23.3 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1526: ArticleBlock crashes with UploadedFile articles 0.23.4 ContentManagement, UserInterface ecosol NoFeedback
#1528: Some blog posts are not displayed on Chrome 0.23.4 ContentManagement   Rejected
#1530: Cannot set home_page if profile is not valid 0.23.4 ContentManagement   NoFeedback
#1533: Videos from tv softwarelivre are not working 0.23.4 ContentManagement colivre NoFeedback
#1534: Cannot approve/reject task when invited by email 0.23.4 SocialNetwork colivre NoFeedback
#1536: acts_as_ferret doesn't work with Passenger   FullTextSearch, Infrastructure colivre Done
#1538: Release tarball: missing symlinks in lib/ 0.23.4     Done
#1539: Cannot invite a friend to be a member of my community N/A Messages, SocialNetwork EasyToSolve Pending
#1540: Some HTML that should not be escaped are escaped. 0.23.4 ContentManagement colivre NoFeedback
#1541: Errors when inserting HTML code into articles 0.23.4 ContentManagement   Rejected
#1545: Article block displays "Previous.. Next" above the image. 0.24.2 ContentManagement   Done
#1546: Message with "Destroyed" instead of "Removed" 0.24.1   colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1547: empty profile description being shown 0.24.1 LayoutAndThemes, SocialNetwork colivre Done
#1548: On webkit browsers borders are not rounded 0.24.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1549: BlogArchivesBlock counts unpublished posts 0.35.2 Blog colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1550: Links to posts and images are wrong on profile 0.24.1 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1552: Per-tag feed lists posts with older first 0.24.1     Done
#1555: When an enterprise is created on one environment, it sends email to other environment 0.25.1 Email, Enterprises unifreire, foradoeixo Done
#1556: Ferrret is running but crash when trying to search anything 0.25.1 FullTextSearch colivre Rejected
#1557: Invisible posts are paginated 0.26.0 ContentManagement   Done
#1558: Crash while trying to visit profile's contents tagged without any tag 0.24.1 Blog, ContentManagement, RssFeeds colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1559: Missed dependence packages on HACKING file   Documentation EasyToSolve Rejected
#1560: Blog's feed icon is ugly with tags     EasyToSolve Pending
#1561: The profile page must hidden the description box if empty     EasyToSolve Pending
#1563: Videos from iteia are not displayed 0.24.2 ContentManagement   Rejected
#1565: Clear the contents of the block after updating the feed address 0.34.3 RssFeeds, UserInterface ecosol, colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1569: db:schema:load fails with Cucumber 0.1.9 N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1574: Unify Comments of Published Articles     EasyToSolve Pending
#1575: layout files can't be found without :use_full_path=>true   Infrastructure   Done
#1578: Change password feature does not look for username in the current environment 0.24.2 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1581: Description should be blank value when creating a new Enterprise 0.28.0 Enterprises colivre, EasyToSolve Rejected
#1583: Can't add person as member of enterprise 0.25.0 Enterprises, SocialNetwork foradoeixo, EasyToSolve Done
#1584: Search for persons in enterprise add_members missed to see the identifier 0.25.2     Rejected
#1585: The enterprie add_members must create a Task to the user and not automaticaly add him 0.25.0   MustAskOtherCustomers Rejected
#1589: List of tags disappeared from editing articles 0.25.0 ContentManagement colivre Done
#1590: Cannot see the product list   ProductManagement   Pending
#1591: The Tracker.FeaturedProductsBlock doesn't works with noosfero 0.25.0 version 0.25.1 ProductManagement Patch Done
#1592: Theme is not a setting of environment 0.25.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1593: Migration fail trying to set category to products without category 0.25.1 ProductManagement colivre Done
#1595: Catalog list all the products 0.25.1 Enterprises Patch Done
#1596: Width of sideboxes in leftbar and rightbar templates is broken again! 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1597: Sortable input list has an anomalous screen flash N/A ProductManagement, UserInterface ecosol, colivre Pending
#1598: Tracker.EnvironmentStatisticsBlock displays enterprises even if they are disabled 0.25.1     Done
#1600: Embeds from not works 0.25.1 ContentManagement, Multimedia asl Done
#1601: Lot of warnings about colorpicker javascript 0.26.0 Infrastructure, LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1602: MySQL does not support random() (should use rand() instead) 0.25.1     Done
#1603: Crash on 'Create Blog' with MySQL       Pending
#1604: 'rake test' fails with MySQL       Rejected
#1607: When article's content is large, it overflows blocks 0.25.2 ContentManagement   Done
#1612: crash in home page when one of the portal folders is removed 0.25.2     Done
#1615: Create a new Rss Crashes 0.25.2     Done
#1616: Embed videos don't works on IE through Tinymce 0.25.2     Rejected
#1617: Fix for #1557 introduced brutal performance problem 0.25.2 ContentManagement, Infrastructure   Done
#1618: Impossibility to manage many products N/A ProductManagement Patch Rejected
#1619: top-level RSS feed in private profile does not list content (at all) 0.26.0     Done
#162: add the delet buton on profile_design blocks       0
#1620: The published article isn't copying the source from the original article 0.26.0     Done
#1621: 'Join this community' popup breaks with http caching N/A Infrastructure, SocialNetwork colivre Pending
#1622: Blog posts are not being paginated 0.25.3 Blog colivre Done
#1623: Name's templates are not translated N/A LayoutAndThemes ecosol Pending
#1625: Button to blog breaks when blog has a big title 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1629: Release tarball missing several files from the git repository 0.26.1     Done
#163: Redirect non logged user to login when visit a protected page       100
#1630: Xss vulnerabilities 0.25.3     Done
#1632: invite friends blocks application server for too much time N/A     Rejected
#1634: Layout Bug on may be in all themes based on default. N/A LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve Rejected
#1638: Cannot create a community because required field is not displayed N/A UserInterface   Rejected
#1642: Cannot add comment on IE and Chrome 0.26.0 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1643: External blogs updates only once a day 0.26.0 Blog, RssFeeds dilmanarede Done
#1644: Wrong references to images in base theme 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes asl, foradoeixo, dilmanarede Done
#1645: State and city field is displayed even if there is no state 0.26.0     Done
#1646: Unpublished events are marked on the agenda 0.26.0     Done
#1647: Publish article doesn't use the name specified by the user 0.26.0     Done
#1648: Publish events 0.26.0     Done
#1650: Crash when trying to put an RssFeed inside an ArticleBlock 0.26.0 ContentManagement, RssFeeds dilmanarede Done
#1654: CreateEnterprise task can't be cancelled 0.26.0     Done
#1655: CreateEnterprise task's rejection explanation field isn't working properly 0.26.0     Done
#1656: Fix width of select field when configuring an article to article_block 0.28.3 ContentManagement, UserInterface foradoeixo, colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1658: The default message to accept invitations add a tag p as string 0.26.0 Messages   Done
#1662: Duplicated Tracker.AddThis button 0.26.0 ContentManagement EasyToSolve Done
#1665: </p> added to home page with news system 0.26.0     Done
#1666: performance problem in edition of highlights block 0.26.0     Done
#1667: quotes being double-escaped in published article titles (only) 0.26.0     Done
#1668: Article#first_paragraph does not work with two paragraphs in the same line 0.26.0     Done
#1670: Problem on visualization of blog post 0.26.0 Blog, ContentManagement dilmanarede Done
#1672: Buttons that need to be logged in to be shown are not displayed 0.30.0 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1676: Images on headline have fixed width and height 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1677: terrible performance in profile listing blocks 0.26.0     Done
#1678: style bug on the new profile tabbed layout     EasyToSolve Done
#1682: Same person as member of enterprise more than once in Members block 0.27.0 Enterprises, SocialNetwork unifreire, dilmanarede Done
#1684: Not track activity about Feed article 0.27.1 RssFeeds, SocialNetwork dilmanarede Rejected
#1686: Article comments with long URLs of words overflow content area 0.27.1 ContentManagement   Done
#1688: Favicon is not being displayed on slideshow 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#169: ProfileListBlock CSS breaks some pages 0.7.0     100
#1690: Private articles are counted on pagination N/A ContentManagement dilmanarede Rejected
#1691: On time of comments, zero of minutes is not displayed 0.26.0 UserInterface colivre Done
#1694: Intermittent error: undefined method `thumbnails_processed'       Rejected
#1695: Private screen profile's show message without translation 0.26.1 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre, EasyToSolve Done
#1698: Performance issues and order in the media-listing 0.26.0     Done
#1699: Useless HTML meta description N/A   EasyToSolve Rejected
#1700: 'forgot my password' does not work with multiple environments and users with same login in two environments 0.26.0     Done
#1701: Crash when user tries to search articles with an unexistent tag 0.26.0 ContentManagement dilmanarede Done
#1702: document delayed_job for developers in HACKING file 0.26.0 Documentation EasyToSolve, Patch Done
#1709: the highlighted-news-item´s post-title must be on the H2 and not on the link   LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve Pending
#171: Registry of new enterprise must be totally rethought N/A   ecosol Pending
#1710: Some links on balloon should not be displayed when user is not logged N/A   dilmanarede Rejected
#1711: javascript error on IE 0.26.0     Done
#1714: Duplicate notifications 0.26.0 SocialNetwork dilmanarede Done
#1719: The wall link shown on scrap e-mail notification is not correct 0.26.0 ActivityHistory, Email, SocialNetwork   Done
#1722: Portal news are not updated N/A ContentManagement asl Rejected
#1729: Not offer to create ProductCategory if environment not able this type of Category 0.27.1 Enterprises foradoeixo Done
#173: field names are not being translated in control panel 0.7.0     100
#1730: Chat is allowing messages with Javascript 0.26.0 Chat colivre Done
#1740: We are getting error messages from DelayedJob 0.26.0 Messages, SocialNetwork   Done
#1744: Submenu appears under highlights block 0.26.0 Accessibility, LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface   Done
#1745: Profile activity showing older things before newer ones 0.27.1 Messages, SocialNetwork   Rejected
#1746: Layout of search result is broken 0.26.0 FullTextSearch, LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1747: Chat bug in Epiphany browser N/A   colivre Pending
#175: differentiate types of profiles N/A     0
#1750: Can't login using Internet Explorer 0.28.3 Infrastructure dilmanarede Done
#1751: Back button on events links to profile 0.26.0 ContentManagement dilmanarede Done
#1752: Profile activities should be grouped based on creation time 0.26.0 SocialNetwork   Done
#1753: onResize body event removes body classes 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1754: Z-Index conflict between profile balloon and navigation submenu in Internet Explorer 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1755: Layout bugs in default theme 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1757: Buttons appear over title in profile events page 0.26.0 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#1759: Highlights block is still broken 0.26.1 Accessibility, LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface   Done
#176: display people first name instead of identifier N/A     Rejected
#1760: Bug when add an image to a blog 0.29.1 ContentManagement colivre Done
#1762: Terminology doesn't work right with ngettext 0.26.1 InternationalizationAndLocalization unifreire Done
#1763: Some error messages are not being translated 0.26.1 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre Done
#1764: Layout of unifreire search results is weird 0.27.2 LayoutAndThemes unifreire, asl Rejected
#1765: Bug when replying a scrap on community 0.26.1 ContentManagement asl Done
#1766: Creation of community generates duplicated activity N/A   colivre Pending
#1767: Enterprise box of results search on foradoeixo is on wrong place 0.27.2 LayoutAndThemes foradoeixo Rejected
#1768: can't leave a scrap on the wall of a company 0.27.1 ActivityHistory, Messages   Done
#177: there is no access control rules for most controllers 0.7.0     100
#1775: Clicking on save button on uploaded file edition it downloads the file 0.27.1 ContentManagement   Done
#1776: When listing uploaded files, the title must be displayed not the filename 0.27.1 ContentManagement ecosol Done
#1777: Balloon is in a wrong position 0.28.1 LayoutAndThemes asl, colivre, dilmanarede Done
#178: design editor does not allow to remove blocks 0.7.0     Done
#1782: Join Colivre's community return an error N/A   colivre Rejected
#1783: Weird screen when adding a new friend 0.28.1 UserInterface colivre Done
#1785: Problems with profile visualization 0.28.1 SocialNetwork asl, colivre Done
#1786: Persons with two connections to communities or friends   SocialNetwork   Rejected
#179: user registration form is confusing N/A     Rejected
#1791: after adding a comment, hitting 'reload' adds a new comment equal to the previous 0.27.1   ccsl-usp Done
#1793: Math captcha plugin uses fixed key and salt for encryption N/A ContentManagement colivre Pending
#1794: crash while running migration 0.27.1     Done
#1795: Profile balloon is far from the profile image   LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve Pending
#1796: Link to translations is in wrong place 0.27.1     Done
#1798: Feed reader block is disabled when block is saved and address is not changed 0.27.1 ContentManagement, RssFeeds   Done
