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Noosfero version 1.2 released!

07 Aug, 2015

Release announcements:

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Noosfero version 1.1 released!

16 Jul, 2015

More than 30 contributors participated in this release, which includes many new features and bug fixes. See below a list of those contributions.


Andre Bernardes (5):
      Migrating Work Assignment Plugin to rails3
      rails3: Fixing mass assignment on publish_submissions attribute.
      Creating new EmailContact model for sending work assignment notifications.
      Updated cms upload method on work_assignmet plugin.
      Refactored send_email to a new method.

Antonio Terceiro (107):
      noosfero-plugins: support out-of-tree plugins
      Noosfero development policy apply Daniela Feitosa's suggestions document expectations for the code review process
      debian/control: tighten dependencies
      noosfero_caching: fix HTTP caching with Rails 3
      varnish: don't leak HTTP cache headers to clients
      Remove dead code
      plugins: fix regression with controller filters
      Updating public error pages
      release: autoincrement mainainance versions
      Rename Statistics blocks sooner
      Support plugin translations in the plugins themselves
      Extract plugin translations
      Deduplicate strings from plugins
      po/*/noosfero.po: remove obsolete strings
      `rake updatepo` run
      gettext.rake: describe plugin updatepo tasks
      Fix fragile unit test
      test/*: use require_relative for test_helper
      Update pound setup instructions
      noosfero-plugins: don't copy translation files to new plugins
      ApplicationContoller: remove broken/misplaced tests
      db/schema.rb: update
      Remove dead code
      Fix test
      Disable stoa plugin which has failing tests
      noosfero_urls: move to config/initializers/
      noosfero_urls: skip standard HTTP/HTTPS ports
      Improve sample pound.cfg
      Fix protocal in generated links
      Revert "Set default timezone as needed by rails 3.2"
      Always sanitize HTML in header and footer
      ci:smoke: better output
      git-upgrade: reuse features of script/production
      Skip comment lines when extracting dependencies
      New dependency: minitest
      update po files
      Noosfero::VERSION: use git data when available
      debian-wheezy: switch wheezy-1.1 repository
      debian/control: add new dependency
      Require at least Rails 3.2.21
      Remove obsolete file
      multitenancy: don't try to write to db/schema.rb
      db/schema.rb: update
      quick-start: give feedback when compiling translations fail
      quick-start: fix typo on running development server
      Add instructions to report security problems
      Use external eita-jrails package
      Remove embedded copy of eita-jrails
      Port error pages to jQuery
      Remove prototype.js \o/
      Revert "acts-as-having-post: fetch feed with lazy loading"
      db/schema.rb: update
      Revert "scrap: Fix constant name"
      Load jrails the right way
      rake test: summarize tasks at the end
      release: set environment variables for dch
      Revert "db/schema.rb: update"
      Properly rename Scrap::Notifier to ScrapNotifier
      Rename Comment::Notifier to CommentNotifier
      Use jrails >= 0.9.5
      debian: make source packages available as well
      db/schema.rb: update
      move "is noosfero running?" test to script/production
      stoa: add independent authentication server
      update .po files
      Updating authors file
      Bumping version 1.1~rc1
      util/debian-install: point to wheezy-test
      Remove unused file
      debian/noosfero.install: install whenever config
      util/debian-install: add some simple tests
      script/production: missed bundle exec in one spot
      debian/noosfero.links: remove deprecated link
      Gemfile: remove gettext from group development
      Support compiling translations without Rails environment
      Updating authors file
      Noosfero::VERSION: normalize RC versions from git tags
      Add release-related tasks to alternative Rakefile
      release: get distribution from latest changelog entry
      release: use git diff --color
      Bumping version 1.1~rc2
      doc: force reading textile files as UTF-8
      script/noosfero-plugins: fix syntax error
      script/plugin: use absolute links to plugins
      plugins: fix dependency check when not called from $NOOSFERO_DIR
      script/production: add missing `bundle exec`
      SearchControllerTest: fix test
      Remove integration test for deprecated layout
      quick-start: compile translations only once
      Fix functional tests related to private profiles
      CmsControllerTest: remove dependency on ordering
      features/login: remove flaky test case
      profile_description_block: fix indentation
      profile_description_block: fix test
      Noosfero 1.1~rc4
      Remove pt_BR; as of now pt *is* Brazilian Portuguese
      manage_field: fix Javascript
      features/signup.feature: remove unfixable test
      script/production: fix handling of PID files in status check
      HighlightsBlock: fix test for randomness
      Updating authors file
      noosfero:doc:clean: don't remove core documentation
      Fix `rake noosfero:error-pages:translate`
      Bumping version 1.1

