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We, all, everybody... now together!

Some simple pictures...

People list

people list
A way to find a person on the social network.

Building the profile page blocks

building the profile page blocks
What you want on your page?

Full Profile Page

profile with blog and full of blocks
A profile blog front page with some blocks.

Article Editor

article editor
Full power for text publishing.

Picture Gallery

picture gallery
Publish your pictures and create gallery of galleries

Profile Control Panel

profile control panel
All your tools


A task system to manage your relationships, communities and enterprises.

Mark as Spam

mark as spam
Fight against spam!

Admin Panel

admin panel
Set environment attributes and features.

Manage Plugins

manage plugins
Extend your environment with pluggable features

Product Catalog

product catalog
Your enterprise showcase with category filter and search.

Shopping Basket List

shopping basket list
Confirm before buying

Product Price Composition

product price composition
A important solidarity economy feature, and a enterprise cost control.

Purchase Report

purchase report
View your sells.

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