#1799: Folder icon disappear 0.29.0 ContentManagement, ImageGallery asl Done
#180: enhance WYSIWYG editor N/A   ecosol Pending
#1804: Layout of search result is broken again 0.28.1 FullTextSearch, LayoutAndThemes foradoeixo, colivre, dilmanarede Done
#1805: Comments from article owner on a community are not highlited   ContentManagement EasyToSolve Pending
#1806: Comments from removed users misses the author name   ContentManagement EasyToSolve Pending
#1809: Crash in environment agenda 0.28.1 Agenda asl, dilmanarede Done
#181: noosfero must support a default language 0.7.0     100
#1810: Browse people page is weird 0.28.5 SocialNetwork foradoeixo Done
#1811: Crash when try to do a comment 0.27.1 ContentManagement unifreire Done
#1812: Gif images are showed bigger than needed in profile activity 0.28.3 SocialNetwork colivre Done
#1814: Can't access assets events 0.27.2 Agenda, ContentManagement asl, dilmanarede Rejected
#1816: "Nome fantasia" listed twice in fields management 0.28.1 Enterprises ecosol Done
#1817: Forum posts should not be translatable 0.27.1 ContentManagement, InternationalizationAndLocalization ccsl-usp Done
#1822: Forum crash when last update is from an unauthenticated user 0.28.1 ContentManagement asl Done
#1825: Resize image problem N/A UserInterface colivre Pending
#1829: Subject of e-mails notification is wrong 0.28.1   colivre Done
#1834: Tasks counter is green on 0.28.1 UserInterface   Done
#1835: Multitask translation problems 0.28.1 UserInterface   Done
#1836: Activities box is overlapping right blocks 0.28.3 UserInterface   Rejected
#1837: Exception notification trying to render a invalid 404.html file 0.28.3 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1838: Not all unit tests are passing in postgresql N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1839: Not all functional tests pass in postgresql N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#184: remove "Produtos" from top bar in "anhetegua" 0.7.0     100
#1840: Value fields from "Set all to" task processing options should not be translated 0.28.2 UserInterface   Done
#1841: Profile's icons are not displayed on activities list 0.28.3 UserInterface colivre Done
#1842: I can't remove noosfero Debian package 0.29.3 DebianPackage colivre Rejected
#1844: Feed reader block isn't updating 0.28.3 RssFeeds ecosol Rejected
#1846: Events couldn't be viewed in hy lang 0.28.3 Agenda, ContentManagement colivre Done
#1847: Private profile shouldn't allow viewing of the activities 0.28.3 SocialNetwork asl, colivre Done
#1848: Missing noosfero.yml.dist and database.yml.template at wrong place 0.30.2 DebianPackage colivre Done
#1849: Impossible to run rake db:migrate with noosfero user 0.30.2 DebianPackage colivre Rejected
#185: notice is fading too slowly N/A     Rejected
#1850: Errors on Noosfero package upgrade 0.31.4 DebianPackage colivre Rejected
#1851: Article contents is overflowing layout again 0.28.5 LayoutAndThemes asl Done
#1853: Organization cucumber test is failing 0.28.3   colivre Done
#1854: Profile image is over scrap button 0.28.5 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1855: Background-image is repeated on content with some tag 0.28.5 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1856: Community admin couldn't see the pending tasks 0.28.3   asl Rejected
#1857: Admin cannot highlight a suggested article when approving task 0.28.3 ContentManagement asl Done
#1858: Suggested articles approved are not displayed on homepage 0.28.3 ContentManagement asl Done
#186: layout points to stylesheets that don't exist 0.7.0     100
#1861: Fix intermittent errors in the selenium tests 0.29.2 Infrastructure colivre Rejected
#1862: Cucumber test related to selection language failing N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1863: Automatize some tasks of release procedure N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1864: Published event body comes with some strange text 0.28.4 ContentManagement asl, colivre Rejected
#1865: Event doesn't validated when admin try to approve its publication 0.28.4 ContentManagement asl Done
#1866: Width of selection in edit article block is still large 0.28.5 ContentManagement, UserInterface foradoeixo, colivre Done
#1867: Error when try to subscribe a rss feed inner tag 0.28.5 ContentManagement, RssFeeds unifreire, ipf, asl, colivre, dilmanarede Done
#1868: It is missing TinyMce editor on event edition 0.28.5 ContentManagement asl Done
#1869: The abstract of a published event isn't used anywhere 0.29.1 ContentManagement colivre Done
#187: The login must redirect to the referer page N/A     Rejected
#1870: Links are causing overlap in the activities box 0.28.5 UserInterface dilmanarede Done
#1871: Subject of tasks notification message are coming with %{requestor} 0.28.6 Email, InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#1872: Problem intermitent with applying layout during enterprise activation N/A Enterprises ecosol Pending
#1874: Problems with profile visualization again 0.28.6 SocialNetwork asl Done
#1875: People pagination lead to page with no one 0.28.6 SocialNetwork foradoeixo Done
#1876: Pending tasks link doesn't appear when I login at first time N/A SocialNetwork colivre Pending
#1878: Notifications keep links to unexistent records N/A   colivre Pending
#188: after editing the home page article, user gets an invalid iframe into his homepage 0.8.0     100
#1881: Duplicate uploaded file for published articles N/A ContentManagement colivre Pending
#1882: Blog archive block trying to load a removed blog 0.28.6 Blog asl, colivre Done
#1883: I can't see enterprises on the map 0.28.6 Enterprises foradoeixo Done
#1884: Missing template to render join_not_logged action requested by GET method 0.28.6 SocialNetwork colivre Done
#1885: More popular and more active lists aren't listing all profiles 0.30.0     Done
#1886: Community specific tests on profile_tes.rb   AutomatedTest EasyToSolve Pending
#1887: User cannot suggest an article with html format 0.28.5 ContentManagement asl Done
#1888: Should not display number of comments when comment is disabled 0.29.3 ContentManagement colivre Done
#1889: Cannot remove title of profile search block 0.28.5 ContentManagement asl Done
#1890: Some images are distorted 0.28.6 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1891: Noosfero is crashing when try to show icon name for uploaded files 0.29.3 ContentManagement asl, dilmanarede Done
#1892: Noosfero is entering in infinite loop when trying to view some blogs 0.28.6 Blog asl Done
#1893: User couldn't approve or reject registration task of enterprise or community 0.28.6 Enterprises foradoeixo, dilmanarede Done
#1894: Some images are displayed over others 0.29.0   colivre Done
#1895: Edition of header/footer is not displaying WYSIWYG 0.28.6 ContentManagement colivre Done
#1896: Icons on search results of articles are repeated 0.28.6 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1899: Errors when downloading list of users in CSV 0.29.3 Infrastructure, SocialNetwork unifreire Done
#190: Ugly "scrap" link on network activity page N/A UserInterface EasyToSolve Pending
#1900: Loading others environment variables at noosfero bootstrap 0.29.1 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1904: Locales are not loaded correctly when exception_notification is enabled 0.29.3 Infrastructure   Done
#1905: Slideshow block is displaying the description behind the image N/A LayoutAndThemes colivre Pending
#1907: Bug with enterprises on the map was not fixed! 0.29.3 Enterprises foradoeixo Done
#1909: WYSIWYG should be enabled in edit site info 0.29.4 UserInterface colivre Done
#191: list members in /profile/${organization}/members 0.7.0     100
#1910: Images with links in its abstract are breaking the Slideshow block N/A ImageGallery colivre Rejected
#1911: Suggest article button breaks title of blog 0.29.2 LayoutAndThemes asl Done
#1914: Some events are with YAML in its body 0.29.2 ContentManagement ecosol Done
#1915: Do not break line between checkbox option and its label N/A UserInterface colivre Pending
#1916: Impossible to give admin role to a member when approve a task 0.30.1 SocialNetwork asl Done
#1917: Noosfero doesn't up after reboot N/A Infrastructure ecosol Pending
#192: user input must not accept arbitrary HTML 0.9.0     100
#1926: Impossible to approve 2 articles with same name 0.29.4 ContentManagement asl Done
#1927: Spammers are still attacking Noosfero N/A   ecosol, colivre Pending
#1928: Impossible to add uploded images to an tinymce article 0.29.4 ContentManagement ecosol Done
#1929: Pagination links, next and previous, are not translated 0.29.4 Enterprises, ProductManagement ecosol Done
#193: feeds must not be listed as "recent documents" 0.7.0     100
#1930: Search results are misaligned 0.29.4 LayoutAndThemes ecosol Done
#1932: Duplicated links to upload files to Enterprise's gallery 0.29.4 ImageGallery ecosol Done
#1933: Filter users before export as CSV 0.30.1 Infrastructure colivre Done
#1935: Use decimal type instead of float to store monetary amounts 0.29.4 ProductManagement ecosol Done
#1936: Add margin between description and logo in my groups 0.29.4 LayoutAndThemes ecosol Done
#1938: Wrong redirect after set an article as profile homepage 0.29.4 ContentManagement ecosol Done
#194: must fix criteria used to list or not articles in 'recent documents' blocks 0.9.0     100
#1940: Enable support to localizated messages from XMPP server N/A Chat ecosol Pending
#1941: Blog pagination links aren't update after change community identifier 0.30.2 Blog ecosol Done
#1943: Pending tasks is in wrong position on cirandas theme 0.29.4 LayoutAndThemes ecosol Done
#1947: Enable WYSIWYG on send email 0.29.4 Email ecosol Done
#1949: Blog description textarea is overlapping sidebar on Chrome 0.30.1 Blog, LayoutAndThemes ecosol Done
#1951: Can't save profile if not fill year in birth date 0.30.3   ecosol Done
#1952: "Send an email" do not identify sender and target   Email EasyToSolve NeedInfo
#1953: Wrong string in pt-br language "temanho para slideshow" 0.30.1 ImageGallery asl Done
#1954: Manage Friends shows the wrong number of persosns per page N/A UserInterface EasyToSolve Pending
#1956: Wall messages are not respecting line-brakes 0.30.1 ActivityHistory, UserInterface   Done
#1957: Tracker.ArticleBlock don't recover last article and edition mode 0.30.2 UserInterface asl, colivre Done
#1959: Change "Online friends" to "Friends in chat" 0.30.2 Chat ecosol, colivre Done
#196: move up/move down buttons don't show up 0.7.0     100
#1961: Blog displays posts from a not chosen language 0.29.5 ContentManagement   Done
#1962: Duplicate invite from same person   UserInterface asl Pending
#1963: Layout bug on events box of general search 0.30.2 Agenda, LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#1964: Wrong results on the event search N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#1965: Environment name in addthis box is over box's title 0.30.1 LayoutAndThemes asl Done
#1966: Environment admin creates new role but can't use it in anywhere 0.30.1 EnvironmentAdmin colivre Done
#1968: Uploaded files added on articles are displaying repeated background 0.30.1 ContentManagement asl Done
#1969: Métrica do mais ativo na rede ou popular       Pending
#1971: Block of profile listing isn't random enough 0.31.2 SocialNetwork asl Done
#1972: Offer propper image and description of page when share with Facebook 0.30.2 ContentManagement, SocialNetwork asl Done
#1973: Names on link list blocks are being translated 0.30.2 InternationalizationAndLocalization asl Done
#1975: definindo "Nome X URL" quando cria uma nova comunidade   UserInterface asl Pending
#1977: Wrong link to product on catalog N/A Enterprises, ProductManagement ecosol, colivre Rejected
#1978: Domains name don't allow hyphen 0.30.2     Done
#198: must use same hostname for the BASE tag as the current request 0.11.1     100
#1983: Administrador do ambiente não tem acesso a edição de blocos dos usuários       Pending
#1987: ./script/noosfero-plugins does not test if symlink exists before trying to remove it 0.31.1 Plugins   Done
#1989: Links to previous and next month are not being translated 0.30.2 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre Done
#1992: Wrong image address editting articles in Firefox 0.30.3 ContentManagement asl Done
#1993: Feed updater daemon is killed suddenly N/A RssFeeds asl Pending
#1995: Community moderation options are not inherited from template N/A Infrastructure, SocialNetwork ecosol, colivre Pending
#1998: User links (control panel, administration, …) broken with cross domains 0.31.1     Done
#200: tags block is not positioned correctly 0.7.0     Done
#2003: Tracker.ApplicationHelper#partial_for_class does not considers the veiw_path of the controller       Pending
#2005: Listing events is too slow and causing Guru Meditation error 0.31.1 Agenda asl Done
#2006: Documentation's h2 are broken   Documentation colivre Pending
#2007: Adding a subcategory do not specify it's type 0.31.1     Done
#2008: Crash when viewing an article with invalid source in img tag 0.31.1 ContentManagement asl, colivre Done
#2009: Deny upload of dangerous files 0.31.3 ContentManagement, Infrastructure colivre Done
#201: When we add a friend, the back button must send us for where we was. N/A     Done
#2011: Some images added on a slideshow block are not displayed on IE N/A ImageGallery asl, colivre Pending
#2012: Must to limit the number of lines on the shopping cart's product name 0.31.6 Plugins EasyToSolve Done
#2013: Must hidden the shopping cart's trash, until the mouse over. 0.32.1 Plugins EasyToSolve Done
#2014: Warnings about ufc while upgrading debian package N/A DebianPackage colivre Rejected
#2016: User menu links are broken 0.31.3     Done
#2019: Rejection explanation on tasks is not displayed       Pending
#202: New Friend Classify must use classification of pending friends N/A     Pending
#2020: Rejection explanation on tasks is not displayed 0.31.3     Done
#2021: Publish action is listing communities from others environments 0.31.2 ContentManagement colivre, EasyToSolve Rejected
#2022: Media panel buttons out of standard format 0.31.6     Rejected
#2023: Media panel buttons out of standard format 0.33.2     Rejected
#2025: Change password should change the profile password, not the current_user 0.31.3   ccsl-usp Rejected
#2027: Spam Problems 0.31.5 AntiSpam, Email asl Done