Arthur Del Esposte (3):
      Fix Block display options to work with subdirectories
      Adds ClassCommunityPlugin
      Introduce EventPlugin with EventBlock

Aurelio A. Heckert (1):
      DatesHelper now uses i18n from Rails

Braulio Bhavamitra (92):
      Allow _ in emails
      Allow Access-Control-Allow-Credentials in Access-Control-Allow-Origin
      Use has_many through for favorite enterprises
      Add iso currency unit
      Save user_data and clear notice for reuse
      Add getter for current layout template
      Add method to return theme javascript source
      Put content in a partial
      Move theme js into head
      Cache theme renderings
      Support application controller filters
      Add pjax plugin
      Normalize email before save
      Add awesome icon set
      Fix passenger class load to not depend on memcache gem
      external_feed: Change column type to allow big addresses
      contact: Send message for non logged users
      Add metadata plugin
      Add product_tabs hotspot
      Optimize category tree lookup with a materialized path
      Improve migration performance
      Speed up build_ancestry
      Update schema.rb
      Move path methods into PathMethods
      Ensure callbacks aren't called
      Index lat/lng on articles
      plugins: Support namespaced controllers' classes
      plugins: Do not redeclare routes constant inside loop
      plugins: reload extensions before request when needed
      awesome: Update to version 4.3.0 and make update process easier
      Register last login date
      Customize template with use_custom_design
      metadata: Make config file generic
      metadata: Move to gettext locales
      metadata: Support key attr specification (fix tests)
      metadata: Use ALL_CAPS
      metadata: Use alternate languages from article
      metadata: Don't rescue errors
      metadata: fix application_controller test
      Resolve missed code conflicts
      Use true instead of 't' in SQL where clauses
      access_control: Rename file (fix tests)
      Replace prototype calls/callbacks to jquery/jrails
      Port migration to rails3
      Avoid reload of product's inputs
      boxes: fix tests
      manage_products: fix test
      Fix invalid submodule
      gitlab-ci script
      Fix unit tests
      modals: Replace thickbox with colorbox
      modals: Replace lightbox with colorbox
      Move to modal api
      modal: remove old assets
      Extend functionally to organizations
      Fix account controller test
      Update db/schema.rb
      tiny_mce: remove tests not valid after update
      Drop and replace hpricot with nokogiri
      Abstract core to use standard and replaceable helpers
      scrap: Fix constant name
      search: on crash, don't let exception load all data
      acts_as_filesystem: add missed methods
      people_block: add url_for for views (fix tests)
      modal: encapsulate to allow reuse of modal trigger
      Remove scriptalous/prototype javascripts
      remove auto_complete plugin as it is unused and uses Prototype
      ruby_bosh: fix nokogiri change
      event: fix lead
      sample-data: use require_relative
      dates_helper: don't use constant for translation
      application_helper: fix tests
      metadata: fix og:title on profiles
      layout: remove tag on metadata_plugin
      friendship: make it possible to be friend again
      Revert "layout: remove tag on metadata_plugin"
      pg_search: fix down on migration
      pjax: fix variable reference
      events: render 404 if date is invalid
      events: add missing return on last commit
      events: be specific on rescue
      searches: use replaceWith to avoid repetition
      Revert "search: on crash, don't let exception load all data"
      plugins: only call default value if result is blank
      plugins: only call event on plugin if it is defined
      plugins: revert change on pipeline
      plugins: don't crash on method_missing methods
      Revert "plugins: don't crash on method_missing methods"
      Revert "plugins: revert change on pipeline"
      Revert "plugins: only call event on plugin if it is defined"
      Revert "plugins: only call default value if result is blank"
      Revert "Highlight correct string in form header"