#2028: Image link on assets/articles must have view=true 0.31.4     Done
#2029: Media listing images should not list all images N/A     Done
#2030: STI doesn't work with namespaced classes 0.31.4   colivre Done
#2031: Crash on feed handler makes feed updater stop 0.31.3     Done
#2032: Uploaded files are being renamed when they should not be 0.31.4 ContentManagement   Done
#2033: Partial for class doesn't consider the controller view path 0.32.0 Plugins   Done
#2037: Tracker.AddFriend task is being duplicated N/A     Pending
#2039: Cms must list uploded files with it's defined title instead of the filename 0.33.2   ecosol Rejected
#2040: Manage categories takes too long when there are too many categories 0.32.1     Done
#2041: The "display"preview image generation for the image page fails 0.31.4 ImageGallery   Rejected
#2042: The message sent to organizations do not show the organization name 0.31.4     Done
#2043: Javascript taking too long 0.34.2     Rejected
#2048: Terms of use returns nil disapeared but there is value in database 0.31.4 SocialNetwork ecosol, asl, foradoeixo Done
#205: Postar coment%E1rio sem t%EDtulo d%E1 erro 500 N/A     Rejected
#2053: Alert box about the organization URL change not closes on IE 0.32.0 SocialNetwork ecosol Done
#2054: Can't reject a task about an deleted article 0.32.0 ContentManagement asl Done
#2055: Community owner couldn't remove scraps on wall 0.36.2 ActivityHistory, Messages asl Rejected
#2057: Hidden (unpublished) articles are been listed on tags page. N/A Infrastructure   Pending
#2058: Listando artigos repetidos no bloco Atividades da Rede       Pending
#2060: Problems with profile visualization again, again N/A SocialNetwork asl, colivre Rejected
#2061: XSS protection breaks usage of Textile markup 0.32.1     Done
#2065: Profile page redirecting to environment initial page N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#2066: Symbolic links to plugins texfile files are created every time 0.32.1 Documentation, Plugins colivre Done
#2072: Privat Communinty Profile Activities are being Displayed 0.33.2     Rejected
#2073: Duplicated Join Communinty 0.35.2 SocialNetwork   Rejected
#2076: Can't access initial page of profile with own domain 0.32.1 Infrastructure ecosol Done
#2077: spammers vs "invite friends" 0.33.1 AntiSpam, Email ccsl-usp, colivre Rejected
#2078: tag feed points to list of tags 0.32.1 RssFeeds   Done
#2081: tokeninput search doesn't find some users 0.33.0   ecosol Done
#2089: Can't reject tasks related to a deleted articles       Pending
#2092: Cant change language N/A InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre Rejected
#2093: Adjust Report Abuse UI 0.33.1     Done
#2095: Plugins initializing constants more then once N/A Plugins   Pending
#2096: Putting the expanded_template back again 0.33.1     Done
#2097: BSC admin should not be able to destroy product 0.33.1 ProductManagement ecosol Done
#2098: Noosfero plugins couldn't load model extensions 0.33.1 Plugins redemoinho Rejected
#2099: Shopping cart doesn't close after send purchase order 0.33.1 Enterprises, ProductManagement redemoinho Done
#2100: Replace Bsc#products method by a has_many association 0.33.1     Done
#2101: Impossible to create database from scratch with plugin enabled 0.36.0 Plugins colivre Done
#2102: Profile's templates are showed when assigning Enterprise with BSC (RF31) 0.34.2 Enterprises, ProductManagement ecosol Done
#2103: To accept an abuse complaint bout a content do not hide/del this one   EnvironmentAdmin   Pending
#2104: Impossible to accept report abuse task about communities 0.33.2 ContentManagement, UserTasks asl, colivre Done
#2106: rake makemo won't work on ubuntu 10.10 0.33.2     Done
#2107: Products disapearing from shopping cart N/A Plugins redemoinho Rejected
#2121: Don't automatic redirect to article translation 0.34.2 ContentManagement asl, colivre Done
#2122: Can't connect to chat 0.33.2 Chat ecosol, colivre, dilmanarede Done
#2123: Every time Noosfero restarts layout profiles with own theme break 0.37.1     Rejected
#2131: Address of private profiles are public 0.34.1 ContentManagement, SocialNetwork colivre Done
#2132: Colorbox images missing in production environment 0.35.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#2136: "Leave" button is been confused with "logout" button in some languages 0.34.2   EasyToSolve Done
#2138: Can't publish an UploadedFile N/A ContentManagement   Pending
#2139: Can't accept abuse complaint tasks 0.33.2 UserTasks   Rejected
#2140: Filter suported formats for profile image N/A UserInterface   Pending
#2141: Missing varnish files for Noosfero 0.39.1 DebianPackage colivre Done
#2142: Fulltext search with substrings broken   FullTextSearch   Pending
#2144: Search files in article editing   Blog, LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface ecosol Pending
#2145: Change text "Created at" to "Profile created at" in profile's page 0.33.2   ecosol Done
#2146: Rake task to debian package building doesn't work 0.34.1 DebianPackage colivre Rejected
#2147: db:abort_if_pending_migrations checks migrations in all plugins and not only in the enables ones 0.36.0 Infrastructure, Plugins   Done
#215: Popup dos javascript nem sempre são carregados 0.47.2     Rejected
#2150: Email de pedido precisa de um link que funcione     EasyToSolve Done
#2151: erro de traducao "aberto"   InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#2152: Nao altera a quantidade       Done
#2155: Se você coloca quebrado, do tipo 2.5 ou 2,5, e não tá dando certo       Rejected
#2160: Botao Administracao nao deve aparecer para nao admins       Done
#2167: no ciclo de pedido aberto, o link pedidos está com erro       Done
#2169: O alerta "pedido confirmado" fica aparecendo em várias ações       Rejected
#217: bad design in search controller 0.8.0     100
#2171: "Add a delivery method to the Orders' Cycle", a opção "edit this" parece não fazer nada       Done
#2183: Não pode alterar a margem de um ciclo depois que consumidores ja fizeram pedidos       Pending
#2187: Não funciona alteração de preço de produto       Rejected
#219: must be able to remove comments 0.8.0     100
#2190: Clicar em salvar não faz nada       Done
#2196: Remover um fornecedor       Done
#2199: Duplicate purchase orders 0.34.1 Enterprises, Plugins redemoinho Done
#2200: Filter purchase orders by status doesn't works 0.34.1 Plugins colivre, redemoinho Done
#2202: Misspelled button: "Novo tópido de discussão" 0.34.1   ecosol, EasyToSolve Done
#2203: rspec and rspec-rails missing 0.34.1 Infrastructure colivre Done
#2209: Layout de edição de produtos com correlações visuais erradas       Pending
#2210: Recovery password notice user about invalid code N/A Infrastructure asl Pending
#2211: File in themes directory 0.35.1 LayoutAndThemes   Rejected
#2212: Noosfero send comment notification for the author of the comment N/A Email ecosol WaitingForReview
#2213: request for unexisting file 0.36.3     Done
#2214: Table of contents of plugins in Noosfero doc is empty N/A Documentation, Plugins colivre Pending
#2215: Fail to build plugins doc 0.35.0 Documentation, Plugins colivre Done
#2216: Plugins' CSS must be loaded after the themes's CSS 0.35.1 Plugins   NoFeedback
#2217: Download csv and xml file with all environment users is taking too long 0.41.2 EnvironmentAdmin asl Done
#2219: Plugin hotspots are adding "\n" in HTML 0.34.3   colivre Done
#222: amigo é adicionado 2 vezes na lista de amigos N/A     Rejected
#2220: Wrong translation on product management 0.34.2   ecosol Done
#2221: Some published articles lost the original author link N/A ContentManagement asl Pending
#2223: Alert the user before removing product 0.34.2 Enterprises ecosol Done
#223: The miracle of friend multiplication N/A     Rejected
#2231: Recent Documents Block doesn't show private contents to who has permissions N/A     Pending
#2232: Exibir erro de validação quando falha a adição de um novo produto por problema na formatação do valor do campo preço   Plugins   Done
#2235: Plugins migrations don't work for db:migrate:* tasks   Plugins   Pending
#2236: Plugins migrations are included in db/schema.rb 0.36.0 Plugins   Pending
#224: dificuldade de entender o formato do campo usuario no cadastro N/A     Rejected
#2241: Cannot download list of users 0.35.1   asl Done
#2242: Privacy disregarded: profile's friends can see activies of his/her friends of friends N/A     Pending
#2243: Notice box is displayed even if the user clicks in some link 0.45.1   ecosol Done
#2244: Link to enter chat disappeard 0.34.3 Chat ecosol Done
#2245: Em ciclos de pedidos, o histório não está em ordem descrescente   Plugins   Done
#2246: Lista de produtos não está em ordem alfabética   Plugins   Done
#2247: Put to RSS/Atom offered N/A   EasyToSolve Pending
#2248: Remove text-align:justify from CSS N/A     Pending
#2249: Database deadlock errors show to user during big upload N/A     Pending
#2250: IO error when uploading files N/A ImageGallery   Pending
#2251: Order tags alphabetically and locally 0.36.6 UserInterface EasyToSolve Done
#2253: Permitir a adição de produtos sem necessidade de clicar em abrir   Plugins   Done
#2254: Salvando pedido vázio   Plugins   Done
#2255: Entrega em outro endereço não tem opção de editar   Plugins   Pending
#2256: Entrega no endereço de cadastro não aparece as informações do usuário   Plugins   Pending
#2257: Melhorar formatação do email de pedidos   Plugins   Done
#2258: textile headings broken in Squeeze 0.36.3 Documentation   Done
#2259: Put captcha on comments for every user 0.35.1     Done
#2260: Copy/Paste/Cut from Wysiwyg blocked on Firefox N/A   blogoosfero Pending
#2261: Typo with portuguese strings 0.35.1     Done
#2262: Time zone on Blogoosfero is CET when it should be BRST N/A   blogoosfero Rejected
#2263: Descrição do ciclo de pedido muito simples   Plugins   Done
#2264: Pedidos sobrepostos   Plugins   Rejected
#2265: Facilitar o cancelamento de um pedido para o usuário   Plugins   Pending
#2266: Melhorar formatação do arquivo ODS (Relatório de Pedidos)   Plugins   Done
#2267: Email não mostra a quantidade correta após a alteração   Plugins   Pending
#2268: Notificação de alteração de pedido feito pelo adm   Plugins   Pending
#2269: Themes page crashes when finds a non theme entity 0.35.1 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#2270: Signup tips leaks from balloon on pt-br N/A Messages colivre Working
#2271: Undefined method when clicking on shopping cart reports 0.35.1 Plugins ecosol Done
#2272: Products on catalog is misaligned 0.35.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#2273: Crash when editing price composition 0.35.1 ProductManagement ecosol, colivre Done
#2276: Tags with special characters shouldn't be case sensitive       Pending
#2277: Period of validity for feed updating errors 0.38.0   EasyToSolve Done
#2278: Typo "Novo tópido de discussão" on Blogoosfero N/A   blogoosfero Done
#2279: Logout redirects to home-page   UserInterface ecosol, EasyToSolve Pending
#2281: Community's admin needs to choose a role when accepting a member or it won't work 0.36.3 UserTasks ecosol, colivre Done
#2282: Joining a community creates duplicated notification 0.38.2   ecosol Done
#2283: Activities on private communities are listed on user's profile 0.44.2 ActivityHistory ecosol Done
#2284: Download users xml file should start download 0.38.3   EasyToSolve Done
#2285: Noosfero on is too slow 0.37.1     Done
#2288: Scrap text area grows by itself on Webkit browsers 0.38.1 UserInterface   Done
#2289: Private profile doesn't checks permissions correct 0.36.1     Rejected
#2290: The method Profile#display_info_to? must be converted to a named_scope N/A     Pending
#2291: Debian package fails on new installs 0.35.2 DebianPackage   Done
#2292: Update blocks cache after removing a community N/A   EasyToSolve Pending
#2295: Community owner couldn't remove activities and notifications on profile 0.35.2 ActivityHistory   Done
#2296: Remove hardcoded URLs (Environment.top_url) N/A     Pending
#2297: Failed fields notification on sign up is broken 0.36.6 UserInterface   Done
#230: Proxy Error on Article view N/A     Rejected
#2300: Some pids files aren't stopped with stop_via_pid_file 0.35.3 DebianPackage, Infrastructure colivre Done
#2301: Fail to run rake db:schema:load with Postgres 8.4 0.36.0     Done
#2302: Lista de fornecedores em ordem alfabética   Plugins   Done
#2303: Remover um produto de um fornecedor   Plugins   Done
#2304: Perda de ordem após adicionar/alterar um produto   Plugins   Pending
#2307: Profile 'Rede Moinho' on takes too long to save 0.36.2   redemoinho Done
#2308: Ao deixar em ordem de estado na listagem de produtos, os nomes dos produtos não ficam em ordem alfabética   Plugins   Pending
#231: 'Application error' Quando deleta um artigo que esta definido para apresentar na página 0.8.0     100
#2312: Refactor Acitivity/Wall permissions N/A     Rejected
#2313: Functional tests are wrong 0.36.2     Done
#2317: no chat bubble on Chromium (and other webkit browsers?) N/A Chat, LayoutAndThemes   Pending
#2318: Mailings are not sent when there is some user with an invalid email format 0.38.1 Infrastructure colivre Done
#2319: Shopping Cart get_price is returning float instead of string 0.36.2     Done
#2320: Impossible to choose what products will be highlighted 0.36.6 ProductManagement colivre Done
#2321: Featured products block broke with products without description 0.36.2 ProductManagement colivre Rejected
#2322: Featured products crash trying to get short product description 0.36.6 ProductManagement colivre Done
#2323: Abertura de pedidos é pouco explicativa e nao automatica   Plugins   Done
#2324: Na caixa de seleção e filtro de produtores: adicionar 2 opções (caixa de seleção) acima da barra de seleção dos produtores   Plugins   Pending
#2325: Problema em alteração do pedido originaria do link do email   Plugins   Pending
#2326: Problema em alteração do pedido originado do link do email   Plugins   Rejected
#2327: Notificação e mensagem por email na abertura do ciclo:   Plugins   Done
#2328: Can't add or edit qualifiers and certifiers of a product 0.38.0 ProductManagement ecosol, colivre, redemoinho Done
#2329: Error in configuration of external feed ( 0.36.2 Blog   Done
#233: the 'pending requests' box must appear floating on all pages N/A     Rejected
#2330: Só aparecer o botao confirmar quando houver um produto   Plugins   Pending