Daniela Soares Feitosa (40):
      profile-suggestions: added basic structure
      profile-suggestions: remove from list after ask friendship
      profile-suggestions: job to generate suggestions
      profile_suggestions: friends suggestions interface
      profile_suggestions: group suggestions interface
      Update of suggestions when the relation change
      profile_suggestions: pages follows same standard
      profile_suggestions: new rules on stoa plugin
      profile_suggestions: scheduling suggestions job
      profile_suggestions: logging person_id with errors
      [suggestions] Displays categories in common
      [suggestion] Update friends suggestions list
      [suggestion] Update community suggestions list
      [suggestions] Added suggestion list on friends block
      [suggestions] Disabling suggestion when ask to join
      [suggestions] Add suggestions on communities block
      [suggestions] Some enhancements
      Fix: avoid crashing when displaying articles
      Add Profile Members Headlines plugin
      invite-members: fix broken tests
      signup_welcome_screen: fixed warnings of incorrect html
      search-feature: fixed warnings of incorrect html
      db/schema.rb: update
      external_feed: allow only_once to mass-assignment
      [event_plugin] displaying profile events
      Allow admins to define the number of news on portal
      Fixed translation of date on spanish (es)
      [custom_forms] destroy answers when remove field
      Fix link on agenda for a specific day
      Fix: allowing submission of not logged users
      Fix: link to add more files on upload of files
      Fix: display error msgs when form submission fails
      Fixes for sendemail_plugin
      fixes for google_analytics_plugin
      sendemail_plugin: defined content_type for email
      event_plugin: updated pt translation
      profile_suggestions: fixed email content
      profile_suggestions: added test for link on email
      blocks: make sure limit is integer on get_limit
      tinymce: added tab to configure img margins

David Carlos (4):
      invite: allow network member/friend invitation
      Creates block's plugin structure
      Inprove block code.       - change lambda to proc in block's content method.       - remove unnecessary code.       - add block's css
      Unit tests.

DylanGuedes (1):
      Writting and fixing Work Assignment Plugin tests

Eduardo Passos (8):
      trusted-sites: add as default
      Edit member roles send back to profile_members
      show only visible and enabled enterprises
      statistics-block: add products counter
      Display products counter only for enabled enterprises
      count products test fix
      new test for statistic block
      Add method to destroy images from communities when a profile is removed

Evandro Junior (5):
      Fix Issue #392 - Container block está quebrando o ambiente
      Corrected fix for plugin route bug if username contains dots
      guarantee main block is always visible to everybody
      Fixed repeated strings for German translation
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)

Fabio Teixeira (2):
      Add UI to activate and deactivate profiles
      Add ability to mark blocks as fixed

Gabriela Navarro (5):
      Extracting style into css file
      Add option to all community and users followers view a private article
      Fix view to hide all tags related to comments when the article doesn't accept and have comments
      When the block was from an environment it breaks the show to followers option
      Change the template that is shown when the profile is private

Gonzalo Exequiel Pedone (4):
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)

Hebert Douglas (1):
      Fixed bug on plugin views

Joenio Costa (1):
      Do not show the "profile actions buttons" twice in MyNetworkBlock

Junior Silva (2):
      fix comment_classification plugin
      comment_classification_plugin: fix indentation and require

Jérôme Jutteau (1):
      Translated using Weblate (French)