#2331: as datas da edição de pedidos pela administracao esta incorreta   Plugins   Pending
#2332: Confirmar e corrigir nome do "Bloquear período de pedidos"   Plugins   Done
#2335: Missing awstats dependencies in INSTALL.awstats doc 0.36.2 Documentation colivre Done
#2336: Blocks are beinng cached independent of language 0.36.3 UserInterface ecosol Done
#2337: Link to reply comment is displayed with Tracker.RequireAuthToCommentPlugin enabled 0.36.3 UserInterface colivre Done
#2339: Profile identifier no block linkList esta hardcoded   Plugins   Rejected
#2340: CSS's images from plugins are not displayed 0.38.0 Plugins ecosol, redemoinho Done
#2341: Review cache keys and sweepers N/A     Pending
#2342: fail on www subdomain N/A   asl, EasyToSolve Rejected
#2343: Não adiciona novo método de entrega   Plugins   Rejected
#2344: Profiles with own domains are not working 0.38.0 Infrastructure colivre Done
#2346: Error when expiring block caches 0.36.4 Infrastructure colivre Done
#2349: Saving product qualifiers erase all qualifiers 0.37.1   redemoinho Rejected
#2351: Error messages are not translated 0.36.5   ecosol, asl, colivre Done
#2352: Menu and user links are not displayed when user logs in N/A UserInterface ecosol Pending
#2354: Images are overflowing the content 0.37.0     Done
#2355: translation missing: pt-br, activerecord, errors, messages, record_invalid N/A UserTasks   Pending
#2356: Link to reset password sent to users won't work 0.37.1     Rejected
#2357: HTTP cache broken 0.36.6     Done
#2358: logrotate config broken 0.38.1 DebianPackage, Infrastructure   Done
#236: must truncate search results N/A     Rejected
#2360: Noosfero caching conflicting with ShoppingCart Plugin 0.39.2 Plugins redemoinho Done
#2362: Can't see the products list on shopping cart reports when the product was removed 0.38.0 Plugins redemoinho Done
#2363: Chat won't break long words (e.g. URLs) so the layout breaks N/A     Pending
#2364: Requests for unexisting profile creates a session cookie without need N/A Infrastructure   Pending
#2365: Logout does not destroy session cookie N/A Infrastructure   Pending
#2366: Inputs that are not relevant to price should not be considered on price composition 0.38.1 ProductManagement   Done
#2368: Email about rejected article is displaying %{article} 0.37.0 ContentManagement, Messages blogoosfero Done
#2370: Can't publish on portal community if it doesn't have an admin 0.38.0 ContentManagement blogoosfero Done
#2372: Noosfero won't start after reboot on a new install 0.38.0 DebianPackage, Infrastructure   Done
#2374: Lacks a delete button on product qualifiers and certifiers 0.38.0     Done
#2376: Fail on creating sample users N/A   stoa Pending
#2377: O produto deveria poder ser apagado   Plugins   Done
#2382: 'new post' button broken after solr merge 0.38.0     Done
#2383: must unify Javascript code to open pop-ups     colivre Pending
#2385: Manage friends page breaking 0.38.3   blogoosfero Done
#2386: Can't join to a community with own domain 0.37.1   colivre Rejected
#2393: Shopping cart "Request unsuccessful: error"   Enterprises ecosol Pending
#2394: Ao fazer pedido e a lista ficar maior que a tela, não dá pra ver o fim da lista.   Plugins   Done
#2395: Ao dar zoom no firefox, a lista de pedidos feitas some e fica fixa no início da tela.   Plugins   Done
#2396: Filtro "ativo/Inativo" não está funcionando ao entrar em "Administração>produtor> produtos" e ativar ou desativar. Todos os produtos aparecem como ativos na lista de compras do sistema aberto, mesmo não estando ativos.   Plugins   Done
#2397: À partir do terceiro pedido para a mesma compra a janela que se abre ao clicar no produto muda de posição e fica "abaixo" do texto da lista dos produtos.   Plugins   Done
#2399: Email de confirmação de pedidos vem desformatados.   Plugins   Done
#240: Layout quebrado no formulario de comentarios N/A     Rejected
#2400: Deleting an article crashes the Wall 0.38.1 ActivityHistory   Done
#2401: Bad contextualization on Wall activities 0.38.2 ActivityHistory, UserInterface   Done
#2402: Activities Echo 0.38.2 ActivityHistory   Done
#2403: Activity comment submission has no feedback (Nothing!) 0.38.3 ActivityHistory, UserInterface   Done
#2404: Friend to friend scrap must not appear on communities N/A ActivityHistory   Rejected
#2405: The comment box for activities was not made to grow 0.38.1   EasyToSolve Done
#2406: exception_notification is not working       Pending
#2407: Critical: Noosfero became highly unstable and unresponsive after 0.38     ecosol Pending
#2408: Error on product search when there are production costs 0.38.1   ecosol Done
#2409: Title of products, enterprises, people and communities are in English 0.38.1   ecosol Done
#2410: Hide the "0% Solidarity Economy inputs" from products N/A   ecosol WaitingForReview
#2411: Problems with geolocalization (google-maps.js) 0.38.1   ecosol Done
#2412: Addthis Icon came back to the old one     ecosol Pending
#2413: Enterprise status should be "active" and "not active", not "enabled" and "disabled" 0.38.1 FullTextSearch ecosol Done
#2414: Broken CSS when going to signup form     ecosol Working
#2415: Bug in cancel button of new content 0.38.1 ContentManagement, UserInterface ecosol Done
#2416: Enterprise map-block is without the icon 0.38.1 GeoLocation ecosol Done
#2417: Profile address should not be solr-indexed in searches 0.38.1 FullTextSearch ecosol Done
#2418: Number of users seems to not increase or decrease     ecosol Pending
#2419: Tracked Notification breaks if you remove Article target     stoa Rejected
#2420: Slug redirection fails for profiles with won domain 0.38.2   EasyToSolve Done
#2421: Users being removed due to bug on activation       WaitingForReview
#2422: Stoa fill usp id on profile edit information isn't working 0.38.1 Plugins stoa Done
#2425: Product qualifiers lost on product update     redemoinho Pending
#2426: Product counter for category filter is wrong     redemoinho Pending
#2427: Breadcrumbs has no link on product vitrine     redemoinho Pending
#2436: Default image for products vitrine       Pending
#2437: Product description broke on vitrine if there is a table     redemoinho Pending
#244: There should be an option to Unsubscribe from community N/A     Rejected
#2440: Env product list do not show discount price       Pending
#2443: Seach field on the search block overflow the block 0.38.3   blogoosfero Done
#2444: Search block realizes the search but do not list them     blogoosfero Pending
#2445: Comment without author on activity causes a crash 0.38.3 ActivityHistory blogoosfero Done
#2446: New images are not well displyed on the wall 0.38.2 ActivityHistory   Done
#2448: Code scattering in template CSS   Infrastructure EasyToSolve Pending
#2449: Update de links ao mudar url da comunidade   Agenda, Blog, LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface, UserManagement   Pending
#2450: noosfero-apache must depend on noosfero 0.38.2 DebianPackage   Done
#2451: Cannot access control panel when a reported user is removed 0.42.1 UserTasks colivre Done
#2452: Last update message is wrong on search of contents 0.38.2   blogoosfero Done
#2453: Big images are distorted when it's on an article 0.38.2 LayoutAndThemes blogoosfero Done
#2455: brutal memory leak in search mechanism 0.38.2 FullTextSearch   Done
#2456: tries to send confirmation email to templates and breaks some fresh installs 0.38.3 DebianPackage, Email, Infrastructure, UserManagement   Done
#2457: varnish-noosfero.vcl breaks default VCL logic       Done
#2459: initscript should not fail when start/stop is already started/stopped   DebianPackage   Pending
#2460: Activity new friendship crashes when friend is deleted N/A     Rejected
#2461: Big images on portal news overflows the content on the right 0.38.3 LayoutAndThemes blogoosfero Done
#2462: Colspan and Rowspan missed from html whitelist     EasyToSolve Pending
#2463: Remove button appears for all replies comments when mouseover 0.38.3     Done
#2465: Redirect when a page from another profile is requested inside a profile domain 0.44.0     Done
#2466: content_viewer#view_page (Tracker.TypeError) "can't convert nil into String"       Pending
#2467: profile#add (Tracker.ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid) "A validação falhou: Target já está em uso"       Pending
#2468: content_viewer#view_page (Tracker.ActionView::TemplateError) "bad URI(is not URI?)       Pending
#2469: ShoppingCartPlugin buy error       Pending
#2470: cms#destroy (Tracker.ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid) "PGError: ERRO: coluna \"id\" não existe\nLINHA 1: DELETE FROM \"articles_categories\" WHERE \"id\" = NULL\n ^\n: DELETE FROM \"articles_categories\" WHERE \"id\" = NULL"       Pending
#2471: profile_editor#edit (Tracker.ActionView::TemplateError) "No route matches {:block_id=>380811, :profile=>\"Ilovedance\", :action=>\"profile_info\", :controller=>\"profile\"}"       Pending
#2472: Tracker.ApplicationController helper methods exposed as actions       Pending
#2473: Solr error while updating profile image N/A FullTextSearch asl Pending
#2474: HighlightsBlock links may (optionally) to open in a new window     EasyToSolve Done
#2475: Broken layout at profile's communities page       Pending
#2476: Fraction tags has bugous link at tag cloud   ContentManagement   Pending
#2479: External Feed isn't fetched       Rejected
#2480: Problem with codification on wall 0.39.1   blogoosfero Done
#2481: Adicionar localização no 0.39.0 GeoLocation   Rejected
#2482: Tarefa pendente para mesma pessoa   UserTasks   Pending
#2483: Remover conteúdo desabilitado   ContentManagement   Pending
#2485: When we delete a profile it's image reminds on the file system, and on the web     EasyToSolve Pending
#2486: question marked tags are escaped but still not working   ContentManagement EasyToSolve Pending
#2487: Should keep the original email message format   Email, Messages   Pending
#2490: Performing a SuggestArticle task with slug conflict runs a wired error   ContentManagement, UserTasks   Pending
#2492: The SuggestArticle accepting interface must force the folder selection   ContentManagement, UserTasks   Pending
#2493: The lead of SuggestArticle task open and closes crazily when there are more then one   ContentManagement, UserTasks   Pending
#2494: Can't add admin on environment with Tracker.CustomFormsPLugin enabled 0.39.0 Plugins colivre Done
#2498: Error messages on change password aren't clear 0.39.0 Messages stoa Done
#2500: problems removing debian package   DebianPackage   Pending
#2502: Profile's Search Box is Ugly N/A FullTextSearch   WaitingForReview
#2503: Wall Crash when the activity user do not exists N/A ActivityHistory   Working
#2504: Crash when try to accept an article from a 'removed' user N/A ContentManagement, UserTasks   Pending
#2507: Solr error after updating articles     asl Pending
#2508: Comments don´t use up all available space when title not inserted   ContentManagement   Pending
#2510: Delayed_job is crashing when tries to run article update's jobs     asl, colivre Pending
#2511: Bug on visualization of communities of a profile 0.39.1 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#2512: Articles "cuts" large iframes 0.39.1   blogoosfero Done
#2514: New user profile fields are public N/A   stoa Rejected
#2515: Username field on signup screen go to newline on checking 0.47.4   stoa Done
#2519: Can't set price details 0.44.5 ProductManagement redemoinho Done
#2521: Cannot upload a file out of a folder 0.39.1 ContentManagement colivre Done
#2522: Crash when editing articles with very long titles 0.39.1 ContentManagement asl, colivre Done
#2523: Cannot approve articles 0.39.1 ContentManagement, UserTasks colivre Done
#2527: Approve article test are failing 0.39.2 Infrastructure serpro Done
#2528: Approving article crashs due to nil author 0.39.2 UserTasks blogoosfero Rejected
#2529: Publishing article crashes 0.39.2   blogoosfero Done
#2530: Person name should have user name on creation 0.39.2   serpro Done
#2532: Signup should NOT create automatically the username (login)     ecosol Pending
#2535: Disabled enterprise message empty 0.39.2     Done
#2536: Comment notification goes to the comment author 0.39.2     Done
#2537: External posts come with date inverted N/A   blogoosfero Rejected
#2538: Logger for Spaminator 0.39.2   asl Done
#2539: Tracker.RoR Vulnerabilities       Pending
#2540: Redirection problem on events 0.39.3   blogoosfero Done
#2541: Database time too high 0.39.2     Done
#2542: Tags under description     EasyToSolve Pending
#2545: Solr Reindex Problems N/A   stoa Rejected
#2547: Wrong number of parameters on asset_product_extras 0.39.3     Done
#2548: Avoinding reidex to crash 0.39.3   stoa Done
#2549: Stoa invite filter only works for person 0.39.3   stoa Done
#2550: Spaminator not running on production 0.39.3     Done
#2552: Shopping Cart crash on checkout 0.39.3   redemoinho Rejected
#2553: CSS bug when listing gallery images on tag page 0.41.1 LayoutAndThemes asl, colivre Done
#2555: Tracker.TinyMce converts url to local url even while sending emails 0.41.1     Done
#2557: Stoa invite filter should allow environment admin without usp_id       Pending
#2558: View page performance issues 0.41.1   asl Rejected
#2560: Search form from application-ng cannot use google search plugin 0.41.1 FullTextSearch colivre Done
#2561: Bug when a not logged user tries to "checkout" on shopping cart 0.41.2 Plugins redemoinho Done
#2563: Cannot run spaminator due to lack of permission 0.41.1 Plugins asl, colivre Done
#2564: Profile Search Problem N/A   colivre WaitingForReview
#2565: Impossible to remove article (forum post) - critical   Forum ecosol Rejected
#2569: Memory Leak N/A   blogoosfero Pending
#2580: Spaminator not running 0.41.1     Rejected
#259: add communities block N/A     Rejected
#2590: Zoomify not enabled?   UserInterface EasyToSolve, OCEB Rejected
#2591: Crash when changing cart quantity 0.41.1   redemoinho Done
#2592: rake can't download solr due to mirror version changed   EnvironmentAdmin EITA Pending
#2593: Custom Foms fields order 0.43.1 FormsManagement colivre Done
#2594: Delayed job dying N/A   asl Pending
#2596: Comment button is not displayed for not logged users when plugin is enabled 0.41.1 Plugins asl, stoa Done
#2597: updatepo doesn't works 0.41.1   serpro Done
#2599: Enterprise catalog sort problem 0.41.1   redemoinho Done
#2600: Doesn't check for Nill on enterprises catalog 0.44.0 Enterprises EITA Done
#2601: When tries to remove one field the form is destroyed 0.41.1 ContentManagement blogoosfero Done
#2603: Forwarding to CMS url after delete post or forum 0.44.0 Blog EITA Done
#2606: Catalog categories should be sorted alphabetically 0.41.1   redemoinho Done
#2608: Templates from others environment are being displayed as options 0.41.2   asl, EasyToSolve Done
#2614: Tags must come after article content 0.47.0   EasyToSolve, unb Done
#2616: Enviroment configuration of Access-Control-Allow-Origin 0.44.0     Done
#2617: Strings on user menu are not translated 0.41.2 InternationalizationAndLocalization asl, colivre Done
#2618: Cannot send e-mail to organization members 0.41.2   blogoosfero Done
#2620: Identifier format       Pending
#2621: Correct product catalog's "expand-boxes" 0.42.0 UserInterface   Done
#2623: shopping cart is losing items? 0.41.2 Plugins, UserInterface   Done
#2625: Cart should be disabled by default 0.41.2     Done
#2626: Unable to activate account through email N/A Accessibility, Email, UserManagement   Pending
#2627: Cannot click on translations of an article 0.41.2 UserInterface asl, colivre Done
#2628: Hard to identify scraps written/answered on communites 0.45.1 SocialNetwork blogoosfero Done
#2629: Add class to forum-post columns a td element 0.44.0 Forum EITA Done
#263: 'English' link on the footer isn't translating the Noosfero interface. N/A     Rejected
#2630: uninterpreted HTML codes, after Rails upgrade 0.41.2 Infrastructure blogoosfero Done
#2631: Feed Reader Block doesn't filter xss       Rejected
#2632: Feed Reader Block doesn't filter xss 0.41.2   blogoosfero Done
#2633: Asking name and email when I'm already logged, to comment a topic   Infrastructure   NeedInfo
#2634: Editing a comment, quotation marks is changed to html code &quot;       Working
#2635: PDF view crash       Pending
#2636: Portuguese translation problem of Change text 0.41.2     Done
#2638: Mural post comment N/A   blogoosfero Pending
#2641: "Go back to" buttom is preventing to see tag list   LayoutAndThemes   Pending
#2643: Changing contact page message and tip for mailling enterprise administrators   UserInterface EITA Pending
#2644:   Forum EITA Pending
#2647: Profile "what are tags?" link is escaped in stable.   UserInterface EasyToSolve Done
#2648: Mural not showing post loading 0.41.2   blogoosfero Done
#2650: Images extrapolating content 0.42.1 ContentManagement EasyToSolve Done
#2651: Put buy page in a popin (shopping_cart)       WaitingForReview
#2652: Put tinymce into contact view 0.44.0     Done
#2653: Add state field to shopping cart plugin     EITA Working
#2655: Shopping Cart Plugin - Fieldset for Payment and Costumer data N/A   EITA Rejected
#2657: LinkListBlock doesn't update profile variable immediately after profile changes     EITA Working
#2658: Escaped html due to rails security update 0.43.0   asl, blogoosfero Done
#2659: Fail on selecting item N/A ActivityHistory stoa Pending
#2660: Allow vendor/plugins inside a plugin       Pending
#2661: Noosfero doesn't work with official rails 2.3.5 0.42.0     Done
#2663: Erro no Registro de Ponto de Cultura #Escambo     escambo Pending
#2664: Community.replies= method is lost after the community wall is displayed.       Pending
#2665: Ugly product discount on product view/edit page N/A   redemoinho NeedInfo
#2666: Hotspot for customize profile_image_link (profile block) 0.45.0   EITA Done
#2667: Chat is not working 0.43.0 Chat colivre Done
#2668: Crash on Profile 0.42.1   redemoinho Done
#2669: Cannot send e-mail to organization members with SendEmailPlugin 0.42.1   stoa Done
#2673: Postgresql quote problem 0.42.1     Done
#2676: Plugins script production problem with features folder 0.43.0     Done
#2679: Debian package installation fails if database is not configured through debconf 0.44.0 DebianPackage   Done
#2680: After cancelling edition of field, the options are displayed 0.43.0 FormsManagement, Plugins colivre Done
#2681: Custom forms are not validating mandatory fields 0.43.0 FormsManagement, Plugins colivre Done
#2682: Chat displays unfiltered html from user input 0.43.1 Chat, UserInterface   Done
#2684: Field link on event is escaping "&" 0.43.0 UserInterface ccsl-usp, colivre Done
#2685: Article published_at format problem 0.43.0     Done
#2687: Why Categorize: Lightbox do not scroll to the visible area   UserInterface EasyToSolve Pending
#2696: undefined method for nil on maps/edit_location page       Pending
#2697: Texto em inglês no menu da vitrine de produtos   InternationalizationAndLocalization EITA Pending
#2698: Index action don't work on plugins' profile controllers   Plugins   WaitingForReview
#2699: Escaped html on suborganization plugin 0.43.1 UserInterface colivre Done
#270: community owner can't access features 0.10.2     100
#2700: Uma pasta criada e que tem depois a pasta-mãe mudada para outra que está vazia não aparece       Pending
#2701: Delayed Job não está gerando preview de imagens     OCEB Rejected
#2702: Changing field label from 'Address' to 'Internet Address'   Enterprises EITA Pending
#2703: Add Members and Role Assigment     EITA Pending
#2705: Blog Archive Block wrong count N/A     Pending
#2706: Avoid load every post on Blog Archives Block 0.43.1     Done
#2708: FeedReaderBlock nil crash for 404 RSS     EasyToSolve Pending
#271: Manage friends is uncomplete N/A     Rejected
#2711: Supplier notification chrash due to blank recipients     EITA Pending
#2712: Incorrect comment counter update 0.44.1   serpro Done
#2714: Blog view on Search#tag loading all posts in memory 0.43.1     Done
#2715: db-checkconfig with wrong path 0.44.1     Done
#2716: Macro method not testing if constant is a class 0.44.1     Done
#2721: Rake updatepo crashing 0.44.2     Done
#2722: Activity notifications for comments should not be displayed in the same wall that the referenced comment is 0.45.1 ActivityHistory   Done
#2725: Artifacts are shown when there are nested comments. 0.45.1     Done
#2726: The comment hierarchical level is not obvious in the wall's layout. 0.45.1 ActivityHistory, Blog   Done
#2727: Comments on the activity notification of an UploadedFile do not show on the UploadedFile itself and vice-versa N/A ActivityHistory   Pending
#2728: ActionTracker:comments_as_thread crash profile view 0.44.5     Done
#2729: Thumbnails of some images on the wall have too little resolution.   ActivityHistory, ImageGallery   Pending
#2730: Unnecessary ellipsis ("see more" button) is displayed for images in the wall   ActivityHistory, ImageGallery   Pending
#2737: JSON lib on approve comment crashes on production 0.44.2     Done
#2739: Work Assignment memory leak 0.44.2     Done
#274: Application error when following tag links       0
#2740: html5 tags are being removed from articles created with feed 0.44.4 ContentManagement asl Done
#2741: Memory overload on blogs with "display only translated" feature 0.44.2     Done
#2742: When some comment form is opened, the others "Post a comment" button don't appear 0.44.2 UserInterface serpro Done
#2743: "Terms of use" checkbox on webkit is different from firefox 0.44.2 LayoutAndThemes colivre Done
#2744: Cannot save a profile if its template was removed 0.44.3 UserManagement colivre Done
#2752: Fix the short-name in content management 0.44.4 Blog, ContentManagement   Done
#2753: Cannot index scoped models 0.44.3     Done
#2754: Support plugin model as a asset class 0.44.3     Done
#2755: ApplicationHelper include on plugin causing crash on comment view 0.44.3     Done
#2756: Fix Favorite enterprises layout N/A     Working
#2757: Solr download fails again 0.44.3     Done
#2758: Button to delete content on edition 0.47.0     Done
#2759: Use https for google maps 0.44.3     Done
#2760: No automatic CPF validation in signup form N/A FormsManagement stoa Pending
#2761: Error after trying to comment on Work Assigment content 0.44.3 Messages, Plugins   Rejected
#2762: Fields highlighted as mandatory are actually not 0.44.5 FormsManagement   Done
#2763: Not logical active checkbox by default   FormsManagement   NeedInfo
#2767: Rescue and notify exceptions in feed-updater and delayed_job 0.44.3     Done
#2768: Changes on enterprises item in user profile 0.44.4 Enterprises, UserInterface EasyToSolve Done
#2769: Actions of article are missing upload file option N/A     NeedInfo
#277: Restrict multiple users with the same e-mail 0.9.0     100
#2770: WorkAssignment is removing Upload File link 0.44.4     Done
#2774: Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created   Blog, Email EasyToSolve, EITA Pending
#2775: Crash when adding new fields on forms 0.44.4 Plugins colivre Done
#2777: Options from custom forms fields have no defined order   FormsManagement colivre Rejected
#2779: Form does not display fields errors   FormsManagement colivre WaitingForReview
#278: Simplify password recovery       WaitingForReview
#2780: After error with form or fields, the fields disappear 0.47.0 FormsManagement colivre Done
#2781: Some fields aren't displayed anywhere   SocialNetwork EasyToSolve Working
#2784: Comment marked as spam still on the activities wall 0.44.5 ActivityHistory, AntiSpam, ContentManagement   Done
#2785: Improve product's price rule and messages   ProductManagement EasyToSolve, EITA Working
#2788: Set defaults for better privacy in profile fields 0.44.4     Done
#2790: Fix noosfero tests on postgresql database 0.44.4   colivre Done
#2792: Delay expire_caches 0.44.4     Done
#2793: Edit side block colorbox breaks when you change the area 0.47.2 EditSideBlocks   Done
#2797: Updating solr plugin 0.44.4     Done
#2800: Link to send a comment is displayed with comments disabled on an article   ContentManagement serpro, SGPR Pending
#2805: Dependent Tracker.InviteMembers aren't destroyed when a community is deleted       Pending
#2808: A Tracker.NoMethodError occurred in shopping_cart_plugin#buy 0.44.5     Done
#2809: Use materialized path for parents lookup       WaitingForReview
#2810: Box Organizer fix style and clickabe area 0.46.0 LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface unb Done
#2812: Quote character was not interpreted by comment editor   Forum   Rejected
#2813: Problem with character = in chat       Pending
#2814: Functional tests failling     serpro Working
#2816: Update Activities Wall to a better code design   ActivityHistory   Pending
#2817: The id "controlpanel" is applied twice at #user logged-in 0.45.1     Done
#2818: User can't see friend's old activities   SocialNetwork   Working
#2824: Image gallery slideshow and image preview displays private images 0.45.1   EasyToSolve Done
#2826: Do not show private fields at Profile#location 0.44.5     Done
#2829: Force a browser to save file as after clicking a uploaded file link 0.44.5     Done
#2831: Solr plugin returns results from all environment 0.44.5   ecosol, EITA Done
#2834: List all themes, system's and user's       Pending
#2838: move the "back button" to outside the article body 0.46.0   EasyToSolve Done
#284: The login must redirect to "Control Panel" 0.9.0     Rejected
#2843: Show object in exceptions notification of feed-updater and delayed_job 0.44.5     Done
#285: Profiles must be listed on categories front page 0.9.0     100
#2854: Define Meta Content share Noosfero Links in others Social Networks N/A     Rejected
#2856: script/quick-start missed filename when updateing the db owner 0.44.5     Done
#2858: "Join" must NOT to be translated as "Enter".       Pending
#2861: “Issue solution proposal” must not be an option at the CMS   Plugins   Pending
#2864: Broken Comment Ballooms   UserInterface   Pending
#2867: Don't work disable comment in plugins/work_assignment       Pending
#2869: Login label missing email     stoa Pending
#287: layout of manage friend is broken 0.9.0     Done
#2870: Cancel button on custom forms submission page leads nowhere 0.45.1   EasyToSolve Done
#2873: filter_html is running on every block, including MainBlock 0.44.5     Done
#2878: Value usage in Forms   FormsManagement stoa Done
#288: Update product info delete the picture 0.9.0     100
#2884: Environment disabled plugins should not have accessible routes       Pending
#2885: Translate the world Slug   InternationalizationAndLocalization, Usability stoa Pending
#2886: Selection of hour limit on forms does not work through pop-up   FormsManagement, Usability stoa Pending
#2887: Needs profile loops when profile hostname is equal to request host 0.44.5     Done
#2891: Noosfero frequently crashes when uploading multiple files   ContentManagement, Multimedia ecosol Pending
#2893: Cannot edit Shopping Cart Delivery Options 0.44.5     Done
#2895: When user tries to join a community with a form required for admission, the Join button should disappear   FormsManagement, Usability   Pending
#2898: Catalog crashes with 'Other costs' 0.44.6     Done
#2904: Some error messages is displaying an extra character 0.44.5 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre Done
#2906: Profiles are not destroyed when their environment is destroyed 0.44.5     Done
#2908: pg_search plugin: search with space between words is not working 0.44.5     Done
#291: add the addthis button 0.9.0     100
#2916: Not display control panel button on memberships the user doesn't manage 0.44.5     Done
#2917: Display all roles the user have instead of only the first 0.44.5     Done
#2918: undefined method replies for NilClass crashes profiles 0.45.2     Done
#292: Page Title must be customized       Rejected
#2920: Cannot checkout on shopping cart     redemoinho Pending
#2929: Bugs concerning email notification of SubOrganizationsPlugin   Email, Plugins, Usability stoa Pending
#2930: Comment group plugin breaks noosfero when viewing comments.     ecosol, SGPR Pending
#2932: Plugin reload on development     colivre Pending
#2933: Index lat/lng on articles     EITA, escambo WaitingForReview
#2934: Fix profile search with pg_search plugin 0.46.0 Plugins serpro Done
#2935: Fix vulnerability issues 0.45.3     Done
#2936: Allow _ in emails' domains       WaitingForReview
#2938: Many routes don't support the profile format 0.46.1     Done
#2939: Fix tests for master branch 0.46.0   serpro Done
#294: User can't add the block 'EntrepriseBlock'       0
#2941: Article header elements misplacement   UserInterface   Pending
#2943: Container Block Fixes 0.46.1 Plugins serpro Done
#2945: Context Content block fixes 0.47.0 Plugins serpro Done