Larissa Reis (96):
      Sends invitation to join community when user is already a friend
      Invite users through profile id
      Improved registered users invitation using the user interface
      Plugins can provide additional search fields for invites
      User can search friends for invitation using usp number
      Fixing typo
      Filter out community members
      Changes order in invitation page
      Send notification message to invited user
      avoids duplicated invite pending tasks
      cancel other invitations to same community when finishes task
      replaces current_user.person for a more clean alternative
      tests if the invitation is a POST request
      removes HEAD string left by accident
      invite-members: fixes form_tag
      invite-members: fixes test in stoa plugin
      invite-members: removing deprecated blocks in link_to_function
      invite-members: updates tests to work on rails3
      invite-members: uses the default find_by_content infra-structure
      invite-members: uses the default find_by_content infra-structure
      invite-members: uses a scope to filter out non members of a community
      invite-members: encapsulates logic for check of existence of task
      invite-members: uses a scope to filter out non members of a community
      invite-members: encapsulates logic for check of existence of task
      invite-members: refactor cancelation of invitations after membership
      invite-members: refactor cancelation of invitations after membership
      includes email in User::SEARCHABLE_FIELDS since it is reasonable
      invite-members: refactor friends search by usp_id
      includes email in User::SEARCHABLE_FIELDS since it is reasonable
      invite-members: refactor friends search by usp_id
      Adds a label string to SEARCHABLE_FIELDS
      Adds a label string to SEARCHABLE_FIELDS
      plugin social share privacy
      spread: all public content can be reposted and portal community is free for all
      social-share-privacy: updates css
      spread-functionality: fixes permissions
      socia-share: creates plugin
      social-share: adds javascript with translation strings
      social-share: plugin configuration page
      social-share: hotspot to show social buttons in content view
      social-share: adds social buttons to content view page
      social-share: fixes css to even out buttons
      social-share: updates upstream os it\'s the same as merge request
      social-share: removes old files locations
      [social-share] removes unused file after update
      social-share: places the social buttons below the content
      social-share: allows users to set networks they want always on
      spread: only shows spread button if user is logged in and content is public
      profile-connections: changes css to connections block
      profile-connections: changes css to connections block
      profile-suggestions: adds profile and tag connections below user
      profile-suggestions: adds profile and tag connections below user
      profile-suggestions: wrap tag connections in block; max is 4
      profile-suggestions: fixes css to show a box when mouse over.
      profile-suggestions: creates a page that shows all connections
      profile-suggestions: fixes css for profile list in connections page
      profile-suggestions: fixes hidden link for connections page
      profile-suggestions: adds missing views for connections page
      Adds support for domain specific custom locales
      Documentation for custom locales
      Fixes multitenancy rake tasks
      Uses YAML alias to reference default environment in multitenancy
      [search-improvements] Renames assets-links to assets-menu
      [search-improvements] Tests uniqueness of search term among contexts
      [search-improvements] Removes .live() from search.js
      [search-improvements] Makes replacement for .live() closer to its behavior
      [search-improvements] Use ajax also on profile search
      [search-improvements] Fixes global search in profile search using ajax
      [search-improvements] Adds suggestions to profile search page
      [search-improvements] Allows more than one search input per page
      [media-panel-improvements] Removes useless line
      [media-panel-improvements] Uses labelled button helper
      [media-panel-improvements] Fixes article form css
      [media-panel-improvements] Really shows all items in view all
      Missing p close tag
      [media-panel-improvements] Avoids panel vertical overflow
      Fixes indentation
      [media-panel-improvements] Test coverage
      Escapes html for add new qualifier button in edit products' page
      Allows mass assignment for qualifiers_list
      [custom_form] Fixes fields not showing up on rails 3
      [welcome-page] Fixes integration tests for Noosfero 1.0
      [welcome-page] Fixes functionals tests for Noosfero 1.0
      [search-improvements] Fixes tests for Noosfero 1.0
      [search-improvements] Fixes cucumber tests in Noosfero 1.0
      Adds step definition to select token input search results
      [publish] Fixes some cucumber tests
      [community-track-plugin] Fixes remove_content_button arguments
      [variables-plugin] Adds a missing require to unit test
      [profile-suggestions] Fixes people_block test and adds a couple more
      Escapes html in translations link
      Moves custom_locales to config/custom_locales
      [publish] Fixes last cucumber tests
      [tolerance-time-plugin] Change lambda to proc
      [relevant-content-plugin] Fixes crash when VotePlugin is not found
      stoa-plugin: Fixes broken tests

Leandro Nunes dos Santos (22):
      add the wait cursor when the user try to load comments
      fixing merge between rails3 and search-improvements branch
      remove unused variable
      fixing wrong merge conflit resolution
      refactoring person template management
      refactoring community template management
      refactoring enterprise template management
      Add set as default method for templates
      Put the default template selected by default
      remove reference to enterprise_template= method
      Avoid template definition of another environment
      Add functional tests to check if default option is cheched by default
      Add tests to check the presence of set_as_default link
      hide license selection in article edition when there is no license available
      hide translations when there is no languages in environment
      refactoring display filter
      display_filter: adding more tests
      not allow show public content of private profiles
      return empty array when nil profile is passed as parameter
      display public content
      pjax: making localization with gettext
      pjax: put the correct name and description for plugin

Lucas Kanashiro (4):
      Boot development environment on CentOS 7
      Updated init.d script
      Added 'bundle exec' in script/production
      Fixed logout in RemoteUser plugin

Luciano (7):
      Move hard coded list of profiles from view to SearchHelper
      Fix homepage button to keep user looged in at application.js
      Add order option in display_content plugin
      Add limit option for display_content_plugin when the dinamically option is selected.
      Remove article with title "feed" from list of display_content block
      Add suport in javascript of edit display_content_block to subdirectory
      Add privacy of block only to members in organizations and only to friends in person.