#2946: Crash on profile when comment with reply is marked as spam 0.45.2 ContentManagement asl Rejected
#2949: quick-start fail on a clean system 0.45.2     Done
#2951: Can't join in community with an custom form   FormsManagement stoa Pending
#2952: Comment Group Plugin crash viewing article N/A Plugins   Pending
#2956: Article lead open and closes 0.46.0     Done
#2957: Filter communities crash N/A     Pending
#2958: Some blocks are not moving 0.46.0     Done
#2959: Internal Server Error concerning session_id       Pending
#2960: (Tracker.CustomFormsPlugin) User shouldn't create select fields without alternatives 0.47.0     Done
#2961: Remove extra div close tag on location block       WaitingForReview
#297: No link to communities/friends/enterprises related to a user when there are none     EasyToSolve Rejected
#2977: Don't render layout for javascript format 0.46.1     Done
#2979: Order images in galleries by image title (name) 0.46.2 ImageGallery EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Done
#298: Some friends appear several times 0.18.1     Done
#2981: Don't let firefox show broken images name breaking layout 0.46.1     Done
#2983: Fix escape chars with pg_search_plugin 0.48.0     Done
#2987: Crash on profiles with relations with profiles from other environments 0.45.3 UserManagement asl Done
#2989: Replace lightbox with colorbox       WaitingForReview
#299: recent content block does not work 0.9.0     100
#2990: Theme chooser shows directory name, and not the Theme name 0.46.2 LayoutAndThemes, UserInterface EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Done
#2992: Redundance of themes when they are set to environment and to profile 0.46.1 LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Done
#2994: Order themes in themes management alphabetically   LayoutAndThemes EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Rejected
#2995: Environment users management filter should default to all_users 0.46.1     Done
#2996: Order users by name on environment users admin 0.46.1     Done
#2999: Profile roles selection is escaped on /myprofile/X/tasks for new community members   UserTasks   Pending
#300: go to control panel just after logging in 0.9.0     100
#3005: When you add quotes in comments, they are HTML escaped   ContentManagement EasyToSolve, ecosol Rejected
#301: link to control panel in ProfileInfoBlock 0.9.0     100
#3012: Change password error 0.47.1 Usability, UserInterface   Done
#3014: Use hidden captcha technique against spambots   AntiSpam EITA WaitingForReview
#3015: Fix creation of admin url on profile_image and profile_info blocks 0.47.0   serpro Done
#3016: Don't show p tag on Tracker.ProfileImageBlock if there is no title 0.46.2   EITA Done
#3018: Criar comunidade de acordo com template   Usability   Pending
#3023: Notifications ballon do not allow clicking element behind   Accessibility   Done
#3024: Only admins can interact with private communities   SocialNetwork blogoosfero Pending
#3025: Edit member roles must send back to profile_members     blogoosfero, EasyToSolve Done
#3028: Replace contact_email with noreply_email on environment 0.46.2   EITA Done
#303: unstranslated string in EnvironmentStatisticsBlock 0.9.0     100
#3032: Tolerance time crash with encapsulated content 0.46.2 FilePresenter   Done
#3039: Search queries optimization 0.46.2     Done
#3041: Rename shopping basket configuration fields     EITA WaitingForReview
#3044: Event list box overlaps calendar - can't click in some week days   Agenda EasyToSolve Done
#3046: Fix clone of blocks at environment_design 0.48.0   serpro Done
#3048: Agenda Pagination 0.46.3 Agenda, Usability, UserInterface   Done
#3049: File presenter crash with uploaded_files without content_type 0.46.2     Done
#3050: Translate layout template strings 0.46.2   EITA Done
#3051: Associate Tracker.EnterpriseActivation with Task's target 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3052: Change to Manage Products/Services (as in catalog) 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3053: Cannot run migration move_title_virtual_field_to_name_in_uploaded_file 0.46.3   stoa Done
#3054: Tracker.InviteMember task is crashing when the community is removed 0.46.3     Done
#3055: Use https for addthis 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3056: Missing js on comment_classification plugin 0.47.0     Done
#3057: Private post's preview being displayed   Blog colivre Pending
#3058: Button on members block is being wrongly cached 0.46.3   asl Done
#3062: Tracker.AntiSpam creating Tracker.CommentHandler on loop 0.46.3 AntiSpam   Done
#3063: View page is counting bot hits on articles 0.46.3     Done
#3064: Option "Only on the catalog" should only appear when editing an Enterprise block   Enterprises   Pending
#3065: Article hits slow database query N/A     Working
#3067: Prefix missing partials on manage_products 0.46.3 ProductManagement EITA Done
#3070: Noosfero plugins doesn't load on development environment 0.48.0 Plugins colivre Done
#3073: Improve search articles N/A   asl Working
#3079: DecisionMakingPlugin quebra em profile com domínio próprio       Pending
#3080: Redirection from personal domain to unexistent profile => crash!       Pending
#3081: Fix use of tinymce on enterprise homepage 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3082: Disable cache of Tracker.EnterpriseHomepage due to products changes 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3083: No delayed_job table running migration 0.46.3     Done
#3084: Memory leak on Search#enterprises 0.47.0     Done
#3085: Use I18n fallbacks and default_locale as in FastGettext 0.46.3   EITA Done
#3086: Must to show a zoom link on article images by default 0.46.3 UserInterface EasyToSolve Done
#3087: Cannot see the events of a day on a profile agenda 0.46.3 Agenda SGPR, unb Done
#3091: Script sample-data fails on some records 0.47.2   EasyToSolve Done
#3092: Remove CSS from core table in menu sideblock 0.46.3   EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Done
#3093: Tags cloud should ignore case and accents of tags     EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA Done
#3094: deb package fails to install   DebianPackage   Rejected
#3095: By default, don't render layout for ajax requests 0.47.1   EITA Done
#3097: Avoid to load profile for each request 0.48.0 Infrastructure serpro Done
#3098: Use instance_eval instead on on plugins' dispatch 0.47.1   EITA Done
#3099: Allows duplicated Invite Member tasks       WaitingForReview
#310: Clicking in a tag doesnt work / why tags in 2 places? 0.9.0     100
#3101: Change name to identify other types of profiles 0.47.2   EITA Done
#3103: Allow search to set local variable for plugins' classes     EITA WaitingForReview
#3105: Validate products per page 0.47.2     Done
#3106: Event display URL and Address field even when they are not defined 0.47.1     Done
#3107: image's overflow in the viewing on old version of article 0.47.2     Done
#3108: By default, block bots on searches 0.47.2   blogoosfero Done
#3109: Support passenger on production     blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3111: Rename enterprise variables to profile 0.47.2   ecosol, EITA Done
#3112: Default loading message not being loaded on sl 0.47.1   asl Done
#3115: Crash due to new action button without hotspot defined 0.47.1     Done
#3116: Fix two problems in AI2928 (new categorization of articles and profiles)     EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3118: Error removing a community that contains a track with steps 0.48.0   serpro Done
#3119: Download if Tracker.FilePresenter::Generic is used   FilePresenter blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3120: Display content: fix edition when a selected article was removed 0.48.0   serpro Done
#3122: Video block: fix format of youtube id 0.48.0   serpro Done
#3123: Support plugins' profiles on view_for_profile_actions 0.47.2   ecosol, EITA Done
#3124: Limit creation of article versions 0.48.0   serpro Done
#3125: Non-image files to profile pictures is being allowed N/A     WaitingForReview
#3127: Speed up tasks fetch 0.47.2   ecosol, EITA Done
#3128: Access control fail for uploads   ContentManagement   Pending
#3129: Remove disabled enterprise message 0.47.2   ecosol, EITA Done
#3130: Custom form migration crash due to submission without a form 0.47.1     Done
#3131: Loading header image 0.47.3 LayoutAndThemes   Done
#3134: Only show public enterprises/communities to manage 0.47.2   EITA Done
#3135: Community member isn't allowed to edit/remove his own discussion topic 0.47.2     Done
#3136: Wall box is growing indefinetely 0.48.0     Done
#3137: Tags leaking from TagsBlock       Pending
#3140: Only use profile's custom domains for the profiles and the account controllers     EITA WaitingForReview
#3141: Can't mass-assign notification_time for Person. 0.48.0 ContentManagement, Usability   Done
#3143: Infinite loop in username suggestion 0.48.0     Done
#3144: Form not destroyed when profile is removed 0.47.3 Plugins EasyToSolve, stoa Done
#3145: Fix duplicate author folder creation and duplicate save of work assignments 0.47.2   blogoosfero, EITA Done
#3146: Only show address for disabled enterprises and allow title change   Enterprises, ProductManagement ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3147: Can't edit Profile 0.48.0 SocialNetwork EasyToSolve, rails3 Done
#3148: Change password visible to users not be logged 0.47.2     Done
#3151: Message explaining cell on spaminator report is wrong 0.47.2 Messages, UserInterface asl Done
#3152: profile_editor_extras hotspot is not working   Plugins serpro Working
#3153: Variables on activation e-mail sent on spanish is not being replaced   InternationalizationAndLocalization   Pending
#3154: Variables on activation e-mail sent on spanish is not being replaced 0.47.2 InternationalizationAndLocalization asl Done
#3157: Fix search of STI subclasses 0.47.2   ecosol, EITA Done
#3158: Icons are missed on folder view list 0.47.2     Done
#3161: Work assignment problem with profiles that have undescore on identifier 0.47.2     Done
#3166: People, Communities and Contents browse sub-menu don't work   AutomatedTest colivre Done
#3167: Products block loads every product on the memory 0.47.2     Done
#3168: Improve validation of submissions/answers 0.47.4   blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA Done
#3170: Categories block display is messed up N/A   rails3 Rejected
#3171: Categories Menu Block doesn't show categories properly 0.48.0 EditSideBlocks colivre Done
#3172: Migration breaks with invalid forms 0.47.3   asl, stoa Done
#3173: Administration link is displayed even without user being an administrator 0.48.0   rails3 Done
#3174: User confirmation email is empty 0.48.0   rails3 Done
#3175: Comments are disabled even when user enable comments on an atrticle   ContentManagement asl Rejected
#3176: Type unfilled for field       Rejected
#3178: Images looses centralization with add_zoom_to_images 0.47.4   ecosol, EITA Done
#3179: Fix crash on rake noosfero:translations:compile 0.47.4     Done
#3180: Profile tabs wrong   Plugins   Pending
#3181: Login box loses html formatting on user profile     EasyToSolve, rails3 WaitingForReview
#3182: Pages shows user-non-logged mode after login     rails3 Rejected
#3183: Gallery button with expired link or mistyped     rails3 Rejected
#3184: Ensure hidden before fadeIn() 0.47.4   ecosol, EITA Done
#3185: Comment order is redirecting to strange page 0.48.0   rails3 Done
#3186: Fix 400 bad request of varnish with nginx and apache 2.4     blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3187: Can't close image zoom popin     rails3 Rejected
#3188: Tracker.ProcuctCategoriesBlock display option is being extended for the superclass 0.47.4     Done
#3189: 'Go to latest version' redirects to profile page     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3190: On user links, the link to communities is not being translated 0.47.4 InternationalizationAndLocalization asl Done
#3192: Community members block title is show members count instead of 'Members'     EITA, rails3 Done
#3193: closing image's button does not appear     rails3 Done
#3194: can't add blog image cover     rails3 Done
#3195: Speed up domains fetch     blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3196: Speed up articles fetch     blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3197: Speed up role assignments fetch     blogoosfero, ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3199: redirection_after_signup N/A EnvironmentAdmin   Pending
#3200: sing up crash       Rejected
#3201: Blog page optimization 0.47.4 Blog   Done
#3204: People block "view all" button is broken 0.48.0 EditSideBlocks rails3 Done
#3206: Losing a profile's categories in Edit Profile 0.48.0   rails3 Done
#3207: Creating new product with categories isn't working   Enterprises rails3 WaitingForFeedback
#3208: Only create activation task manually     ecosol, EITA WaitingForReview
#3209: Tracker.NotifyJob is failing consecutively N/A   asl Pending
#3210: Join community on direct signup don't work properly     rails3 Rejected
#3211: Article's comments aren't being displayed immediately after their creation 0.48.0   rails3 Done
#3212: Article's comments aren't being displayed immediately after their creation     rails3 Rejected
#3213: Scrap replies in profile wall is without width limit       WaitingForReview
#3215: Remove a friend isn't work properly   UserTasks EasyToSolve, rails3 Done
#3216: Do insensitive national regions search     EITA WaitingForReview
#3217: Expire Tracker.LocationBlock cache on profile's location change     EITA WaitingForReview
#3218: Article Block shows pagination links for blogs   EditSideBlocks   WaitingForReview
#3219: It's not possible to add new links into LinkListBlock   EditSideBlocks rails3 Done
#3221: Organization Image bug     rails3 Pending
#3222: allows the creation of events with expired date     rails3 Rejected
#3223: Article Versioning Error     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3224: Article toolbar delete button bug N/A FilePresenter   Pending
#3225: Topics from forums with terms of use is breaking   Forum rails3 Rejected
#3226: Text Article Image bug     rails3 Done
#3227: Report abuse doesn't load on Firefox   Blog   Pending
#3228: Missing validation on spreading article     rails3 Done
#3229: Blog content poor visibility N/A Blog   Rejected