M for Momo (1):
      Translated using Weblate (French)

Marcos (1):
      WorkAssignment submissions visibility edition is now working for admins user

Maurilio Atila (1):
      script/rails: point shebang to `ruby` with a version

Michal ļihař (41):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Armenian)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)
      Translated using Weblate (Armenian)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Armenian)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Armenian)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Czech)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)

Niemand Jedermann (1):
      Translated using Weblate (German)

Parley Martins (2):
      Add subdirectory to link "Read more" on article block.
      Fix button of create new event

Rodrigo Souto (184):
      [search-improvements] Add search query suggestions infra-structure
      [search-improvements] Realize search through ajax and update only results
      [search-improvements] Add real-time search using typewatch jquery plugin
      [search-improvements] Use dispatch_first already builtin default action
      [search-improvements] Add infrastructure for search_terms score calculation
      [search-improvements] Register search_term_occurrence on find_by_contents
      [search-improvements] Not calculate search_term score before save
      [search-improvements] Add gem whenever to handler cron tasks
      [search-improvements] Submit search when autocomplete option is selected
      [search-improvements] Refactor search filters
      [search-improvements] Refactor search page
      [search-improvements] Pagination and filtering through ajax
      [search-improvements] Add selectOrDiel jQuery lib to stylize the filter selects
      [search-improvements] Improve search page style
      [search-improvements] Move "None" text to the middle of the box
      [search-improvements] Normalizing occurrence and relevance scores
      [search-improvements] Improve test coverage
      [search-improvements] Wrtie/clear whenever cronjob together with rails server
      [search-improvements] Rename assets_links to assets_menu
      [search-improvements] Use only enabled assets
      [search-improvements] Use only enabled assets
      [search-improvements] Remove events from search assets menu
      [media-panel-improvements] Minor css adjustments
      [media-panel-improvements] Multiple files upload
      [media-panel-improvements] Progress bar
      [media-panel-improvements] Published media box
      [media-panel-improvements] Load recent media on published media box
      [media-panel-improvements] Insert file media on text by click
      [media-panel-improvements] Insert uploaded media before the others
      [media-panel-improvements] Published media folder selection filter
      Add jquery plugin TypeWatch
      Add jquery plugin textchange
      [media-panel-improvements] Media search
      [media-panel-improvements] View all
      [media-panel-improvements] Error handling
      [media-panel-improvements] Show/Hide all uploads
      [media-panel-improvements] Avoid file-name and percentage fields collapse
      [media-panel-improvements] Using unique id to identify file progress elements
      [media-panel-improvements] Add buttons labels back
      [media-panel-improvements] Minor css improvements
      account-controller: return if any plugin answers the allow_user_registration hotspot
      [template-welcome-page] Option to redirect to welcome page after signup
      [template-welcome-page] Add welcome_page relation to profiles
      [template-welcome-page] Person template welcome page edition
      [template-welcome-page] Define welcome_page with published false by default
      [template-welcome-page] Not copy templates welcome-page
      [template-welcome-page] Display person template welcome page
      [template-welcome-page] Add new icon for control-panel button
      [template-welcome-page] Avoid crash on welcome page when there is no template
      [template-welcome-page] Fix use of no_design_blocks on welcome action
      [template-welcome-page] Add error messages
      [template-welcome-page] Change welcome attributes labels
      [template-welcome-page] Move welcome page logic to profile
      [template-welcome-page] Refactor person template welcome page
      [template-welcome-page] Community template welcome page
      [template-welcome-page] Let template name to be completed on the welcome page partial
      [template-welcome-page] Enterprise template welcome page
      [template-welcome-page] Allow any profile template to have a welcome page
      [template-welcome-page] Improve environment default welcome-page
      [template-welcome-page] Display default content on environment welcome page customization
      [template-welcome-page] Add back_to to welcome_page edition
      [template-welcome-page] Refactor templates page
      Add jquery plugin textchange
      [search-improvements] If no results indexed, relevance must be zero
      [search-improvements] Update search results if search query gets empty
      [search-improvements] Add reminder that the periodicity of score calculation is too small
      Adapt find_by_contents call after search-suggestions feature
      [media-panle-improvements] Blur only items while searching
      [media-panel-improvements] Create folder on demand
      [media-panel-improvements] Add image title in zoom view
      [media-panel-improvements] Show/Hide media panel
      [media-panel-improvements] Create folder on dialog
      [template-welcome-page] Fix form to rails3 new syntax
      [media-panel-improvements] Use reoder to overwrite order by name
      [media-panel-improvements] Reload published media on upload instead of manually including item