#3230: Report Abuse Error   ContentManagement rails3 Working
#3231: Tracker.FeedReaderBlock isn't loading   RssFeeds rails3 Done
#3232: css breaks in posts       Pending
#3233: Blog inside blog crashes     asl Pending
#3235: Cannot filter by role on memberships page 0.48.0 UserInterface rails3, stoa Done
#3236: Folder's parents html links is breaking in CMS view   ContentManagement rails3 Done
#3237: Can't save slideshow block modifications   EditSideBlocks rails3 Done
#3240: Trying to leave a community in 'manage my organizations' redirect you for another community that you owner     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3241: 'My communities' menu isn't appearing in User Menu     rails3 Rejected
#3242: Community portal configuration fails on Rails3     rails3 Pending
#3243: HighlightsBlock edit mode is not creating image fields     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3244: Validation error - Negative numbers in limit of block's items   UserManagement   WaitingForReview
#3245: Info about Delayed job is not being written on log 0.48.0 Infrastructure rails3 WaitingForReview
#3246: User Role List being swaped   UserManagement   Pending
#3247: User Role List being swaped 0.49.0, N/A UserManagement   Pending
#3248: Access Denied for themes created by users   LayoutAndThemes rails3 WaitingForReview
#3249: User Atribute Error   API rails3 Done
#3250: Comments Error   UserInterface rails3 WaitingForReview
#3251: Feature Edit Header/Footer not working   LayoutAndThemes rails3 Working
#3252: Can't edit sideboxes of a enterprise because of Tracker.ProductCategoriesBlock   Enterprises rails3 Done
#3253: ProfileImageBlock does not shows the community name   UserInterface   Pending
#3254: Can't edit product name and basic informations     rails3 Done
#3255: Tracker.ProductsBlock breaks if a selected product is removed   Enterprises, ProductManagement rails3 WaitingForReview
#3256: Can't update Tracker.FeaturedProductsBlock info     rails3 Done
#3257: Folder content listing must not have char length limit   UserInterface   WaitingForReview
#3258: Can't edit Tracker.LocationBlock attributes   EditSideBlocks rails3 Done
#3259: Can't edit RSS Feed article     rails3 Done
#3261: More Options link/button for searching form not working   UserInterface rails3 WaitingForReview
#3262: Can't create options and alternatives in custom_form plugin     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3263: Reordering of forms submissions is not working 0.48.0 UserInterface rails3 WaitingForReview
#3264: Can't edit my profile if Tracker.RequireAllowUnauthenticatedComments Plugin is enable     rails3 Working
#3265: json submenu doesn't works in community block     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3266: json doesn't works in join and leave button at community block     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3270: Fix product solr indexation     EITA WaitingForReview
#3272: Blocos não aparece na página inicial padrão de um perfil 0.49.0, N/A     Pending
#3276: are always ordered ASC by date   Agenda, Infrastructure   Pending
#3277: Fix crash on article view SQL query     blogoosfero, EITA WaitingForReview
#3284: Fix issues at Tracker.AntiSpam plugin       Pending
#3286: shopping_cart plugin doesn't works in manage_products     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3288: cart form doesn't load in shopping cart plugin colorbox     rails3 WaitingForReview
#3290: Crash on forum page when user is not logged in 0.47.5 ContentManagement stoa Done
#3291: Upgrade acts_as_solr_reloaded to rails3     EITA, rails3 Rejected
#3292: Image doesn't behave as optional field in singup page correctly.       Pending
#3293: Upgrade solr plugin to rails3     EITA, rails3 WaitingForReview
#3294: Fix path and init loading order to be as in noosfero-rails2     rails3 Done
#3295: load tasks from plugins as in noosfero-rails2     EITA, rails3 Done
#3296: Bug of alignment on ul elements 0.47.5 LayoutAndThemes asl Done
#3298: Profile information block does not show edit option N/A     WaitingForReview
#3299: Fix support of custom layout in themes     EITA, rails3 WaitingForReview
#3300: In rails3, plugins' paths are being appended     EITA, rails3 WaitingForReview
#3301: Impossible do add qualifiers in rails3   ProductManagement EITA, rails3 Working
#3303: Fix external feed parse with empty content     blogoosfero, EITA Done
#3304: Tracker.NoMethodError in Send_email_plugin_admin#index     rails3 WaitingForReview
#334: must be able to rename profile N/A   ecosol Rejected
#335: cannot access "manage members" 0.10.0     100
#336: Create tests to the layout       30
#341: after doing a search, unselected things (people, products etc) are not kept unselected 0.9.0     100
#344: Some untranslated strings to portuguese. N/A     Rejected
#345: remove the term "Category:" from category index (search controller) 0.10.0     100
#346: list enterprises in category index (search controller) 0.10.0     100
#349: better listings in category index 0.10.0     100
#350: highlight context in right menu directories N/A     Rejected
#351: add search form in directory 0.10.0     100
#353: when viewing directory inside a category, link to "whole site" N/A     Pending
#361: test processs leaves files under public/ N/A   colivre Pending
#362: search dont work on zen3 0.10.0     100
#365: Community name don't accept the character "." (dot) (tryed to use the name 0.10.0     100
#366: Sometimes the images on icons in control panel appear in one field and the text in another field (see attached)       0
#367: orthography error portuguese: "solicações"       0
#368: ortography error (portuguese) "Métod*e* de Aprovação da Organização"       0
#369: forgot password feature it's not running       0
#370: Critical Bug: CMS editors: Impossible to set image positions (left, right, center, etc..) using both WYSIWYG and HTML editors 0.12.0     100
#372: Usuario pessoa nao deve ter produtos consumidos N/A     Rejected
#386: cannot create children articles 0.10.0     100
#388: remove annoying firefox adversiting 0.10.0     100
#391: Zen3 Layout Definitions 0.10.0     100
#393: acts_as_having_settings: cannot set virtual attributes to false 0.10.0     100
#394: add type casting functionality to acts_as_having_settings 0.10.0     100
#395: better show profile N/A     Rejected
#396: Remove user root from the user's list 0.10.0     100
#403: Zen3: the tag don't works 0.10.0     100
#404: Can't see blog of a profile with own domain 0.30.2 Blog, Infrastructure colivre Rejected
#406: Ainda é possivel ser amigo duas vezes de alguém 0.10.0     100
#408: cannot change homepage anymore 0.10.1     Done
#409: remove product categories from the category selector widget 0.10.0     100
#411: username is blank on manage friends 0.10.0     100
#414: assert_difference has been moved to core       0
#417: a link for Sponsors       Rejected
#419: warning message of terms of use untranslated N/A     Rejected
#424: e-mail for password recovery is not working 0.18.5   ecosol Rejected
#426: it is not possible to add new members to organizations N/A     Rejected
#433: search crashes in production mode 0.10.0 FullTextSearch   Done
#434: must create mailbox just after enabling mail for the first time 0.14.0   zen3 Done
#435: do not escape HTML in event description 0.10.0     100
#436: year not displayed wrong date shown on calendar initial page 0.10.0     100
#437: redirect user to webmail with username and password filled     zen3 Pending
#442: Zen3 - comments doesn't work on 0.10.0 release 0.10.0     100
#443: The private option must hide the content and profiles       Done
#444: Retrieving password features small bugs 0.10.0     100
#445: Layout: 3 login options in the same page. 0.10.0     100
#446: Portuguese orthography: Você "se" saiu do sistema. 0.10.0     100
#447: Events: insert Dates doesn't work in french 0.10.0     100
#448: HORDE/IMP: error message: the field to can't be expanded       Rejected
#449: URL item on events, when, without "http://" is relative to Zen3 0.10.0     100
#450: layout: in article's edition we have 2 "save" options. 0.10.0     100
#451: The button Use as my homepage isn't accessible 0.10.0     100
#452: Noosfero internationalization interface still don't working properly 'Pootle' 0.10.0     100
#453: help system: insert generic messages N/A     Rejected
#454: help system: change message for languages       0
#455: Zen3 Layout: Manage friends still using blue collor to show friends 0.10.0     100
#456: POST RELEASE: set environment name and contact e-mail at zen3 0.10.1     100
#458: WYSIWYG: insert image pop-up opening small 0.10.0     100
#460: add IE hack for transparent PNG 0.11.2     100
#461: user is not warned about size limit for uploaded file 0.10.0     100
#462: usermenu crash on IE6 0.10.0     100
#464: Form fields with the same automatic id >:-(       0
#465: Problemas na aceitação de amigos N/A     Rejected
#467: links with image dont work on IE N/A     Rejected
#469: old roles without new permissions 0.10.1     100
#476: untranslated label for labelled form fields 0.10.1 InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#478: routes dont work with identifier with tilde 0.10.1     100
#479: White list diferentes (no TiniMCE e Servidor) na edição de artigos N/A ContentManagement colivre Pending
#480: message for disabled enterprise is displayed for non-enterprises 0.10.1     100
#481: filter by any caracter dont work 0.10.1     100
#482: category without subitens 0.10.1     100
#483: search dont find anything 0.10.1 FullTextSearch   Done
#484: create event dont work 0.10.1     100
#486: limitar o número de categorias a serem marcadas pelo usuário       0
#487: Tratar URLs enormes...       Done
#489: add location information and gender icons in person profiles in the profile list 0.10.1     100
#494: untranslated text in footers 0.10.1     100
#497: crashes when browsing by product category with children 0.10.1     100
#498: category selector must be ajax powered 0.10.1     100
#499: Zen3: alert of nothing appear after 0.10.0       0
#500: in profile editor for organizations, contact_email is marked as invalid even if blank 0.10.1     100
#502: Zen3 Layout: Hide the Products icon from TopBar 0.10.2     100
#505: Zen3 Layout: Enhancement on control panel - icons for groups and organizations 0.10.2     100
#506: Zen3: Organization register doesn't works       Rejected
#508: enterprise registration loads tons of regions 0.10.1     100
#514: site is too slow 0.10.1     100
#523: Zen3 ergonomics: modify names in strings 0.10.2     100
#529: permitir que os cooperados apaguem cometários na pagina do empreendimento 0.10.1     100
#53: comatose pages outlives their profiles 0.1.0     100
#540: untranslated strings on profile editor 0.10.1     100
#541: more work for MSIE 0.10.1     100
#542: new enterprise icon 0.10.1     100
#546: not show hirarchy of products in list 0.10.1     100
#547: Cannot find stuff when searching without accented letters N/A FullTextSearch colivre Pending
#548: Group Admin must view group's pendding tasks at the login time       0
#550: should list search results in alphabetical order 0.10.1     100
#551: There's no asset most_commented_articles 0.10.2     100
#552: category selection: duplicate results in parent category       0
#555: manage friends page broken 0.10.2     Done
#556: users with "-" caracter in the name are listed wrong in users list 0.10.2     100
#557: application error in the listing of members 0.10.2     100
#558: farejador não está buscando por produtos 0.10.2     100
#559: editar título do bloco do farejador não funciona 0.10.2     100
#560: duplicated products in products block 0.12.0     100
#561: no asset artigos o título esta 'pessoas' 0.10.2     100
#562: busca por artigos não está funcionando 0.10.2 FullTextSearch   Done
#563: visual design editing denied to community owners 0.10.2     100
#564: criação de pasta está muito parecida com ade artigo       0
#565: documento com nome extenso quebra css       0
#566: css do registro de evento quebra com link anexado       0
#567: na meta-página a logo do artigo é igual a do evento 0.10.2     100
#568: community owner must be able to delete community 0.10.2     100
#57: non-ASCII characters are ignored in page slug 0.2.0     100
#570: upgrade ecosol 0.10.2     100
#571: make release of 0.10.2 0.10.2     100
#572: error in pt_BR translation 0.10.2 InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#573: "articles" in category index does not list most recent articles first 0.10.2     100
#574: 6 areas in edit visual - we have just 3 really       0
#575: assets searched by georreference must be ordered by distance N/A     0
#576: Put text on the page denoting the parameters of the current search       0
#577: Loading message untranslated in the sellers search box       0
#578: Assign the ophaned product categories to an 'others' category       0
#579: Add more types of prduct categories       0
#58: noosfero setup breaks comatose tests 0.4.0     100
#580: Acrescentar link para SENAES/MTE e FBB no rodapé do sistema FBES       0
#581: Fazer termo de compromisso para empreendimento       0
#582: Repeated products showed in the enteprise products block       0
#583: Edit aritcle button must catch the user atention       0
#584: Untranslated 'Products' string in the categories home page 0.10.3     100
#585: Add more of googlemaps buttonts in the map       0
#586: the display (map or list) must not change when selects a new product category       0
#587: the enteprise icon in the map is too big       0
#588: the random pertubation in the lat-lng of enteprise is too high       0
#589: É preciso sair 2 vezes de um grupo quando se tem 2 papeis no grupo 0.11.0     100
#590: cannot access control panel for profiles with a dot in the identifier 0.11.0     100
#593: when click "edit" in public view, must return to the public view of article after editing it 0.11.0     100
#595: wrong date in the server       100
#596: Urgent: broken link to enterprises!! 0.10.3     100
#597: error on view enterprise profile 0.10.3     100
#598: Error in blank instalation 0.11.0     100
#600: remove link to see all in empty blocks N/A     Pending
#603: make enterprise activation multipart 0.10.3     100
#604: Untranslated strings in the activation enterprise form 0.10.3     100
#606: reduce clicks to manage enterprise       0
#607: change name profile to main info for enterprises       0
#608: change the name created at to join the system in       0
#610: Avaliar a necessidade de se manter o elemento #header       0
#618: when the session expires, instead of receiving an "access denied" message the user must be sent to the login page. 0.13.0     100
#623: "Back to control panel" in "edit sideboxes" points to the wrong place 0.11.0     100
#63: comatose is replicating ActiveRecord errors 0.3.0     100
#634: Make the space between layout columns bigger 0.11.0     100
#636: zen3: small layout problems 0.11.0     100
#637: template profiles names must not clash with regular profiles       0
#638: environment statistics block is not applying terminology 0.11.0     100
#639: manage contacts layout bug 0.11.0     100
#640: add task (ticket) and menu article types on menu 0.11.0     100
#641: "My networks" block is not applying terminology (was "change the words friends and communities") 0.11.0     Done
#642: pop-up menu still broking 0.11.0     100
#644: Zen3 Layout: links and icons in footer 0.11.0     100
#645: s/Português Brasileiro/Português-BR 0.11.0     100
#648: Recent content are not recent. It's stopped in an older one       100
#650: unifreire: almentar o espaço da barra para as "Instituições" (empreendimentos) 0.11.1     100
#651: unifreire: melhorar a visualização em 800x600 0.11.1     100
#652: unifreire: formatar caixa de conteúdo recente 0.11.1     100
#653: unifreire: o link visitado deve ter o mesmo cinza da logo 0.11.1     100
#654: unifreire: as tags estão coladas no texto 0.11.1     100
#655: bt voltar colado na listagem de amigos 0.11.1     100
#656: descer a data na caixa profile-info 0.11.1     100
#657: trocar "destruir" por "remover" 0.11.1     100
#658: ie-bug-workaround na listagem de profiles 0.11.1     100
#659: chamar atenção para o "salvar" em detrimento do "cancelar" 0.11.1     100
#66: Clicking in "logout", or "sair" gives an error 0.2.0     100
#660: "Você não tem amigos" é tosco! 0.11.1     Done
#661: unifreire: bt busca maior que a caixa 0.11.1     100
#662: Quero ser um usuário! => Quero participar. 0.11.1     100
#663: Retirar o ponto do Registre-se. 0.11.1     100
#664: nome grande quebra a exibição do artigo 0.11.1     100
#665: "Sem tags" colado com "O que são tags?" 0.11.1     100
#666: "Foi u cramulhão que boto pra codificá..." N/A   colivre Rejected
#67: account_controller handles terms of use logic that should be in the model 0.4.0     100
#670: logout_popup must accept non-SSL requests 0.11.1     100
#673: homepage copied from template is not being saved 0.11.1     100
#676: control panel buttons have extra border in IE 0.11.2     100
#677: error when the list of permissions gets too long 0.11.3     100
#679: if the identifier has a dot we cant access the controllers under myprofile       0
#68: must follow glossary of terms: s/virtual community/environment/ 0.2.0     100
#680: must be able to disable ssl 0.11.4     100
#681: regions not appearing in creation of enterprises 0.11.4     100
#682: Zen3: environment_design it's nor working 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#683: cannot register new enterprises 0.11.4     100
#685: usuario não tem acesso ao email de cadastro       0
#686: nova solicitação preenche nome do destinatário errado       0
#687: problema com certificado ssl em       Rejected
#688: untranslated strings: password, enterprise creation etc 0.11.5     100
#689: too much of the term 'search' in the search forms 0.11.5     100
#69: do not offer Tracker.RecentDocumentsBlock to environment layout 0.2.0     100
#690: recent content block lists private articles 0.11.5     100
#691: login url still points to ssl even with ssl disabled 0.11.5     100
#692: "no comments" in article visualization is too big 0.11.5     100
#693: zen3: articles must not accept comments by default 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#694: "this article tags:" appears even if there are no tags 0.11.5     100
#695: zen3: must not have the option "use as homepage for articles" 0.11.5     100
#696: "my networks" block is missing links to profile and control panel 0.11.5     100
#697: zen3: add user count in the footer 0.11.5     100
#698: zen3: "link list" block: limit link titles to 20 characters 0.11.5     100
#699: zen3: limit block titles to 20 characters 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#700: make "me networks" block the same width as the others 0.11.5     100
#701: zen3: add colored "zen3 affiliated" icon 0.11.5     100
#702: zen3: hide "tasks" feature 0.11.5     Done
#703: hostname with www showing up in e-mail address in mail configuration screen 0.11.5     100
#704: zen3: add new themes made by everton N/A   zen3 Rejected
#705: zen3: add "Zen3 - Garden of netizens" phrase below the logo N/A   zen3 Rejected
#706: Add as much caching as possible N/A     Rejected
#707: enhance profile editor 0.11.5     100
#708: zen3: add country chooser in profile editor 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#709: better handling of email field 0.11.5     Done
#710: zen3: wipe out test users from 0.11.5     100
#711: remove "categories" field from profile editor and article edition 0.11.5     100
#712: zen3: add an explanation to the header/footer screen 0.11.5     100
#715: ecosol: recover enterprise activation 0.11.5     100
#716: ecosol: stop annoying animation in product/enterprise browsing 0.11.5     100
#717: zen3: reorder areas in profile editor 0.11.5     100
#719: Organizations button broken       0
#720: Organizations button broken 0.11.5     100
#721: zen3: Organizations still with blue 0.11.5     100
#722: Content from private profiles could not be listed in recent content 0.11.5     100
#723: #683 broke tests       0
#724: add margin to my network block 0.11.5     100
#725: create default theme + themes reorganization 0.11.5     100
#726: Não dá pra selecionar categoria de novos produtos 0.12.0     100
#727: O último admisitrador não pode sair do empreendimento N/A   ecosol 0
#728: Enable/Disable features not save if all checkbox is unchecked       0
#729: zen3: hide "add block", but only for regular users 0.11.5     100
#730: ecosol: categories management is too SLOW 0.11.5     100
#732: Processed tasks are completely broken 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#733: Contacts list are a mix of Tracker.NameCityGender. 0.12.0     Done
#734: radio buttons for public/private not being shown for communities/enterprises 0.11.5     100
#735: zen3: orthography error 0.11.5     100
#736: add explanation in user registration 0.11.5     100
#737: recent documents block must sort by date of update instead of date of creation 0.11.5     100
#738: articles copied from template must not be listed in recent contents 0.11.5     100
#739: zen3: create default blocks+articles for groups (and enterprises?) 0.11.5     100
#742: move button to the top in "manage my groups" 0.11.5     100
#743: zen3: new communities must be closed by default N/A   zen3 Rejected
#745: change text for article moderation option 0.11.5     100
#746: zen3: group must be moderated a priori by default 0.11.5     100
#747: environment roles showing up in manage members for communities/groups N/A     Rejected
#748: User menu broken in french 0.11.5     100
#749: "Join this community" is not working for any community       0
#750: Bad html 0.11.5     100
#751: ecosol: check search functionality 0.11.5     100
#756: ativação de empreendimento falha no passo 3 0.11.5     NoFeedback
#758: friendships not removed when friend destroyed 0.12.0     100
#764: "Birth date" must be a date select field instead of text field N/A     Rejected
#765: admin panel loading default environment unconditionally 0.11.5     100
#767: zen3: add Armenian translation 0.11.5 InternationalizationAndLocalization   Done
#786: separate the title of article from its URL name N/A   zen3 Pending
#788: user cannot change the address of his/her enterprise 0.12.0     100
#790: crash when viewing article from private profile with ssl disabled 0.12.0     100
#792: remove "since mm/yyyy" from profile info block for entreprise and communities 0.12.0   ecosol 100
#793: Possibilitar a criação de sub-diretórios no user theme N/A   colivre 0
#794: changing title of article must not break the links to it 0.12.0     100
#795: profiles must be available in one and only one environment 0.12.0     100
#798: Blue in the contacts and communities listing     zen3 0
#799: change "communities" term for "groups"     zen3 0
#802: input fields background not wide enough     ecosol 0
#803: Paths imprevistos geram erro no Noosfero       0
#804: Se o path não existir, poderia tentar um down-case       Pending
#809: Titulo do bloco "Apresentar um dos seus conteúdos" nao aparece       0
#811: missing field "name" for enterprises profile editor     ecosol 0
#812: better presentation for the nickname field for enterprises     ecosol 0
#827: user must not able to add as favorite enterprises in which he is a member     ecosol 0
#830: investigate problems with translation 0.20.0 InternationalizationAndLocalization colivre NoFeedback
#836: "send request" to specific friend displays the select box to choose a recipient 0.13.0     100
#84: Crash on membership edition       0
#841: cannot join groups on zen3 0.13.0   zen3 100
#845: Tracker.AddThis widget should begin with e-mail insted of FaceBook       NoFeedback
#861: Quando um produto/serviço não tem preço, não deve aparecer a linha "preço" 0.13.0   ecosol 100
#864: In unifreire is appearing Enterprise 0.14.0     Done
#865: erro ao editar email de perfil para um email já existente 0.14.0   colivre Done
#868: nova publicacao deve criar dentro do atual ou dentro do pai 0.13.0   colivre Done
#872: In enterprise registration the fields are not the ones admin choosed       0
#874: not applying terminology in search form 0.13.0   unifreire 100
#875: Substituir plugin rails active_record_tableless pelo plugin validatable N/A Infrastructure colivre Pending
#882: language hardcoded in application layout 0.14.0   colivre Done
#889: Accents in image titles       0
#891: problems withs "empreendimento-solidario" theme 0.14.0   ecosol Done
#893: problems when user from another environment logs in 0.14.0   zen3 Done
#901: unpublished articles must be visible by those who could edit it 0.13.0   ecosol, colivre Done
#904: unpublished articles are listed in blog and rss feed 0.16.0   colivre Done
#905: don't use https when viewing pages 0.14.0   zen3 Done
#92: unifreire: must not show gender icon 0.12.0     100
#921: iepngfix do not respect the CSS padding inside the image tag       Rejected
#922: hardcoded session key in config/environment.rb 0.14.0     Done
#942: mandatory fields must always be presented in signup screen 0.15.0     Done
#948: weird crash on Article#hit 0.15.0   colivre Done
#949: RSS feeds must not show up in "recent contents" 0.15.0   ecosol, colivre Done
#951: error on display the products map       Pending
#952: tasks don't close       Pending
#959: problems with the "join this group?" popup 0.16.0   zen3 Done
#962: wrong time format 0.16.0   colivre Done
#966: image description is clipped on image gallery 0.18.5   zen3 NoFeedback
#969: crash when viewing RSS feed under SSL(HTTPS) 0.18.5   zen3 NoFeedback
#973: hard clipping of long image titles in image gallery N/A     Rejected
#983: Display latest comments first       Pending
#984: inviting friends must not send e-mails to people that already my friends N/A   zen3 Pending
#988: cannot create new categories and add them to the menu 0.16.0   ecosol Done
Tracker.NoosferoServerUpgradeChecklist: Noosfero server upgrade checklist N/A     Pending
#59: Top page of cms should not have change on slug 0.2.0     100
#60: versions do not work on the cms 0.2.0     100
#71: Popup comes in a wrong moment       0
#83: Crash on afiliantion 0.3.0     100
#13: WYSIWYG editor is not accessible 0.5.0     100
#150: user can change the avatar image of other users       0
#128: filter stopwords out of indexed data and search queries 0.6.0     100
#121: edit screen for all types of profile are not integrated/no link to enterprise_editor controller 0.6.0     100
#130: help widgets are ugly 0.6.0     100
#131: there is no way a person can join an existing profile 0.10.0     100
#62: design editor sucks 0.6.0     100
#137: change the user interface for changing language 0.6.0     100
#189: Show number of members       0
#195: Automatically created home page must be named after its owner 0.7.0     100
#199: Error in ./script/populate       0
#203: Alterar posicao das opcoes masculino e feminino em Editar dados pessoais       0
#204: Botao Produtos consumidos esta cortado       0
#206: Indicar atividade ao mover um bloco de posicao       0
#207: Cancel button have no icon image       0
#208: Nao mostrar dialogo ao efetuar logoff de usuario       0
#209: Show "All members" of community does no work       0
#210: Link to "Join Community" is show even when user is already a member       0
#211: "Back" button leads to inappropriate site       0
#218: Put the create button on user communities an enterprises page 0.7.0     100
#221: malformed url for new articles 0.8.0     100
#226: Remover botao de entrar em comunidade para membros 0.8.0     100
#227: Tipo de organizacao nao traduzido 0.8.0     100
#220: design editor is broken 0.8.0     100
#225: Diferenciar comentarios de usuarios nao autenticados 0.8.0     100
#232: convert login to lower case on register 0.8.0     100
#235: beaultify new friend tasks 0.8.0     100
#238: Untranslated message "No pending tasks for" 0.8.0     100
#239: Error on make a blank comment 0.8.0     100
#241: Foco do cursor no formulario de comentario para usuarios nao logados 0.8.0     100
#242: only the article owner can del the unauthenticated user comment 0.8.0     100
#250: close buttons does not work in popups 0.8.0     100
#257: Some assets not work 0.8.0     100
#258: checkbox labels are not translated in search popup 0.9.0     100
#276: error when view enterprises of another enterprise 0.9.0     100
#279: Improve account related foms layout 0.10.0     100
#282: Empty tags still appearing in system       0
#312: Create new community in the community listing of another user! 0.9.0     100
#272: ancora html clássica para quirks mode sem problema 0.9.0     100
#326: Problemas na gestao de comunidade 0.10.0     100
#332: cant create enterprise when no exists validator organizations