      [media-panel-improvements] Minor css improvements on progress bar
      [template-welcome-page] Update welcome page explanation and minor bugfix
      Replace obsolete double underscore on translation
      Display default welcome page on administration
      [search-term-improvements] Simple query normalization using downcase
      [search-improvements] Default suggestions like search match suffixes too
      Reorder search and navigation links to a common ordering
      Fix obsolete view extension and form syntax
      profile-suggestions: rewrite suggestions fetch
      profile-suggestions: create only a small and fixed number of suggestions
      profile-suggestions: avoid problems with empty results
      profile-suggestions: add migration to create initial suggestions
      Update find_by_contents call on invite_controller
      profile-suggestions: refactoring suggestion calculation
      profile-suggestions: connections
      profile-suggestions: add title to profile-icon and increase max profile-icons to 5
      profile-suggestions: suggestions block style improvements
      profile-suggestions: more style improvements
      profile-suggestions: tags overflow ellipsis
      profile-suggestions: add border-radius
      profile-suggestions: remove border from suggsetions
      profile-suggestions: add border on every suggestion
      profile-suggestions: adjusting tags display on suggestions block
      profile-suggestions: adjust suggestion close button on box-1
      profile-suggestions: final adjustements
      stoa-plugin: not test ssl connection on Noosfero
      publish-content: display only valid options
      social-share-privacy-plugin: use article extra content hotspot
      Fix recent_messages domain and code refactoring
      Chat notification
      Fix open chat window
      Chat scrollback
      Add loading
      Add default value for offset
      Open chat windows properly after notification click
      checkpoint ensure_scroll
      Removing files erroneosly added
      refactoring chat interface
      Fix class names
      Buddies list refactoring checkpoint
      Buddies list refactoring icons
      Fix margin and hover background color
      Do not toggle chat with anchor
      Fix toolbar user-status
      Fix user status
      Filter chat-rooms
      Adding new div buddies
      Remove log_memory_consumption job
      Remove peridicity on log_memory_consumption job
      Major refactoring on chat interface
      Fix user status dropdown menu
      Got recent_conversations algorithm
      Move conversation to the top after message
      Sort conversations by most recent after roster
      Register when no more messages retrieved to not fetch more messages from that conversations
      chat: open up most recent conversation and fix submenu toggle
      suggestions: update use of RULES on stoa plugin
      publish: fix tests
      environment: encapsulate portal_enabled logic inside the model
      publish-button: refactor display logic and remove useless tests
      profile-suggestions-test: remove obsolete code
      profile-suggestions-job: fix friends with common communities test
      cms-controller: fix media gallery tests
      enterprise-registration: fail-safe improvement; region= can receive region or id
      invite-controller: fix test
      search-feature: add a step to select customized select filter
      remove-content-button: pass content explicitly as a parameter
      calculate-suggestions-score: change periodicity to once a day
      [unfinished] fix publish_article features
      publish_on_communities: not crash when no community is selected
      chat: chat label to toggle chat opened/closed
      chat: right arrow on chat-label to toggle close
      chat: remove old link to open chat window
      chat: fix open/toggle chat window
      chat: make perfect_scrollbar not overflow buddies names
      chat: improve label and fix minor bugs
      chat: show unread_messages on avatars place
      chat: join/leave and room occupants
      chat: show unread_messages on avatars place
      chat: join/leave and room occupants
      chat: update notice instead of appending a new one everytime
      chat: session
      chat: fix merge problem
      chat: remove open_chat button since the room is autamatically loaded now
      suggestions: send email only if user enabled the email_suggestions option
      search: google-maps is loaded only once
      permissions: bypass permissions check if the user is admin
      person: add not_friend_of scope
      profile: add allow_members_to_invite and invite_friends_only configurations
      invite-controller: simplify permission check
      invitation: review texts and icons
      admins: avoid problems with empty roles or environment on resources
      search-controller-test: remove obsolete test since google.js must be included always
      chat: open group chat properly after page reload
      chat: conversation loading and word-wrap
      chat: remove obsolete test
      chat: use ActionView::TestCase and include ApplicationHelper on ChatHelper test
      Gemfile: allow custom dependencies to be loaded through Gemfile
      profile-suggestions: reduce suggestions calculation period to 30 days
      chat: review functional tests
      chat: add chat_messages to schema
      acts-as-having-post: fetch feed with lazy loading
      acts-as-having-posts: fetch rss from children
      sub-organizations: avoid timestamps register on relation model
      fix-yaml-migration: use find_each to reduce memory consumption
      initializers: remove newrelic old way of loading
      stoa: avoid url_for if not available
      script-production: add spaces between pids on running method

TWS (4):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Italian)
      Translated using Weblate (Italian)
      Translated using Weblate (Italian)

Tallys Martins (13):
      Fixing bugs on Work Assignment plugin
      Refactoring Work Assignment
      Added new attribute to Work_assignment article type
      Refactoring Work Assignment Plugin
      Work Assignment Privacy Options
      WorkAssignment privacy edition now works for all users
      Refactoring work assignment plugin
      Writing functional tests to Work Assignment Plugin
      Refactoring Work Assignment Plugin
      Refactoring Work Assignment Plugin
      Recatoring Work Assignment Plugin to fit the merge
      Fixing identation and missing brace on person.rb
      Move privace methods of profile_controller to public_controller      - Create tests for private and invisible communities using the privace methods      - Executing filters for events and contact pages in private profiles

Thiago Casotti (2):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))

Tuux (7):
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (French)

Victor Costa (60):
      Added a option to create a link when approve an article
      Add custom edit page for link article
      Added body and abstract to link article
      Copy parent and highlighted attributes to link article
      Restart with zero downtime
      New chat layout
      Remove unused chat files and fix chat button
      Fix friends counter in chat
      Use xmpp_chat to render new chat layout
      Small fixes for chat
      Remove userdata polling when chat is enabled
      Add style to links in chat history
      Small fixes on chat layout
      Fix bosh service url
      Upgrade strophe.js to 1.1.3
      Small fixes in chat ui
      Small fixes in chat ui
      Fix group chat
      Improve chat layout
      Save chat history
      Added timeago.js to chat
      Chat improvement
      Small chat fix
      Improve html templates for chat components
      Fix layout for occupants for group chat
      Small fixes on chat layout
      Fix recent messages from chat
      Append logged-in class in body when user is logged in
      Fix creation of tasks to invite registered users
      Always allow environment admins to change homepage
      Deny access to set_home_page for unauthorized users
      Add oauth client plugin
      Add oauth provider plugin
      Prevent session reset because of cache in signup form
      Base controller for plugins administration
      Use default base class for plugin admin controllers
      Sanitize HTML in event name
      Sanitize HTML in folder name
      Set the asset host for person notifier mailing
      Avoid loop in person notification job
      Small improvements on layout of person notifier email
      Display pending tasks in notification email
      Style improvements on person notifier email
      Ignore order when testing the members_by_role profile method
      New config to define when user activation check will perform
      Fix class name of user activation test
      Fix organization status management
      Update version of acts-as-taggable-on
      Fix tag close in xmpp chat
      container_block: avoid conflict between resizable and draggable functions
      Do not destroy an user that has a pending ModerateUserRegistration task
      Do not apply zoom in images with disable-zoom class
      comment_group: fix tests
      Fix 'I edit my profile' step definition
      require_auth_to_comment: fix tests
      display_content: fix tests
      context_content: fix tests
      sub_organizations: fix selenium test
      Fix selenium tests related to article edition
      Fix embed button in boxes helper

Vinicius Cubas Brand (1):
      Add topleft layout template

daniel (12):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

dtygel (2):
      Fix error in return values from redirect_to_translation
      Highlight correct string in form header

tallys (1):
      Inserted message body into Work Assignment email notification     TODO Refactor send_email method on Work Assignment Cms controller

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